California Rice Commission

California Rice Commission The California RIce Commission aims to educate all Californians on the valuable role rice plays in our state's environment, economy, culture and cuisine.

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New: The impact of drought in the Sacramento Valley

New: The impact of drought  in the Sacramento Valley

Questions and answers about the expected impact of drought on farms, communities and the environment north of Sacramento.Find out more

New: Armstrong & Getty water use comparisons

The radio hosts visit the State Capitol Mall to discuss water use efficiency in rice and how much water it takes to grow a variety of things.

New: Mowing down Breakfast

When water flows in the Sacramento Valley, a diverse amount of wildlife benefits. Check out this Muskrat, videotaped in Yolo County by Leslie Morris.

New- Two Rice Country photo albums by Brian Baer

New- Two Rice Country photo  albums by Brian Baer

Despite the drought, the Sacramento Valley Remains a beautiful and essential part of the state. Enjoy nearly 30 photos from Brian Baer of spring in the valley and of some of the communities that help make this area so special. View the Early Sprin...

Drought damage could ripple throughout the Sacramento Valley

General Manager Lewis Bair of Reclamation District 108 comments on the sweeping impacts that may lie ahead from reduced farming due to the drought.

New- A Naturalist in Rice Country, Part Four

We wrap up our series with John Muir Laws with his comments on wildlife in the Sacramento Valley and about a new wildlife map and guide for the region.

New- Drought may dry up small town economies

Reduced crops because of drought could have a major impact in the rural communities in the Sacramento Valley.

New- Major push underway to improve California Water Storage

Congressmen LaMalfa and Garamendi launch an effort to get the Sites Reservoir built in Colusa County. This reservoir would provide a huge increase in California's water storage.View comment from Congressman Doug LaMalfaView comment from Congressman Joh...

New Grower Blog- Groundwater may partly mitigate drought impacts

Farmer Dennis Lindberg comments on how wells may help during the drought.

New- Drought concerns in the Sacramento Valley

General Manager Thaddeus Bettner of the Glenn Colusa Irrigation District comments on what the drought could mean for farms, communities and wildlife.