Game to 100
Winners and whiners on the basketball court

Aug 26, 2015

While waiting to play a pickup game Monday with the 40-and-over crowd, I watched a fellow named Mike miss on a drive, grab his own rebound and make a power move for a quick put-back shot. The defender slammed him … Continue reading
Half of Kids and a Quarter of Adults in California Are Enrolled in Medi-Cal

Aug 24, 2015

By Hannah Guzik

Half of children and a quarter of adults in California are enrolled in the state’s low-income health plan, according to numbers released Wednesday.

There are 5.2 million children and 7.4 million adults enrolled in Medi-Cal, according to the figures provided by the Department of Health Care Services. That’s about 57 percent of the...

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Need to Know

Aug 24, 2015

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik To fight obesity, we need healthier communities. Positive moods can spread throughout friend groups, warding off depression. Attitudes toward hospice care can vary ...

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Game to 100
Homeless copper thieves in Carmichael — imagine that!

Aug 24, 2015

I understand that it’s hard to dump on poor people, desperate immigrants and the homeless without looking mean-spirited. I suppose that’s why bullies and bigots prefer to hide behind myths, lies and half-truths like Ronald Reagan’s “welfare queen” and Donald … Continue reading
Chronic Pain Patients Caught in the Middle as Feds Restrict Painkillers

Aug 23, 2015

Photo: File/Thinkstock

By Lynn Graebner

New federal  restrictions on prescription painkillers are having an unintended consequence: many chronic pain patients can’t get the relief they need, and some are even resorting to illegal drugs to help them cope.

Over five years 7,400 people have died in California alone due to prescription opioid overuse and overdose, according...

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Probation Officer’s Love of Soccer Saves at Risk Kids

Aug 23, 2015


Probation officer Gina Castañeda in action, coaching the young men of the Aztecs in Watsonville, Calif. Photo: Lily Dayton/CHR


By Lily Dayton

Coach Gina Castañeda stands in a player box at the edge of the indoor soccer arena, yelling above the cheers of the crowd to the teenage boys in purple jerseys darting across the...

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Game to 100
Sex slaves, ISIS and Thomas Jefferson

Aug 19, 2015

I was surprised to find myself drawing connections the other day between the Islamic State and Thomas Jefferson. Usually, I have ISIS filed away under depraved actions and barbaric images and Jefferson in the pantheon of great presidents afflicted with … Continue reading
To fight obesity, we need healthier communities

Aug 18, 2015

By Daniel Weintraub


At first glance the conclusions from a recent study on obesity by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research seem obvious: people who are overweight or obese tend to have a less healthy diet and exercise less often than people whose weight is normal.


But behind those findings is another, more compelling story:



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Game to 100
Sculling mishap takes an ominous turn

Aug 17, 2015
Sculling mishap takes an ominous turn

When my single scull capsized and I was thrown into Lake Natoma Saturday morning, I felt a split-second of relief. The splash of cold water felt good on my sweaty body. I had feared going over from the moment I … Continue reading
From Investments to Individuals: Finance Firm Prepares for Aging

Aug 16, 2015


By Matt Perry

A common view of investment advisers is that they place you into funds with the highest advisor fees. Then move your money around – churn, churn, churn – to reap even more cash for themselves. Your cash.

“Show me the money.”

This view is especially vexing for older adults heading towards retirement.

The post...

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