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Where2Next? with Allison A pioneering new brand concept redefining travel! "Where2Next?" is designed to support the adage that "Life is a Journey, Not a Destination" by highlighting the things that make a place sizzle - seeking out and finding the good, positive aspects of places around the globe as well as in the topics of Life. "Where2Next?" is dedicated to telling the stories of what makes a location human and exciting, or stories of real people on the journey through life and how we can learn from each other's shared experiences. More than a personal travel journal, W2N strives to tell the positive stories of a place - to "peopleize a place" if you will. It does not critique, rank, give stars or points, disparage or sell something no one wants. It does look at what makes a place or topic unique and bewitching and hopes to bring together a community of people to share their positive travel experiences, either around the world in a suitcase or through the daily journey of life. The site is morphing and a new line of services will soon be introduced, specifically for hotels, cruise ships, railcar lines and city organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, Tourism Boards and Special Events. More on this exciting partner program to come! I hope you will join me at "Where2Next?" as it continues to grow and change into what I hope will be a positive place for information as well as inspiration.

Web Site: http://where2next.com

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