Oakland, Calif.’s Real-Time Crime Map Uses Data to Drive Community Engagement

Jul 8, 2015

Users can view the latest criminal and emergency activity on a map as it is filtered through the Oakland Police Department’s 911-dispatch system.

Davis Vanguard
Sunday Commentary: Does Oakland Police Report Give Us Insight into Broken Discipline System?

Apr 19, 2015

The long-troubled Oakland Police Department became the latest focal point of potential police reform efforts on Tuesday as a scathing report was released. The police department over a decade ago was put in a federal receivership under the auspices of US District Judge Thelton Henderson. Judge Henderson appointed San Francisco attorney Edward Swanson, who...

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California Political News and Views
Oakland minimum wage hike burdens businesses, hurts employees

Oakland’s minimum wage rose by 36 percent to $12.25 less than a month ago, but the city’s neighbors to the north in Emeryville are already trying to follow suit. This week, the City Council settled on a plan to increase the minimum wage by 36 percent for smaller businesses, and by 60 percent for...

Oakland Police Test Cloud Storage for Body Camera Video

Mar 2, 2015

The city, which has the largest deployment of police body cameras in the world, will use a data storage system that meets the FBI standards for security.


Oakland Releases Automated License Plate Reader Data

Jan 26, 2015

The Electronic Frontier Foundation discovered that lower-income neighborhoods saw a disproportionate amount of license plates being scanned by police, but poor neighborhoods also tend to have more crime, which explains greater police presence.

Family Pet from Tracy, Missing for 3 Years, Found Alive in Oakland

Jan 16, 2015
Family Pet from Tracy, Missing for 3 Years, Found Alive in Oakland

OAKLAND (KTVU) - A Tracy family is celebrating a special homecoming this week; their dog Hana was found almost 50 miles away, three years after going missing. The family brought Hana, who is a Shiba Inu, to the US from Japan five years ago, according to KTVU. But after just two years with the...


Oakland Police Website Hacked

Dec 11, 2014

The hacker collective Anonymous claimed responsibility for disabling the police department's website under the apparent assumption that Oakland police were responsible for firing nonlethal ammunition at protesters Tuesday night.

The State Hornet
Re-accreditation policies considered

Oct 29, 2014

Members of the Graduate Studies Policy Committee met last Tuesday morning to discuss a possible framework for graduate learning outcomes, which will show evidence of student learning required for re-accreditation. 

Slide Show and Ice Cream
Destination Ride: Alameda

Destination Ride: Alameda

Wind changes things. For kite surfers, it provides a day of challenging fun. For Sacramento Valley dwellers trying to escape the heat, the coastal breeze is a lifesaver. It can also give you more of a workout than you bargained for. This past Saturday my family went for a destination bike ride along the...


Sac Foodies
Explore Bay Area Culinary Treasures with an Edible Excursions Food Tour

Feb 28, 2014
Explore Bay Area Culinary Treasures with an Edible Excursions Food Tour

By: Amanda Frew Are you looking for a fun and delicious weekend adventure? Look no further than Edible Excursions, an award-winning Bay Area culinary tour company. Edible Excursions offers foodies intimate insider tours of some of the Bay Area’s most delicious neighborhoods throughout San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland. The tours are led by chefs,...

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