Safe Pet Foods for Thanksgiving

Nov 19, 2012

Bethany Crouch and Paul Robins speak with Dr. Jyl to find out which Thanksgiving foods are safe for your pets.

Feed Your Soul Blog
Concerned about overeating at Thanksgiving? Tips to help you enjoy the holidays

Concerned about overeating at Thanksgiving? Tips to help you enjoy the holidays

I have recently been reading online posts from people concerned about overeating during this holiday. Holidays associated with candy, treats and yummy food can be tough for many. You worry about not being able to say no to those treats … Continue reading

Undercover Caterer
Nana Recipe Wednesday: Wild rice dressing

Nana Recipe Wednesday: Wild rice dressing

What?  It’s not Wednesday?  Sue me. I was planning on putting this recipe up last Wednesday, you know, so you could make it on Thanksgiving if you wanted to…..but my computer ate my photo library.  Really!  I updated my iPhoto library thingy and POOF!  All my pictures were lost in there somewhere.  I’m not...

The California Aggie
I-House holds Thanksgiving Dinner

On Saturday evening, the International House (I-House) Davis was host to about 100 guests celebrating an early Thanksgiving, including many international exchange students experiencing the American tradition for the first time. The evening featured a traditional Thanksgiving dinner provided by various organizations within and around Davis. Guests were then invited to read out what...

A Girl And Her Fork
Recipe: Super stuffed acorn squash

Nov 18, 2012
Recipe: Super stuffed acorn squash

Hope you all had a great weekend and were able to stay dry. Something about dreary weather just makes me want to sloth out on the couch in comfy pajamas, with a big ol' mug of hot bourbon cider and a good book (I'm currently making my way through Jenny...

The Girl With Moxie
Paint It Black Friday

My dear friend Ms. Chick recently wrote a blog post about Black Friday. After reading it, I started to comment, then realized it would make for a better blog post. Ms. Chick’s post focuses on the madness that is Black … Continue reading &#8...

Limit Reached
Thanksgiving Traditions: Television

Nov 17, 2012

While it might be the lesser of the Snoopy holiday special trifecta, I do enjoy A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  The highlight of the show is of course, Woodstock.  If you are anything like me, you now have the Little Birdie … Continue reading

Finding Our Way Now
Guest Post Patrick Huff/Beer and Football – A Thanksgiving Pairing

Enjoying the games on Thanksgiving Day is a big deal for sports fans. It has since 1920. The first game to be televised was November 22, 1956 when Green Bay Packers defeated the Detroit Lions 24-20. It is no secret football and beer pair together as w...


Baked Bree
Recipe: Cranberry apple chutney – a yearly appearance worth the wait

Nov 17, 2012
Recipe: Cranberry apple chutney – a yearly appearance worth the wait

It is T-minus 5 days until Thanksgiving. I still have not finished planning my menu, but really, it doesn’t change very much. I am a traditionalist, what can I say? When I am making my Thanksgiving dinner, I always start with the cranberry sauce. It is my official kick-off for my Thanksgiving cooking. It...

Tates Kitchen
Recipe: Easiest ambercup squash dish ever

Nov 16, 2012
Recipe: Easiest ambercup squash dish ever

Ambercup Squash?I can admit I had to google "varieties of squash" and the Ambercup looked like what I had sitting on my kitchen counter.These were actually given to me by the Learning Garden Director at my daughter's school (have I already mentioned ho...

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