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Study: Prenatal Exposure to Some Chemicals May Increase Risk of Asthma in Children

Sep 29, 2014

By Fran Kritz Researchers at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University recently published a study that found a strong link between prenatal exposure to two phthalates, chemicals used in many household products, and development of child...

Angelinos reclaim public space for gardens

Sep 29, 2014

By Sasa Woodruff In this story we go to South Los Angeles, a community with some of the highest obesity rates in the country. Almost a third of the adults living there are obese. Now a handful of residents are trying to bring fresh food and health awar...

Schools Challenged by Unfunded Mandate to Support Homeless Students

Sep 28, 2014

By Robin Urevich

Nearly 300,000 children in California—more than in any other state— are homeless, or live in cars, garages or crammed into single rooms with their entire families. More than half of those children are younger than 10 years old.

Most of them are in Southern California, in the state’s five most populous counties: Los...

In Counties Where Teen Pregnancy is High, a Sex Ed Program Offers Promise

Sep 28, 2014

By Lisa Renner The teen boys in the San Joaquin County Juvenile Detention Center had a lot of questions for the two sex education instructors who paid them a visit. Among them: Where are free local clinics that provide testing for sexually transmitted ...

A Golden Idea for Senior Women Living Together

Sep 28, 2014

By Matt Perry

When Bea Arthur and her merry band of aging pranksters graced the airwaves with their “Golden Girls” sitcom a quarter century ago, they paved the way for shared senior housing that’s both fun and affordable.

And like the world-famous Red Hat Society which celebrates aging gracefully and vibrantly, expect the Golden Girls Network...

California skimps on diabetes prevention

Sep 28, 2014

By Robin Urevich

Diabetes afflicts one in 12 Californians. It causes early death and disability for millions and costs the state $27.6 billion annually in health care and related expenses.

In 20 years, diabetes rates are expected to double in the United States.

But the disease doesn’t have to wreak that kind of havoc.

The post

Cancer-Screening Program For Women Attempts to Fill Gaps Left by Health Reform

Sep 25, 2014

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett Dr. Milcah Larks is all too familiar with the cost of delaying preventative cancer screenings for women. As an oncologist in the Immunology Clinic at Ventura County Medical Center, a hospital in Ventura focused on underserved po...

Despite progress, 350,000 Medi-Cal applicants still wait for coverage

Sep 23, 2014

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett

Carlos Gutierrez of Berkeley thought his health care troubles were over when he received a letter from his county’s social service agency in May telling him he qualified for Medi-Cal.

The 34-year-old single father of two had been without health insurance for months after losing his job as a trainer in car rental...

Healthy Lifestyle Factors May Prevent Most Heart Attacks in Men

Sep 23, 2014

By Fran Kritz

Four out of five heart attacks in men may be prevented by adopting a health lifestyle, according to a study published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Healthy lifestyle behaviors include moderate alcohol use, not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and diet and getting regular exercise, say the Swedish researchers...

Conference on 9/23 to focus on health reform

Sep 22, 2014

Capitol Weekly and the University of California, UC Center present Health Care: California, a conference examining the California health care landscape, one year into the Affordable Care Act. This event will be filmed for later broadcast by the Califo...

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