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A Highway to Skilled Nursing? Not So Fast.

Many Californians don’t know they can use Medi-Cal to pay for assisted living at facilities like this one in Lodi.

By Matt Perry

A tiny California program to help indigent seniors afford assisted living may herald a sea change in how people without savings can obtain long-term care.

And with some tender loving care, it may...

Need to Know

Aug 3, 2015

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik Advocates of people with disabilities rally for health. Most people are opting to renew their Covered California insurance. The uninsured rate remains higher for me...

Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Activists Use Super Bowl 50 to Galvanize Prevention Efforts

Aug 2, 2015

By Lily Dayton

Writer, performing artist and human rights activist Brooke Axtel stands on a stage constructed on the 50-yard line of Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, speaking to 1,500 rapt audience members—some whose eyes tear up as she recounts her experience as a survivor of sex trafficking at age 7.

The post Bay...

Most Are Opting to Renew Covered California Insurance, Report Shows

Jul 30, 2015

By Hannah Guzik

The vast majority of Californians who purchased health insurance on the state’s exchange are opting to renew it, according to a new report.

About 1.1 million people who had insurance through Covered California were eligible to renew the coverage during the last quarter of 2014. Of those, 92 percent opted to keep the...

In-home care allows seniors to stay independent

Jul 27, 2015

By Veronica Moscoso

(Elizabeth Smigiel and Siti Erodogan sing together in Elizabeth’s home)
I’m the one who loves you.

Siti Erodogan
Yes, how about me? Do I?

Elizabeth Smigiel
We’ve been together so long now we’re blood sisters.

Elizabeth Smigiel
(Interview) I have a care provider that helps me with everything.

The post In-home care allows seniors to stay independent...

Disabled Advocates Rally for Health

Jul 26, 2015

By Jessica Portner In every corner of California, in living rooms, community centers, and grassroots organizations, disabled activists are determined and organized to fight to preserve health programs and social services that help them and their commun...

Need to Know

Jul 26, 2015

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik A San Diego program shows the value of housing first. A new California law allows homeless people to get free IDs. Health care hurdles for people with disabilities:...

Come Together: Bay Area Organizations Help Survivors of Human Trafficking

Jul 26, 2015

By Linda Childers

As the volunteer director for the Bay Area Youth Dance Team, Vanessa Scott was shocked when one of her 15-year-old students became ensnared in the web of human trafficking and was forced into prostitution. Like many Bay Area residents, Scott was unaware that the San Francisco area ranks as one of the nation’s...

Uninsured Rate Remains Higher For Men

Jul 24, 2015

By Hannah Guzik Men remain less likely than women to have health insurance in the U.S., despite drops in the overall number of uninsured since the Affordable Care Act, new research shows. In October 2013, before the health reform expansion, 21.8 percen...

Who Will Care For Me?

Jul 20, 2015

By Matt Perry


Nearly two-thirds of adults over 40 have no idea how they’ll pay for long-term care when they’ll need it.

That’s one of the dismal findings from a recent survey exploring the state of aging and caregiving.

More than half of those interviewed admitted they’d done virtually no planning for their long-term care needs.

The post...

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