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Surfing the Wave of Aging Latinos

Sep 15, 2014

By Matt Perry

March marked a turning point in California’s ethnic breakdown: Latinos officially outnumbered the state’s white population.

Meanwhile, the aging Latino population is one of the fastest-growing demographics nationally, thanks to “a very high life expectancy among Hispanics,” according to noted aging researcher S. Jay Olshansky of the University of Illinois...

Personal weight loss leads to community education for Richmond resident

Sep 15, 2014

By Veronica Moscoso

In this story we go to Richmond, where Alex Chavez had gained so much weight that he felt helpless to do anything to improve his health. Then he learned about Cooking Matters– a cooking class that makes a healthy lifestyle affordable.

The post Personal weight loss leads to community education for Richmond...

Daily Use of Marijuana by Kids and Young Adults Liked to Very Serious Outcomes, Including Suicide Attempts

Sep 12, 2014

By Fran Kritz Kids and adolescents who use marijuana every day before they reach age 17 are more than 60 percent less likely to finish high school or get an equivalent degree than young people who have never used the drug, according to a new study. The...

CDC Study Finds Too Few Kids Getting Preventive Care

Sep 11, 2014

By Fran Kritz A new study by researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that millions of kids have not received some critical preventive services. These services include a hearing screening soon after birth, preventive den...

Connecting the young and old in geriatric psychiatry

Sep 10, 2014

By Pamela K. Johnson
Bella Schwartzbord, who turned 100 in August, recently added jewelry making to her busy schedule of playing Bingo, practicing yoga and taking walks. While she’s aging successfully, her daughter, Sarah Gelberd, M.D., knows that many older adults across California aren’t faring as well.

Gelberd sees the problem up close as medical director...

Hog Farm Workers May Pose Community Bacteria Risk

Sep 9, 2014

By Fran Kritz Half of all workers in industrial hog farms may carry potentially harmful bacteria in their nostrils, which can remain with the workers for up to four days after they are first exposed, days longer than researchers believed the workers ha...

Jenesse Center Offers Shelter from the Storm

Sep 8, 2014

By Pamela K. Johnson

Chanel, a petite African American woman with sleek hair and hazel eyes, trembles as she remembers the last time her husband beat her. He struck her with one chair and then another. “They broke on my body as I tried to hide my face…. When I went to the hospital, I...

Sexual Violence Prevention Team Trains Agricultural Workers

Sep 4, 2014

By Lily Dayton

In the foothills of the Pajaro Valley, dozens of nursery workers dressed in jeans and work boots file into a warehouse. It’s just past lunchtime on a weekday. Normally the workers would be heading back to the white-tented greenhouses to tend to the broccoli, chard and kale shoots that grow from nursery...

Deciphering Electronic Lab Results a Challenge for Some Patients

Sep 4, 2014

By Fran Kritz Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that some people, particularly those with poor number and health literacy skills, may not be able to understand the numbers on lab reports, or what steps may be needed as a result of th...

Reading Your Doctor’s Notes

Sep 3, 2014

By Kellie Schmitt

Patients across California now have easier access to their medication lists, lab results, upcoming appointments and messaging through secure online systems. But one key aspect of the medical record is not typically available online: the candid notes a physician writes about you during and after an appointment.

Those notes are part of a...

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