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Sacramento Connect Business Widget

Example of a Sacramento Connect category widget on The Sacramento Bee’s business page. Posts in the widget are from Sacramento Connect partners.

Sacramento Connect partners are independent and maintain their own blogs and websites. Posts and articles from our partners are pulled into Sacramento Connect via RSS feeds.

These posts are sorted and organized in a customized WordPress system and are then integrated into as well as into widgets on and on the Sacramento Connect toolbar. Some of the organization is dynamically selected and some is managed by online editors.

Posts selected as “Editor’s Picks” are featured on the Sacramento Connect homepage and are also promoted via Twitter. Selected posts are also featured on several Facebook pages: Sacramento Connect, SacPaws, and SacMomsClub.

Partner content is also featured in selected sections of the print edition of The Sacramento Bee, such as food and wine, gardening, and opinion. These short excerpts are geared toward highlighting the blog’s unique contents and encouraging readers to discover the website online.

Widgets add Unique Local Content to

Content from Sacramento Connect partners is featured in two types of widgets on The Sacramento Bee’s website, category widgets and Lingospot widgets.

Category Widgets

Category-specific widgets use RSS feeds from the Sacramento Connect system. Examples of these widgets can be found on The Sacramento Bee’s website on Business, Sac Paws, Sac Moms Club, Food & Wine, Cars, Sacramento Kings, and more. The widgets are updated automatically when new posts come in.

An example of Sacramento Connect partner content being dispayed in a Lingospot widget on

Lingospot Widgets

A second type of widget found on uses an algorithm to assess content from the entire partner network and match it to the story on the page. These widgets allow for more creative matching than could be accomplished simply through category sorting, and offer up a wider assortment of articles that readers might be interested in.

In addition to appearing on article pages, these Sacramento Connect widgets also appear on a multitude of dynamically generated “Topic” pages, such as this Sacramento Topic page.

 Sacramento Connect Toolbar

The Sacramento Connect toolbar is featured on The Sacramento Bee’s website connecting readers to the Sacramento Connect homepage. Readers who do not wish to see the toolbar can hide it by clicking the small button on the far right.

Image of new Sacramento connect toolbar

Sacramento Connect toolbar.


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