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Dining News: Cafe Plan B ‘Space is Absolutely Stunning’

Mar 13, 2014

Cafe Plan B, which opened at the end of February at 20th & Capitol (next to Jack's Urban Eats), got its first visit from a major critic - Sac Mag's Kira O'Donnell. But the most unusual aspect of the restaurant...

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Dining News: Crawdads to Reopen on March 14

Mar 5, 2014

Crawdads River Cantina, the newest venture by former Tuli Chef Adam Pechal and Bar West owner Trevor Shultz, will open on March 14. Originally opened in 1986, the restaurant changed hands recently, and the new team originally hoped to open...

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Former chef of now-defunct Tuli Bistro heads to Capital Dime

Mar 4, 2014

When Tuli closed, Chef Adam Pechal said he hoped to line up new investors and reopen at the same location soon. If he does that, he'll be without Stan Moore, chef de cuisine at Tuli when it closed two weeks...

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Dining News: Bacon Fest 2014 Coming in January

Nov 25, 2013

Sacramento Bacon Fest, everybody's favorite swine-based food event, will be held on Monday, Jan. 20 to Friday, Jan. 26. Per the Sac Bee's Chris Macias: In its short run, Bacon Fest Sacramento has emerged as a favorite local food festival....

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Dining News: Why Noah Zonca Left The Kitchen & Why He Stayed in Sacramento

Nov 13, 2013

In a great piece in Sactown Magazine, Anita Chabria uncovers why former chef at The Kitchen left a dream gig, but and also why he didn't leave for greener pastures. But he’s hardly the kid with his hands in the...

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Dining News – Two Takes on Tank House BBQ, Both Mostly Positive

Oct 24, 2013

Tank House, the BBQ joint that replaced Had's on J, has been a popular place to review since it opened at the end of August. (Related Story: Dickey's BBQ is opening just across the train tracks from Tank House.) Said...

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Dining News: Coriander Vietnamese Restaurant to Replace Midtown Deli

Oct 2, 2013

Midtown Deli was a short-lived deli in, well, East Sac. But its successor avoids the geographic error and will be an Asian joint called Coriander Vitnamese Restaurant. While the restaurant's windows are still mostly covered, what I could see didn't...

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Dining News: Critics’ Verdict on Mighty Tavern in Fair Oaks

Sep 4, 2013

As another new restaurant has opened, critics have rushed to provide their opinions of the place. (I'm as guilty of this as anyone.) This time, the restaurant is Mighty Tavern, which replaced La Boheme in Fair Oaks. First, Kira O'Donnell...

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Dining News: South Restaurant to Open at Soutside Park

Aug 22, 2013

Originally announced as "The General Store" in Aug. 2012, a new restaurant called South, featuring southern cusine, is scheduled to open in September, reports Sac Bee's Janelle Bitker. The menu is split in two: "Old School" classics, such as fried...

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Dining News: Hock Farm ‘Solid but Underwhelming [with] Unexceptional Vision’

Aug 12, 2013

Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson initially declared Hock Farm "uneven" back in April. After several more visits, he finds the "eating often basic, if not underwhelming." Sometimes, we felt like we were punched in the no...

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