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Finding Our Way Now
Irish Coffee With Honey: #Recipe #Cocktail

-+*It may be after St. Patrick’s Day, however, there is always space for a fun celebratory beverage like this “Irish Coffee With Honey.” I found this recipe at my favorite grocery store, way before St. Patrick’s Day. I asked the wine/beverage manager about it. He couldn’t say enough about this particular recipe and gave me a few...

Finding Our Way Now
Mimosas My Way: #Wine #Cocktail

Just recently, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. We’ve never been much for big presents, but we do like to go to an extra special place to eat on our special day. We made a decision to go to Napa for a special brunch at one of our favorite haunts. As you...

Finding Our Way Now
White Chocolate Mocha Cocktail: #Recipe

Who doesn't love chocolate? Add a bit of liqueur, some coffee, and you have a cocktail that will make you swoon. If you are a chocolate lover, that is what this White Chocolate Mocha Cocktail will do. It is downright addictive. So how do you make thi...

Bamboo and More
Pomegranates & margaritas

May 28, 2011
Pomegranates & margaritas

As I walked the dog yesterday, I noticed that two pomegranate trees a block away are starting to bloom. The family that lives there has many fruit trees, but the bright red pomegranate blossoms are visible from quite a distance—as are the fruit in th...

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