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Rubys Musings
Flipping Over Flipsville

Feb 5, 2016

The logo does not even reflect how flipping cute Amanda from Flipsville is*logo is property of Flipsville Instagram, which I now have been on just over a year is a wonderful way to find new connections that one might never make on Facebook, tho I LOVE my FB fans, I have been privileged to "meet"...

Rubys Musings
Thyme for Cake

Feb 2, 2016

The recent few days has been rather stressful. As some of you know I started doing a YouTube channel. Yep sir-ee I took the leap into vlogging past the 5 minutes I have been posting on FB as a weekly hello to my followers there. It has not been ...

Rubys Musings
A Rainbow of Possibilities ~ The Container Store

Jan 29, 2016

Organization is key to running a successfulhousehold! A few weeks ago while scrolling through my FB feed, I saw a post from The Container Store, that was putting out a notice to Sacramento area bloggers to attend a preview event to their soon...

Mr. Andrew Bradley
3 Weeks of Wine, Food, and Travel

3 Weeks of Wine, Food, and Travel

It's odd to say that the last three weeks have almost been "normal" ... wine tasting, enjoying great food, great friends, and a little bit of travel. Although it might get stressful and there are some downsides, life overall is pretty darn good and I k...

Rubys Musings
"My" Darling Clementine…Cake

Jan 26, 2016

Not too many people don't like cake..including me!  I am not the only one in the family who likes to bake, my oldest daughter is quite a talented baker in her own right. Many years ago she found and would make a dense cake that used Clementines t...

Rubys Musings
Frustrations and Reminders

Jan 21, 2016

Sometimes you just have to giggle at life The last few days has been an exercise in frustration. The first was waking up to the fact that I had scheduled a post of my blog to automatically post at 9 a.m the day that a contest was to begin, an...

Rubys Musings
Spread the Love ~ A Contest!!

Jan 19, 2016

Already to start thinking how to spread the love on Valentines Day! A little while ago, during the holiday season I shared a wonderful lady by the name of Krissy and her great and very creative business Ettatorials which is over on Etsy ( read blog...

Rubys Musings

In the kitchen again  So it is time to get back into the kitchen....I have a really easy and kind of fun recipe to share with you, a real classic; Porcupine meatballs. I actually made it earlier this week, but saved it to share today. I once ...

Rubys Musings
Ruby’s Musings by Request ~ Daily Hair

You think my hair is perfect...Oh shucks!  I have done blogs about my hair before. Never a tutorial, I am not that skilled with my hair, I kind of bumble through it, much like my make up and even my style. Recently I have been either complimen...

Rubys Musings
2016 Bucket Wish List

I wonder if He will hear my wishes/prayers?(please don't take offence with using a religious slant withsuch a frivolous post...mean no offence.)   I had planned on doing this blog earlier, but as you may know I had a Ruby's Musings by Reque...

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