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Finding Our Way Now My blog is dedicated to “Finding Our Way Now” in life and work. I talk about the many demands we face when trying to balance life and work in our daily lives. It is a way for me to share all the lessons I have learned throughout my life and work experiences in the hope that it will benefit others.

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Amish Bread Pudding: #Recipe

Aw, Amish Bread Pudding. What’s there not to like about this recipe from Glynis Jolly @Speculations Impressed, and just in time for all our family gatherings and celebrations.  So here’s Glynis and her Amish Bread Pudding.

Christmas is just one week away. If you’re like me, you’re probably expecting pies as the desserts for...

Grocery Store Aisle Hogs: #Story

I had written this story,”Grocery Store Aisle Hogs,” a very long time ago for another blogger. With Holiday shopping season in full swing I was reminded of this story. I thought it would be fun to share it with you.

Grocery Store Aisle Hogs

Don’t you hate those able-bodied people who just don’t...

Robert Mondavi Winery Wine Trio: #Wine

It has been a hectic time of late for me as I’m sure it has been for others as well. So it was a happy surprise when I received a Robert Mondavi Winery trio of wines. The package included a bottle of their Pinot Noir, Fumé Blanc and a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon....

Barkies Cookie: #Recipe

You are going to love this easy, fun and very simple recipe from my assistant Kristi Morgan. It is one recipe you will definitely want to try. Take it away Kristi.

Barkies are one of my family’s favorite Christmas cookies.  In fact, according to my mother, Sharon, we have been making them every year for...

5 Reasons Winters Are Like Baby Boomers: #Story

Gosh, I have so enjoyed Patricia’s past articles, haven’t you? That said, her new “5 Reasons Winters Are Like Baby Boomers” will be just as much fun to read.

It’s been a total pleasure and honor to be one of several guest writers here on Susan’s blog. I’m both grateful for being asked to be...

Just An Update: FYI

This is just quick an update of where I am and where I'm going. Over the past few months, I have had the great pleasure of hosting a number of bloggers as contributing writers on my site. It has offered me a much-needed break but alas it hasn’t been enough...

The post Just...

Beef Croquettes: #Recipe

It is has been such a treat to have Lenie Hokansson showcase some of her recipes on my site. Her "Beef Croquettes" will certainly not disappoint you. Enjoy. Thanks Susan. This recipe for beef croquettes was sent to me by my aunt in Holland. I had mentioned making potato croquettes, one of our Christmas...

Greatest Gift of All: #Story

What a pleasure it has been to have Pat from“Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom” contribute to my site over the last few months. Again, I believe you will enjoy this new contribution called “Greatest Gift of All” just as much as her last.

I’m honored to be Susan’s guest with the contribution of this month’s story and...

Green Bean Hamburger Casserole: #Recipe

Glynis Jolly @Speculations Impressed is once again showcasing one of her family recipes. This Green Bean Hamburger Casserole recipe goes well with this time of year as a potential Thanksgiving Day recipe. Take it away, Glynis.

I want to thank Susan for having me on her blog as a guest writer/blogger.  I’m enjoying the change that this monthly...

Lessons From A Shetland Pony: #Story

I really think you’re going to love this story, “Lessons From A Shetland Pony,” by my very good friend and personal assistant, Kristi (Michalski) Morgan. Take a break, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Growing up on a farm and ranch in South Dakota it was a rite of passage – as soon as you were...

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