Game to 100
How cheap and demeaning to select art by gender

Apr 27, 2015
How cheap and demeaning to select art by gender

  Talk about adding insult to injury! First, we have a bunch of fat cats grabbing $2.5 million in public money to inflict their version of art on us; now we have would-be exploiters of the public trust lining up … Continue reading

Game to 100
A hothead’s outburst sinks his team in the clutch

Apr 23, 2015

As I have noted before, playing basketball at the Capital Athletic Club in Sacramento provides a fine opportunity to puzzle over human nature. For example, why does a good player lose control of his emotions in the clutch and ensure … Continue reading

Game to 100
Fighting words: almonds, vaccines

Apr 21, 2015

When I picked up the Bee the other day, I was greeted by front-page articles providing space to advocates of more almond orchards in drought-plagued California and to zealots asserting a right to refuse to vaccinate their children. In the … Continue reading

Game to 100
How about common sense and straight talk?

Apr 15, 2015

Here are a couple of things to ponder: pro basketball players who hang around trouble-prone nightspots and a “world-renowned” hotel chain coming to Sacramento. For starters, we have Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha getting a fractured leg outside a New … Continue reading

Consciousness and Health
Is There A Cure For Allergies?

Is There A Cure For Allergies?

By Eric Nelson

Check out the latest Google Trends and you’ll see that searches for all things “allergy” are peaking this month, just like they do every year about this time, marking the start of what The San Francisco Chronicle recently dubbed “sneazin’ season.” But despite all this searching, it would appear that we’re...


Game to 100
How not to recover from a business mess

Apr 13, 2015

What do Bonney Plumbing of Sacramento and Rolling Stone magazine have in common? Both businesses have bosses that seem to be tone deaf about how their nasty messes play out in the public eye. Let’s start with Bonney Plumbing, a … Continue reading

Breast Cancer? But Doctor....I hate pink!
SXSW, Part 1

On March 15, along with David Kopp of Healthline, I moderated a core conversation at SXSW. Being selected to do this was a great honor, and it wouldn't have happened without you, my regular readers.  So I obviously want to share some of my experiences with you. What is SXSW? South by Southwest, or "South by"...

Game to 100
Old wood paneling poses knotty problem

Apr 8, 2015
Old wood paneling poses knotty problem

  As homeowners know, when you upgrade one thing, other things begin to look faded and worn. Last summer, I replaced three of the casement windows in the large upstairs room I use as a study. I did this for … Continue reading

Game to 100
Wild words on public subsidies for sports arenas

Apr 6, 2015

Far out, man! That’s my throwback reaction to this morning’s editorial in the Sacramento Bee bearing this headline: “Ditch tax break for pro arenas/ Obama’s budget would end subsidy.” The headline is so preposterous coming from the Bee that I … Continue reading

Wanted: The Single Person’s Life

Apr 5, 2015

I was totally taken with this idea of the Single Person's Life, which emerged as a full-blown vision.

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