Finding Our Way Now

Finding Our Way Now My blog is dedicated to “Finding Our Way Now” in life and work. I talk about the many demands we face when trying to balance life and work in our daily lives. It is a way for me to share all the lessons I have learned throughout my life and work experiences in the hope that it will benefit others.

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Uncommon Goods: #Product #Review

I have a real treat for you from Uncommon Goods. Before I share let me explain; I rarely accept opportunities to showcase products or companies. Why? Regardless of the fact I would receive a free product for posting a review, many do not fit what I’m all about. Most inquiries are in discord...

Estancia Winery Pinot Grigio: #Wine

It was an evening that was well overdue. My husband, my good friend and I went out to dinner, and we shared a bottle of Estancia Pinot Grigio from Estancia Winery. Because it was the last of the hot days of summer, a nice white wine seemed very much in...

Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe: #Recipe

Glynis Jolly @Speculations Impressed is once again gracing us with are fun recipe. This Corned Beef and Cabbage is perfect for this time of year. Take it away Glynis. Thanks Susan, I like to talk up the Native American in me, but that’s just a small part of the heritage. I’m one-half...

Not Too Late to Say No, Even for Baby Boomers

The pastor at the service I went to recently commented on the word NO, being the two letters right in the middle of the alphabet. Kind of like a pivot point is what came to my mind. If it’s a pivot point, then it’s not too late to say no to whatever it is...

Joel Gott California Sauvignon Blanc: #Wine

This delightful Joel Gott California Sauvignon Blanc was the perfect choice for the making of my white wine lemon sangria. It was also a great wine to enjoy while making it as well. Joel Gott, of Joel Gott Wines, was established in 1996. Joel’s interest in wine has very deep roots.

The post

Homemade Halloween Cookies: Recipe

There is nothing quite as good a Homemade Oreo cookies and milk. I have this thing about always thinking up ideas. I see something and off my mind goes and up pops an idea. When I told my VA, Elizabeth Scott, about my Homemade Oreo cookie idea she set a plan to visit...

Ghost Stories From an Old House: #Story

Don’t you love ghost stories? It’s October and Fall is officially here, as we begin to settle in and prepare for shorter days and colder nights. Soon, the trick-or-treaters will be donning scary costumes, carting around paper bags or pillow cases and scouring the neighborhoods, while looking for their bounty.

As a contributing story for...

Marshmallow Bumblebees: #Recipe

You guessed it, another one of my marshmallow critters. As I had mentioned in my Marshmallow Ladybugs post, this was inspired from my time in the garden. I couldn't help offering this really fun Marshmallow Bumblebees Recipe. The garden can offer up so...

Dutch Appeltaart: #Recipe

Welcome to another special treat from Lenie @ Frugal For Everyone. You will love her Dutch Appletaart recipe.

Autumn is the perfect time of year for me to make this Dutch Appeltaart. We have an old-fashioned apple tree growing right outside our back door and this year it’s loaded with the absolute best baking apples. We...

Childhood Perception: #Story

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Our perceptions are our reality.”  When I think of this, I think of all the perceptions I’ve clung to from my past that turned out to be so very wrong. It also reminds me of a childhood perception that was held on to well into adulthood.

Childhood Perception

It was...

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