Game to 100
From Atlanta Hawks to Kings, racial differences don’t equal racism

Sep 10, 2014

Let us give thanks to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The NBA’s all-time leading scorer, the  author of several books on achievements by blacks and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s pick in 2012 to be a U.S. global cultural ambassador, may open … Continue reading

Game to 100
On racial front, it’s two steps forward and a big one back

Aug 20, 2014

Depending where you choose to put your focus, recent events on the racial front can make you feel depressed, inspired or an unsettling combination of both.  The fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., by a white police … Continue reading

Game to 100
Where’s the NBA’s outrage on owner opposed to gay rights?

May 15, 2014

Aside from trampling on free-speech rights, the NBA’s rush to punish Donald Sterling for racist comments he made in a private talk with his young consort seems more like an exercise in hypocrisy than a virtuous stand for equality. Remember, … Continue reading

Game to 100
Free speech becomes casualty in uproar over L.A. Clippers’ owner

Apr 30, 2014

Back in the day when I hung around with Berkeley radicals and hoped the leftist revolution was at hand, a friend of mine urged me to join a brewing protest designed to cancel a speech on campus by William Shockley. … Continue reading

Game to 100
Regarding LA Clippers’ owner: Let those without prejudice record their every conversation

Apr 28, 2014

I feel as though I’m living in bizarro-land with all this Donald Sterling business. I’ve read a bunch of front-page news stories regarding this latest eruption of a racial controversy and listened to most of the tape recording between a … Continue reading

Game to 100
Social class as well as height contributes to basketball success

Dec 26, 2013

“How tall do you have to be to play in the NBA?” my 12-year-old grandson asked me as we headed off to shoot some baskets. “It varies,” I said, not eager to crush the hopes of a kid who probably … Continue reading

Cousins Dominated by Randolph: Exits Early

Nov 18, 2013
Cousins Dominated by Randolph: Exits Early


Kings Corner
Atlanta’s Schroeder suspended for hitting DeMarcus Cousins in the groin

Nov 7, 2013

The NBA suspended Atlanta guard Dennis Schroeder one game for hitting Kings center DeMarcus Cousins in the groin during the fourth quarter of Tuesday's game at Sleep Train Arena. Schroeder

Kings Corner
Highlights from Kings vs. Nuggets season opener

Oct 31, 2013

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Kings Corner
NBA GMs think highly of Ben McLemore in new poll

Oct 22, 2013

The Kings had three players mentioned in the 12th annual NBA general manager survey on Rookie guard Ben McLemore tied for third with 10 percent of the votes for

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