sacramento connect sacramento blogs & community news around sacramento california Tue, 23 Sep 2014 05:03:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Hell, yeah. HELLYEAH! (Aftershock, 2014, Sacramento) Tue, 23 Sep 2014 05:03:00 +0000 0 Beth Gaines Gets Brown’s OK on New Law Tue, 23 Sep 2014 04:40:06 +0000 SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Beth Gaines (R-Roseville) today announced that Governor Brown has signed her legislation (Assembly Bill 1511) to provide greater protections for animal control officers in California. AB 1511 will allow animal control officers, prior to being called out to an assignment, to request local and state summary criminal history information of the property […]

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Dining News: Movie Theater Serving Food & Alcohol Opens on Friday Tue, 23 Sep 2014 04:24:19 +0000 0 38.5468 -121.437 Residents displaced by King fire keep wary eye on their houses Tue, 23 Sep 2014 04:16:50 +0000
As a Cal Fire helicopter flies above them, Fred and Diana Adams check on their property and the surrounding area located across from Wofford Acres Vineyards in Apple Hill on Monday, Sept. 22, 2014. The couple have been evacuated from their home for seven days.

A helicopter with the California Department of Forestry drops fire retardant on a canyon near Wofford Acres Vineyards as multiagency crews continue to fight the King fire on Monday, Sept. 22, 2014.

Fred and Diana Adams make their way to check on their property located across from Wofford Acres Vineyards in Apple Hill on Monday, Sept. 22, 2014. The Adams’ have been evacuated from their home for seven days.

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Sierra Nevada forest health in rapid decline, drought is adding fuel to the fire Tue, 23 Sep 2014 03:34:36 +0000 0 Three-Term Rocklin School Board Member Steve Paul Not Seeking Re-Election Tue, 23 Sep 2014 02:56:00 +0000 ROCKLIN – Three-term Rocklin School Board member Steve Paul, who has served as the Rocklin Unified School District expanded from 7,500 students to over 11,000 students, will not be seeking a fourth term in November. Paul said he decided it was a good time to transition off the School Board and get involved in other […]

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Elk Grove community forum to focus on law enforcement concerns Tue, 23 Sep 2014 02:54:29 +0000 0 Dorsey Drive ribbon cutting set for October 23 — expected to open a week later Tue, 23 Sep 2014 02:27:25 +0000 0 LACTAID® Giveaway! Tue, 23 Sep 2014 00:52:02 +0000 {continue reading}]]> 0 Jim Firth invites his opponents to a party on October 1st Tue, 23 Sep 2014 00:36:13 +0000
"Absentee ballots will be in the mail soon and Election Day will be here before we know it," Firth said, "so I think the first of October will be a good time for all of us to take a break from our individual campaigns and meet with voters in a relaxed environment."

He is advising all candidates that they should bring their yard signs, campaign literature, buttons and anything else they would like to provide to attendees.

"One thing I have learned these past several weeks is that all candidates are good people," Firth noted. "We may disagree on certain issues and have different visions for the future, but I don't question their sincerity or commitment to our community."

Firth said there will be a suggested five-dollar donation to help defray expenses, but no one will be required to pay in order to attend.

"My invitation to candidates and to the public has no strings attached," Firth said. "My goal is simply to bring Grass Valley Council candidates together in one place at one time so that voters can get to know all of us a little bit better and be able to ask questions and exchange ideas in an informal setting."

Firth promises there will be no speeches and that the cantina will be open for no-host beverages. Also, he noted, hors d'oeurvres will be available for as long as they last.

"The idea is to have some fun and not listen to stump speeches," he explained, "so I hope the candidates –– and the public –– accept my invitation in the spirit it is being extended. I look forward to the evening and hope to see candidates and voters mixing and talking about the future of our amazing community."

No reservations are required for the mixer and there is ample parking at Margarita's. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email the Jim Firth campaign at]]> 0
The Three R’s : Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation Tue, 23 Sep 2014 00:29:00 +0000 0 Important Information From the Office of the Nevada County Clerk Recorder re: Wildfires Tue, 23 Sep 2014 00:08:25 +0000

Pursuant to this Executive Order, all fees for certified copies of birth, death and marriage records are suspended for any individual who lost such records as a result of the wildfires.

People who lost or sustained damage to their homes, property, businesses or places of employment, may need to obtain or replace important government records in order to obtain assistance from federal, state and local governmental agencies, make claims for and collect insurance, find new employment and for other purposes related to losses suffered as a result of the wildfires.

Health and Safety Code sections 103525.5 and 103625, and Penal Code section 14251, requiring the imposition of fees, are hereby suspended with regard to any request for copies of certificates of birth, death and marriage record by any individual who lost such records as a result of the wildfires. Upon submission of the proper paperwork, the Nevada County Clerk-Recorder's office will provide a certified copy, without charge, of a Nevada County vital record.

When requesting free copies of a vital record, victims of the wildfires should state on the application, "Wildfire," and complete a sworn statement declaring under penalty of perjury that they are a victim. The sworn statement for wildfire victims must be completed in addition to the sworn statement required by Health and Safety Code (H&SC) Section 103526. For requests sent to the California Department of Public Health–Vital Records, victims should additionally make the notation "Wildfire" on the front of the mailing envelope, for expedited processing. The application, sworn statement required by H&SC Section 103526 and sworn statement for the wildfires must be submitted to complete the request.]]> 0
Top Fall 2014 Kitchen Items at Sur la Table Mon, 22 Sep 2014 23:58:00 +0000 Top Fall 2014 Kitchen Items at Sur la TableIf you've ever been in a Sur la Table, it's downright overwhelming.  If you have a lot of time and money, you could spend plenty of both there.  I tend to be a tightwad and am easily overwhelmed by their abundance. Therefore, I don't venture in too often. (Plus there's none really close by.) But this weekend I was privileged to go to the new Sur la Table headquarters in Seattle, Washington and they successfully made me want some new great items.

Our host was Doralece Dullaghan, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Public Relations. Doralece has been with  Sur la Table for many years, starting with opening their second store in Berkeley. We also met with the CEO, Jack Schwefel, who talked about his history in retail and where the company has been and is going. 

But it was Jacob Maurer, their top merchandiser, that got me really excited by introducing us to some of the key products for the fall of 2014. I also learned some interesting new tips along the way.

KitchenAid's new items

These days it is tough to stay competitive when everybody can sell the same items at competing prices. To combat this, Sur la Table has agreements with companies to be the sole distributor of certain products. They have such an agreement with KitchenAid to be the only one to sell the Pro Line series and certain colors, including a new cranberry red. The Pro Line series is designed with a retro look with rugged, sturdy construction. All of their pieces are heavy to ensure there is no wobbling or crawling on your counter top while in operation.

KitchenAid Pro Line® Electric Kettle

The new Pro Line Electric Kettle is definitely for those who are tea drinking enthusiasts. It has precision temperature control for getting your water to exactly the right temperature to bring out the best of your teas.  Not being a tea drinker myself, I had only recently learned that green tea is steeped at a lower temperature than black tea and floral and herbal teas have their own temperatures as well. 

It's not just for tea as sometimes a recipe calls for water to be at a specific temperature. No longer a problem with this tea kettle. It also features a cool touch exterior, dual wall construction to insulate and keep the water hotter longer, and a temperature gauge.

KitchenAid Slow Juicer and Sauce Attachment

I got into juicing and went from centrifugal, to Vitamix, to cold press. That's why when they said they had added a juicer attachment to the KitchenAid Mixer, my hand shot up to ask what kind of juicer it was. I was surprised to learn that it's a cold press auger system! Not only that, it has three different screens so that you can choose the amount of pulp/fiber you want to allow through! As the name says, you can also use it to make sauces. And it can all go into the dishwasher!

KitchenAid Food Processor Attachment

While this food processor will not puree or mix things like a full size version, it will do the most common tasks,you can slice, grate, and dice from your Mixer. Note that last one - dice. This processor will actually dice uniform cubes of zucchini or cheese! Like the full size food processors, this one includes a slide mechanism so that you can adjust the thickness of your slices on the fly instead of having to switch blades to change thickness. 

KitchenAid Pro Line® Cordless Hand Blender

While the Cordless Hand Blender might not be new, the KitchenAid version is new to me. I only knew of hand blenders with the single blade that could blend and puree. The one I own does not have adjustable speeds. This one has 5 speeds. It also has interchangeable parts. Five attachments can convert it to a whisk, food processor, shredder, and more. It has a high power lithium battery, like power tools do, so that you can use it for hours with no fading of power. You can purchase it with or without the attachments. 


Scanpan is a brand that was new to me and the CTQ line is also exclusive to Sur la Table. Scanpan is a company from Denmark and they feature pans that are made completely from recycled aluminum and have a non-stick ceramic-titanium coating that does not contain PFOA, the coating that people worry about. What's more, you can use metal utensils on it and it is dishwasher safe. It can be used up to 500 degrees, making it oven safe and able to sear and brown your meats, unlike other non-stick pans. These are the pans that Sur la Table uses in its cooking classes, so they know that they can stand up to heavy use.

La Tourangelle Spray Oils

I wanted to put the La Tourangelle sprays next because of something Jacob shared tied into the discussion of non-stick pans. Apparently using aerosol oil sprays on non-stick is actually damaging to them, or rather, the chemical propellants in the sprays are. They bind into the pores of the non-stick coating and actually destroy the non-stick properties. The sprays you are spraying to make the food slip easier are actually doing the opposite. La Tourangelle has come out with a line of oil sprays that are 100% oil, nothing more. So when you need a light bit of oil, these won't destroy your non-stick pans. Sur la Table carries the extra virgin olive oil, walnut oil, and grapeseed oil.

Sur La Table® Vegetable and Fruit Spiral Slicer

Jacob told us that spiralizing has become such a big trend that they can't keep spiralizers in stock. For the first time in years, meat consumption has decreased. It's a sign of how people are starting to eat more vegetables. The spiralizer means you can create vegetable noodles to exchange for traditional pasta in recipes. Or you can shred. This one comes with interchangeable blades to create three different textures: ribbons, thick spirals and thin spirals or shreds. 

Cooking sous vide at home has become popular, especially with the availability of the new immersion circulators.  Sur la Table has an exclusive arrangement with Sansaire for their version. It's an impressive size weighing 4 lbs. and over 15 inches in length. You simply clip it to the side a large stock pot or bucket and it can be set at the target temperature you need for food. A motor circulates the water ensuring that the temperature is even throughout the container. 

Quirky Propane Monitor

This one is not available until around Black Friday (late November), but it is THE perfect gift for your grilling expert. It's a propane tank gauge with wi-fi. You place the propane tank on it when full, connect it to your wi-fi network, download the smartphone app, and you are good to go. What's it do?  It keeps track of the amount of propane in your tank and is able to accurately estimate the amount you have left, even adjusting to the temperature.  If you are grilling on High, then obviously it's consuming gas faster than at low. Quirky keeps track of that and can tell you when you need to go get propane and if you have enough to finish the meal you are making. 

And there you have it. Some great ideas from  Sur la Table that you can give to your friends, family, or yourself. I will disclose that I was on the receiving end of the KitchenAid food processor attachment and I don't have a KitchenAid Mixer. Looks like I know what I'll be getting with my discount!

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Between the lines: Joan Didion gets an honor she deserves Mon, 22 Sep 2014 23:21:44 +0000 Fifth-generation Californian, novelist and essayist Joan Didion, who was born and raised in Sacramento, will be inducted into the California Hall of Fame on Oct. 1.

She and six other prominent Californians (“represent the very best of California,” said Gov. Jerry Brown in a statement. An exhibit of the inductees’ “personal artifacts highlighting their lives and achievements” will be displayed at the California Museum, 1020 O St., Sacramento, beginning Oct. 2.

Didion began her writing career at Vogue in New York City after winning an essay contest sponsored by the magazine. The prize was a job there. She went on to write five novels (including “Play It As It Lays,” made into a movie), five screenplays (including “True Confessions”) and a dozen nonfiction titles.

One of the most definitive books ever written on California’s counterculture in the 1960s and its center in San Francisco’s Height-Ashbury district was “Slouching Towards Bethlehem,” her insightful collection of essays now regarded as a contemporary classic.

Didion, 79, won the National Book Award for “The Year of Magical Thinking, “ a pain-filled memoir focused on her struggle with the grief caused by the sudden death in 2003 of her husband of 40 years, writer John Gregory Dunne, and the illness of the couple’s daughter, Quintana Roo, who died shortly before the book was published in 2005.

Joining Didion as Hall of Fame inductees are basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, civil rights advocate Charlotta Bass, film director Francis Ford Coppola, social justice advocate Fred Ross Sr., climatologist Stephen Schneider and humanitarian Mimi Silbert.

The public can watch the arrival of the inductees from 5 to 7 p.m. Oct. 1 in a viewing area in front of the museum, followed by a webcast of the 7 p.m. ceremony at

Litquake festival in S.F.

The 15th annual Litquake literary festival (and spectacle) will shake San Francisco Oct. 10-18 when more than 800 writers, authors, poets, actors, musicians and comedians converge for a medley of serious and off-the-wall events (many of them free).

It’s an all-genres, all-arts carnival that includes seminars, panel discussions, workshops, hundreds of readings, drama, art and music, along with special presentations by editors and premier writers. “Edgy” and “provocative” are the operative words. Most of the participants are based in the Bay Area, but many will arrive from out of country.

To drop a few names: Pulitzer Prize-winner Adam Johnson (who appeared for the Bee Book club for “The Orphan Master’s Son”), McSweeney’s publisher Dave Eggers, Daniel “Lemony Snicket” Handler and National Book Critics Award winner Nicholson Baker (“Double Fold”).

Co-founder Jane Ganahl sent an email last week: “Litquake embodies the spirit of San Francisco,” she wrote. “We owe a heavy debt to the literary mavericks who have thrived here since the 1800s, from the wry Bohemian Ambrose Bierce to Beat icon Jack Kerouac, to Amy Tan and Armistead Maupin – two authors who exemplify both the Bay Area and the Litquake sensibility. Litquake sprang from chaos and occasionally descends into it, but we’re proud of always being entertaining.”

The grand finale will be Lit Crawl, a “literary pub-crawl” through the Mission District, featuring a multitude of happenings at 101 venues, paired with plenty of food, drink and entertainment. Check out the pictures at For the full schedule and to buy tickets:

Inside California’s gangs

Journalist and Nieman Fellow Julia Reynolds risked everything during the 12 years she reported on the Nuestra Familia gang, based in Salinas, and its subset gang, the Norteños. NF originated among inmates in California prisons in the 1960s, became a criminal enterprise and spread throughout Northern California.

Reynolds’ book “Blood in the Fields” is a scrutiny of the inner workings of gang culture and its attendant violence and illegal dealings, with startling stories of some of its former members (Chicago Review Press, $27, 368 pages). Part of it details Operation Black Widow, the FBI’s campaign to destroy NF.

Reynolds, a Monterey County Herald reporter, also wrote and co-produced the PBS documentary “Nuestra Familia, Our Family.”

“I hung out with these guys, watching them do what they do,” she said in a recent phone interview. “One guy I followed around for two years was a drug dealer and I was fascinated by what made him tick. It wasn’t until later that I thought of all the bad stuff that could have happened. I’m not an especially brave person, just a curious reporter.”

Reynolds has two upcoming appearances in Sacramento:

• 2 p.m. Saturday at Avid Reader at the Tower, 1600 Broadway, (916) 441-4400.

• 2 p.m. Oct. 25 at the California Capital Book Festival, 1400 J St., (916) 307-1713, Sacramento Bee courts reporter Andy Furillo will interview Reynolds on stage.

Stories on Stage

Stories on Stage presents monthly programs of fiction read and performed by area actors, set at the Sacramento Poetry Center. American River College professor Michael Spurgeon will headline the next event, 7:30 p.m. Friday at 1719 25th St.; a $5 donation is suggested. Information: http://suestaats

Spurgeon is the author of the novel “Let the Water Hold Me Down” (Ad Lumen, $17, 372 pages) and two books of verse. Appearing with him will be Anara Guard, author of “Remedies for Hunger” (New Wind, $12, 140 pages).

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Planting Trial Mon, 22 Sep 2014 23:19:00 +0000 0 Dunne on Wine: Oregon Chardonnay Mon, 22 Sep 2014 23:00:00 +0000 Who wants more chardonnay?

OK, OK, calm down.

One of every five bottles of wine sold in the United States is chardonnay. With nearly 100,000 acres planted to the variety, California is meeting much of that demand. France, Italy, Chile and several other wine regions also are helping out.

Very little chardonnay from Oregon, however, is reaching the nation’s dining tables. Only about 1,200 acres of chardonnay are in Oregon, the same total as in 2001.

This is peculiar because Oregon is widely respected in wine circles for three other varietal wines that thrive in the same kind of cool climate most hospitable to chardonnay – pinot noir, pinot gris and riesling.

Yet, just 5 percent of Oregon’s vineyard land is planted to chardonnay, says Josh Bergstrom, winemaker for his family’s eponymous winery in the Willamette Valley southwest of Portland. A few decades ago, chardonnay accounted for about 25 percent of the state’s vineyard land.

Chardonnay, in short, has had a difficult time gaining recognition in Oregon. Several reasons account for that, say Bergstrom and several other Oregon vintners. Early on, the best strain of chardonnay for Oregon’s cool climate wasn’t planted. Then, several winemakers tried to emulate the blustery California style of chardonnay, going for ripeness and richness over finesse and then complicating the fruit with so much oak and other cellar maneuvers that the grape’s inherent delicate fruit got lost in the resulting mix.

As a consequence, in the 1990s vineyard land in Oregon dedicated to chardonnay and the price-per-ton that the grape fetched dropped, even though consumers across the country were rabid for the stuff.

Oregon’s winemakers haven’t given up on chardonnay, however. Indeed, many of them, including Josh Bergstrom, now expect chardonnay over the next decade or so to challenge pinot gris as the white wine most closely identified with Oregon. Bergstrom is so confident in chardonnay’s prospects that he’s stopped making riesling and pinot gris altogether, varietals for which he was gaining recognition throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“I now only focus on chardonnay,” Bergstrom says. “People wanted me to make a pinot gris and a riesling that were inexpensive and quaffable, which is not conducive for efforts at making world-class wine.” It takes chardonnay to achieve that stature, and toward that goal he makes a Willamette Valley chardonnay that fetches $85 a bottle.

Oregon’s turnaround with chardonnay is due in large part to a new appreciation among farmers and winemakers for strains of the grape better suited for the state’s cool climate. They also are planting chardonnay in choice spots previously reserved for pinot noir. And in styling the fruit into wine they are retreating from the California model, principally by toning down their exploitation of new French oak barrels while capitalizing on the direct fruit flavors and the zingy acidity with which the state’s cool growing season fills the grapes.

Though chardonnay from Oregon can be found in a wide range of styles, many vintners today look more to Burgundy than California for both grape-growing and winemaking cues. While the term “burgundian” itself represents a diversity of styles, Oregon winemakers customarily take it to mean a type of chardonnay that is leaner, fresher and snappier than what typically unfolds from the vineyards and cellars of California.

A Burgundy take on chardonnay is dry rather than even a little sweet. Its flavor is more likely to run to suggestions of apricot, peach and citrus instead of tropical fruit. Descriptors like “flinty” and “minerally” pop up often in talk of the white wines of Burgundy, and now also of the chardonnays of Oregon.

Josh Bergstrom says his winemaking increasingly has been influenced by what he’s learned and experienced in Burgundy, where he’s both studied viticulture and enology and worked the harvest. “I have begun picking at lower sugars, when the peak of aromatic intensity and the ratio between malic and tartaric acids is perfect,” Bergstrom says. “I am not going for an austere style, because I think Oregon does ‘balanced opulence’ very well.”

Not long ago, a group of Oregon winemakers sent me a mixed case of recent chardonnays that they feel show the progress they are making. As I tasted through the selection I was struck by how often I jotted down “burgundian” in my notes. My use of “burgundian” is shorthand for a chardonnay unusually dry, lanky, agile and sharp, at least by California standards. Most were notably aromatic, direct and lingering, and zesty with citric fruit.

From that case, here are six that I especially will be looking for:

• The Eyrie Vineyards 2011 Dundee Hills Reserve Chardonnay ($45): This is where Oregon’s way with chardonnay began, the vineyard that David Lett planted in 1966. Since 2005, his son, Jason Lett, has been the winemaker. He says his goal with chardonnay is to make an interpretation transparent as to place and vintage. Thus, he applies little oak to the wine. The result is a lean, dry chardonnay with sweet and tangy citric fruit from first sniff through its lasting and refreshing finish.

• Chehalem 2012 Willamette Valley Chardonnay ($19): Chehalem winemaker Wynne Peterson-Nedry does Lett one better by not applying any oak at all to her chardonnay. The resulting wine, however, is no less sturdy, while its peachy scent, suggestion of apricot on the palate and notes of petrol and lime in the finish are frank and vivid. Don’t let the bottle’s screwcap fool you into thinking this is a chardonnay meant only for early consumption. Peterson-Nedry predicts it will continue to live and develop for another 15 to 20 years. “With the Dijon clones (of chardonnay), the flavors are so lush that the wine tastes like barrels have been used when they haven’t at all,” says Harry Peterson-Nedry, the winery’s founder and original winemaker.

• Boedecker Cellars 2012 Willamette Valley Chardonnay ($25): The least “burgundian” and the most “Californian” sample in the case, owing to the fermenting of the juice in oak barrels and then the stirring of the wine on its lees, giving it more earthiness and nuttiness, with banana being the most prominent note in its overall tropical-fruit flavor. The wine’s richness is balanced by the nimble acidity for which Oregon wines are celebrated.

• Lange Estate Winery 2012 Willamette Valley Three Hills Cuvee Chardonnay ($38): While slim in build, it nonetheless is muscular and animated in its swagger, the result, perhaps, of the precise juggling that winemaker Jesse Lange practiced in assembling this wine. He drew from three mixed-clone blocks of the vineyard, inoculated with several types of yeast, and used two methods of fermentation, one in French oak barrels, the other tanks of stainless steel. The result is a dry, willowy chardonnay whose brisk acidity underscores the wine’s citric flavor, which runs mostly to lemon and meringue.

• Adelsheim Vineyard 2012 Willamette Valley Caitlin’s Reserve Chardonnay ($45): This sleek take on chardonnay narrows the concept of Burgundy to Chablis for its flintiness, cold fruit and tingling acidity. Its fruit is fully developed, delivering all sorts of sunshine and antioxidants, but its trellis is fine, supporting all those juicy berries.

  Bergstrom Wines 2012 Willamette Valley Sigrid Chardonnay ($85): My favorite chardonnay in the pack, and I’d no idea of the price before this I reported this article. This is one hefty chardonnay, with mature fruit aromas and flavors suggesting apricots, hazelnuts and peaches. Dense, creamy and complex, it isn’t likely to be mistaken for a California chardonnay largely because of its cinnamon spice, tangy acidity and persistent finish. Josh Bergstrom drew fruit for the wine from five biodynamically farmed vineyards. In its electricity and complexity the wine validates Bergstrom’s confidence that chardonnay ultimately will be the white wine most closely identified with Oregon.

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Celebrity News with TMZ’s Harvey Levin Mon, 22 Sep 2014 22:15:38 +0000 ]]> 0 Baking Pumpkin Bread with Cider Brothers Mon, 22 Sep 2014 22:11:33 +0000 ]]> 0 Gamerz Phunk Lab Mon, 22 Sep 2014 22:03:20 +0000 0 Gamerz Phunk Lab Mon, 22 Sep 2014 22:03:20 +0000 0 Debunking Sleep Myths For Babies Mon, 22 Sep 2014 22:01:54 +0000 0 Debunking Sleep Myths For Babies Mon, 22 Sep 2014 22:01:54 +0000 0 The Design Confidential Takes Joss + Main // A Collaboration Mon, 22 Sep 2014 21:06:08 +0000
The Design Confidential in Partnership with Joss and Main Curators Collection Sale Story Interview

Yes it is true. The Design Confidential is taking over Joss & Main, the sale site with crazy good prices on products you love and need for your home. It will happen tomorrow night, 9/23 at 9 PM and I will be regularly stalking and lurking around over there for about a week. I actually feel pretty excited about joining up with them because I frequent their site in real life. The partnership is authentic and I strongly feel this type of retail venture has great value to those of us who care about the investment we put into our homes. I have mentioned on more than one occasion that I love to get the absolute best price on something I possibly can, and this is one of those sites that has daily sales I regularly take advantage of. From rugs to tables and every variety of accessory in between, and regardless of your aesthetic, Joss & Main is a fabulous option for providing a bit of retail therapy without sacrificing your financial sensibility.

The Design Confidential in Partnership with Joss and Main Curators Collection Sale Story Interview 2

I will be sharing a bit more about a collection of pieces they have curated for all of you, tomorrow, and sharing the gorgeous write-up they have done on me and this site. It feels pretty special and I hope you will check it out when it is live. You will need to sign up for their site to gain access to view the sale, items, and story about this little lady. No purchase is necessary for membership and you can set your preferences for email contact so you will never feel like you have suffer through something you do not want!

If you do not already have access to their flash sales, I urge you to  sign up and get the scoop on heavily discounted items you would be paying full price for elsewhere, anyhow, and to view the details of this fun collaboration. It is fleeting and will only be accessible for a short period of time so you should not wait to check things out. Plus, I always love the company when I am flying in uncharted territory. Let's get lost in retail paradise together, shall we?

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What To Expect From Approaching Storm For Northern California Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:57:17 +0000 0 What To Expect From Approaching Storm For Northern California Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:57:17 +0000 0 Resume Lies On The Rise Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:53:31 +0000 0 Resume Lies On The Rise Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:53:31 +0000 0 Ettore’s New European Bread Program Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:49:41 +0000 ]]> 0 Ettore’s New European Bread Program Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:49:41 +0000 ]]> 0 What’s Cooking: Pears Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:45:49 +0000 Mmm, pears. Around here they’re picked in summer – and they taste spectacular grilled alongside that steak – but pears seem more suited to autumn meals and desserts. Something about the way they go with cinnamon, I guess.

Pears work in any course, from appetizers and salads, right through entrees and of course dessert. It’s also easier to pair wines with pear dishes – you don’t have the acids fighting each other like you do with some other fruits.

One thing to remember about pears: They’re picked before they are ripe, and usually sold that way, too.

Choose unblemished fruit and let it sit on the counter for a few days. Bartlett pears will turn yellow when they’re ripe. For most other varieties, including Bosc and Anjou, a slight softness at the stem end will tell you they’re ready to eat or cook.

Then use them quickly. As Ralph Waldo Emerson was quoted, “There are only 10 minutes in the life of a pear when it is perfect to eat.” But what perfection.

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Interstate 80 Subject to Detour Tuesday and Wednesday Nights in South Placer County through Nevada County Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:02:51 +0000
This project will increase the vertical clearance of nine overpass structures on I-80 between Magra and Loomis in Placer County. Six of the structures will have the bridge deck raised approximately two feet, and three of the structures will have the roadway below lowered to achieve the necessary clearance. When complete, all structures will meet today's federal clearance standards for high profile vehicles and national defense.

Please be advised that all westbound commercial vehicles will be subject to California Highway Patrol (CHP) inspection and escort during the detour. There will be strict speed enforcement on the detour. Motorists are advised to allow an additional 45 to 60 minutes of travel time.

Detour Information:

Eastbound I-80:

· All vehicles were be detoured at Bell Road in Auburn. Bell Road will take traffic to Highway 49 to Nevada City. Motorists will turn onto Highway 20 in Nevada City. Highway 20 will then return detoured traffic to I-80.

Westbound I-80:

· All vehicles were be detoured at Highway 20 to Highway 49 in Nevada City. Motorists will continue to Bell Road. Bell Road will then return motorists to I-80.]]> 0
Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Tears, Oh My! Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:01:37 +0000 OK, I still don’t know what happened to me, but a few weeks ago I began feeling weird at the grocery store to the point that I wanted to abandon my cart full of 29 pints of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream, run out of the store and go home. I felt like […]

The post Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Tears, Oh My! appeared first on Nanny Goats in Panties.

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Extended Happy Hour During Monday Night Football at Mikuni Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:00:00 +0000 0 Elk Grove Will Host Animal Shelter Workshop Tonight Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:00:00 +0000
September 4, 2014 |

Tonight the City of Elk Grove will hold a workshop to gather public input on a proposed city-run animal shelter.

At the workshop participants can provide feedback on how animal shelter services should operate in the city, and receive information on Elk Grove’s operational and facility options, industry best practices, as well as the outcome of preliminary project data collection.

The meeting is being held in conjunction with the city’s consultants, Indigo I Hammond + Playle Architects, LLP, who are conducting a needs assessment study and the U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

The meeting will start at 6 p.m. at the Elk Grove City Hall in the Council Chambers located at 8400 Laguna Palms Way in Elk Grove.

The city currently contracts with Sacramento County for animal sheltering services, pet adoptions and licensing at 3839 Bradshaw Road in Sacramento.

For more information about the meeting, contact Kara Reddig, Deputy City Manager, at or 478-2249. For more information about Elk Grove’s animal control department, visit

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Op-Ed | Nevada County public safety leaders: Opposition of California Proposition 47 Mon, 22 Sep 2014 19:49:34 +0000 0 Elite Match-Up Headlines Sierra-Foothill League Opener Mon, 22 Sep 2014 19:48:11 +0000 0’s Top 6 Events Mon, 22 Sep 2014 19:41:41 +0000 Tradition, Tunes and Tractors

Sacramento's bounty will take over the Capitol Mall at the Farm-to-Fork Festival. (Photo courtesy of the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau.)

Celebrate our region's diversity and heritage this week at these Top 6 Events!:



Grapes of Wrath Kick Off Party;Tsakopoulos Library Galleria
Sept 23; Tues 6:30pm-8pm

Join Sacramento Theatre Company actors as they perform excerpts from the once banned book.

An Evening with Sound Advice;Crocker Art Museum
Sept 25; Thurs 7pm

Capitol Public Radio's Beth Ruyak will chat with Clay Nutting about local artists performing at this year's TBD Fest.

47th Annual Native American Day;CA State Capitol - North Steps
Sept 26; Fri 10am-2pm

Tribes will convene at the Capitol to celebrate water, Native peoples and their cultures.

Farm-to-Fork Festival;Capitol Mall Greens
Sept 27; Sat 11am-6pm

The Sacramento region's farm-to-fork offerings will take center stage at this free festival.

Brushes & Brews;American River Brewing Company
Sept 27; Sat 2pm-6pm

Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder at this art show. Foods trucks will also be there to make it a party!

Sacramento Red Dress Party; Badlands Dance Club
Sept 27; Sat 9:30pm

There will be a sea of red at this benefit supporting LGBT community health. Warning: It's going to be one haute night!


Find more events this week and every day of the year at
Keep up with

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Bridges for Humanity & Author, Iris A.B. Barnett Mon, 22 Sep 2014 19:38:06 +0000 0 Family flourishes in Victorian that’s retained original charms Mon, 22 Sep 2014 19:22:22 +0000
A decade ago, Pete and Samara Palko bought this midtown Victorian largely because they appreciated its retention of many original features.

Ruth Palko, 9, works on her homework as her brother Petey Palko, 7, plays a game in the second parlor of the 22nd Street house that is part of today’s tour.

From left, the Palko children Abigail, Ruth and Petey stand next to their initials and foot and hands prints they made in the sidewalk before their home.

The home’s master bedroom, left, is one of four bedrooms in the house, which has changed hands only a couple of times since it was built around 1900.
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Pinot on the River Runs Through Healdsburg on October 26th! Mon, 22 Sep 2014 18:57:13 +0000 ]]> 0