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California Rice Commission The California RIce Commission aims to educate all Californians on the valuable role rice plays in our state's environment, economy, culture and cuisine.

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Water sales not a windfall but will help the farm and allow for investments in the future

Water sales not a windfall but will help the farm and allow  for investments in the future

The Rice Commission’s Tim Johnson comments on potential water sales in our region.

Read his blog

Activity begins in Rice Country

Grower Peter Rystrom in Butte County comments on work to prepare fields for planting.

Preparing for the new season

Grower Charley Mathews Jr. from Yuba County comments on the approach of planting season in rice country.

This year it will be worse

This year it will be worse

A fourth year of drought will be painful for rice farmers, Sacramento Valley communities and our environment, writes Rice Commission CEO Tim Johnson. Read his blog

Ongoing drought in Rice Country

Grower Mike DeWit comments on the impact of four straight drought years for California Rice. Watch his comments:

The West Side

Mar 10, 2015
The West Side

Travel to western Colusa County rice country in this latest album from Brian Baer. View the photos

Man, this neighborhood is loud!

A pair of ducks find themselves in a busy rice field along with a plethora of hungry shorebirds.

Coots and Sundown

Coots and Sundown

A frequent inhabitant of rice fields gets the star treatment at sundown. Brian Baer photos from Sutter County. View the photo album

Your Story matters

Your Story matters

Farmers and ranchers have a compelling story that benefits and interests many. Lauren LaGrande writes about spreading the word about agriculture. Read her blog

Simply Manna

Visit a Sacramento County mushroom farm and learn about its surprising connection with California Rice. Brian Baer video.

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