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Sacramento Connect is looking for blogs and websites that reflect our region’s diverse communities, interests and news. Sacramento Connect helps readers find the local stories they are interested in. As a partner, you retain all rights to your content, and all the stories and articles remain on your blog or website. We do not edit your content.

Blogs and websites for Sacramento Connect should be:

  • based in Northern California, or of interest to readers in Sacramento and Northern California
  • original material
  • active and regularly updated
  • not anonymous
  • suitable for a general audience
  • well-written
  • not “advertorial” or promoting a commercial venture

Not sure if your blog or website is what we are looking for? Feel free to contact us with your questions or simply submit your application below.

The Sacramento Connect Toolbar

All Sacramento Connect partners feature an interactive toobar that floats on the bottom of the page and allows readers to share, find related stories, and easily link to The toolbar is installed with a simple line of JavaScript code in your blog or website’s template. After installing the toolbar, partners don’t need to do anything extra except keep producing great content for their readers.

Benefits of Joining Sacramento Connect

Increase your exposure, web traffic, and audience. Sacramento Connect partners receive increased traffic and exposure for their blogs and websites. Our partners’ blog posts are featured on and its mobile version, and on Blog posts are also highlighted via Twitter and Sacramento Connect’s Facebook page. Sacramento Bee editors also increase partner visibility by highlighting content in the print edition of The Sacramento Bee.

Become part of a dynamic community of writers. Sacramento Connect’s more than 180 partners are a supportive and active group of writers, journalists, bloggers, community news providers, and photographers. Partners network with each other at social and professional events as well as through our online Extranet. As a member of Sacramento Connect, you also have access to technology and resources to improve your site.

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