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Brain Abnormality May Cause Some Cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Dec 17, 2014

By Fran Kritz Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a condition that results in the death of thousands of babies in the U.S. each year, may be linked to a brain abnormality in some cases, according to a new study. Researchers at the National Institutes ...

Children with Delays and their Parents Find Help in Play

Dec 16, 2014

By Heather Tirado Gilligan

The cheerful sound of kids and their parents signing “head, shoulders, knees and toes!” filled a classroom in San Pablo on Monday morning. Despite the smiles and laughter, the play was purposeful, part of a playgroup for children with developmental delays.

If it weren’t for the playgroup, offered at the First 5...

New Study Finds Ride-on Scooters Lead the Pack for Toy Injures in Kids

Dec 16, 2014

By Fran Kritz

About 3.3 million children were treated in U.S. emergency rooms for a toy-related injury between 1990 and 2011, says a new study by researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

The number of injuries increased about 40 percent during the 22 years observed by the researchers.

The post...

Palliative Care Poised to Expand Amid Health Reform

Dec 16, 2014

A growing number of palliative care programs are being expanded to chronically ill patients in community clinics and at home, spurred by federal and state health reforms. The post Palliative Care Poised to Expand Amid Health Reform appeared first on Ca...

Disabled Teens More Likely to be Obese and Use Extreme Weight Loss Measures

Dec 15, 2014

By Fran Kritz

Teenagers with physical or mental disabilities are more likely to be obese compared to teens who don’t have disabilities, according to new research presented at the recent American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

The researchers found that the prevalence of obesity among the disabled teens was 16 percent compared to...

Interview with Jeanie Ward-Waller

Dec 15, 2014

The California Health Report Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Weintraub recently sat down in the studio with Jeanie Ward-Waller, California Policy Director for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership to talk about her work to make it easier for kids to w...

Young Adults Who Regularly Spend Time in Bars are More Likely to Smoke

Dec 12, 2014

By Fran Kritz Young adults who frequent bars are at least twice as likely to smoke as young adults in the general population, according to a study presented at the recent annual meeting of the American Public Health Association. The researchers, from U...

Audit: State fails to ensure access to dental care

Dec 11, 2014

California’s Denti-Cal program for low-income residents suffers from low utilization rates for children that probably result from the difficulty people have finding a dentist who will accept patients whose care is reimbursed through the program, a state audit concludes.

And that shortage of dentists in the program, in turn, can be traced to the fact...

Over Half of Seniors with Serious Memory Loss or Dementia Have Never Been Tested

Dec 11, 2014

By Fran Kritz More than half of seniors with memory loss or dementia have never been tested for either condition, according to a study by researchers at the University of Michigan. The researchers say that their study can be extrapolated to show that a...

Saving Lives By Keeping Seniors on Their Toes

Dec 11, 2014

By Linda Childers With the aging Baby Boomer generation set to change the face of health care as we know it, hospitals across the country have begun preparing for the influx of older patients by looking at ways to improve both care and outcomes for sen...

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