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Type One Online Type 1 Online is blog about parenting a Type 1 Diabetic. I share the daily challenges and rewards in hopes to help other parents. Living with Type 1 Diabetes is difficult, but manageable.

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We fight the highs, but the lows scare me

Aug 17, 2011

This morning I started my daily blog reading.  I try to take a few minutes each day to read through my Google Reader account.   I have a bunch of sites listed.  Some are news related, some are related to my job, some are related to hobbies like photography, and some are related to diabetes. Using an RSS...

Our First Day of School

Aug 16, 2011
Our First Day of School

My youngest is officially a 4th grader now. This was our second first day of school with Type 1 Diabetes. Both years we filed out the school’s required paperwork, which is nothing more than CYA paperwork for the school district. We have a school nurse who visits the school a few times per month....

545 x 8 = 4360

Aug 12, 2011

That is the number of times my daughter has poked her finger and made herself bleed. That’s nothing compared to many many other Type 1 Diabetics, but it’s already a lot for me. My daughter does not seem really phased by it. Her only real issue with testing is if it get’s in the...

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