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Type One Online Type 1 Online is blog about parenting a Type 1 Diabetic. I share the daily challenges and rewards in hopes to help other parents. Living with Type 1 Diabetes is difficult, but manageable.

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A1C Numbers Stink

Dec 7, 2011

Our A1C numbers have always been pretty good (low 7′s), but that has changed. We have been battling highs after highs and our A1C is up to 8.8. I hate that number. We have been increasing our insulin doses, but apparently not fast enough. My fear of lows is preventing us from properly dealing...

Artificial pancreas in the news

Nov 29, 2011

I love seeing articles about Type 1 Diabetes in the news. The more awareness of this disease the better. I just read an article on cnn.com titled “Artificial pancreas could be ‘holy grail’ for Type 1 diabetics“. The article has a lot of great information and I am glad to see CNN publish it....

Sign the petition and tell the FDA to get out of the way

Oct 17, 2011

The FDA is risking the lives of Type 1 Diabetics by not approving the low glucose suspend insulin pumps. It’s time for the FDA to get out of the way and stop risking the lives of Type 1 Diabetics. We really need an artificial pancreas and that is the long term goal. To get...

Sacramento JDRF Walk

Oct 2, 2011
Sacramento JDRF Walk

We were proud participants of the JDRF walk today in Sacramento.  It was a record turn out and we love seeing all the support.  Thanks you to everyone that came out to support us.

Forgot to Bolus

Sep 15, 2011

It does not happen often, but it does happen.  We forgot to bolus for breakfast.  I could kick myself right now.  It was a busy morning which is normal for us.  My wife generally makes the kids’ breakfast which she did again this morning.  One of us calculate carbs and ask our daughter to bolus.  There...

My Life Changing Experience

Sep 6, 2011

My non-D daughter (14 yo) was assigned a paper in English. She was tasked to write about an experience that changed her life. This is what she cam up with: My Life Changing Experience When I woke up in the morning I had no idea my whole lifestyle was about to change. Not everyone’s...

Preparing to Evacuate

Aug 29, 2011

Last week we had a railcar full of propane catch fire. This occurred in a suburb of Sacramento and nowhere near us, but it did get me thinking. People within a mile radius were evacuated. Most people thought this was going to last hours and instead it lasted days. I immediately thought “are we...

Some changes needed at school

Aug 25, 2011

School has been going pretty well this year so far. My daughter has had some lower end reading (high 60’s), but we made some adjustments and it seems to have done the trick. Now we are getting 140-160 readings. I may adjust he basil rates up just slightly, but that can wait until I...

What “Type” of Diabetes Do You Have?

Aug 23, 2011

I am not a doctor and I have no experience in the medical field. All of my medical education comes from reading on the net, reading books, talking to medical professionals, and from personal experiences. I don’t know all the official names of diabetes related diseases, but I do know there is no disease...

Living life in 2-3 hour increments.

Aug 18, 2011

When we test I feel some sort of relief. (assuming we are in range) Once the test is done I am calm and from that point forward my stress level starts to build again. Two hour later I am right backing where I was; thinking about my daughter’s current blood sugar numbers. We truly...

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