See The Sacramento River ... By Car

See The Sacramento River ... By Car For people traveling by car (or bicycle or motorcycle), this blog is a guide to the Sacramento River.

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Bay Delta Conservation Plan Stalled–Two Articles

No surprise here.  Public comments on the so-called twin tunnels project--the Bay Delta Conservation Plan--show great dissatisfaction with the plan, so the bureaucrats are taking it back to the drawing board.  Or should that be Ouija board?

For more info, see these two articles:

"Plans for two huge water diversion tunnels in the Delta are being...

"Years of Turning Off the Tap; What Australia Has Learned about Dry Spells"

Interesting article on how Aussies cope with droughts, HERE***

Another Roadside Distraction (3 of Them)

Another Roadside Distraction (3 of Them)

Rural roads are a pleasure to drive on.  These are the usual reasons:  quiet, less traffic, not so hectic, restful on the eyes.But I like them for another reason:  I enjoy puzzling over the roadside distractions, the locally produced, ho...

Blog: "Are You as Water Smart as Conan O’Brien?"

Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the State of California have teamed up to create a series of funny Public Service Announcements planned to encourage water conservation during California’s historic drought.  To see, click here.


Folsom Lake, in a Drought Year

Folsom Lake, in a Drought Year

Folsom Dam, viewed from Beals Point, August 5, 2014As of August 5, 2014, Folsom Lake, the reservoir behind Folsom Dam, was 41 percent full,according to the California Department of Water Resources.Folsom Lake Marina, August 5, 2014Boats were removed fr...

Way Down in the Valley: Collinsville, Bird’s Landing, Shiloh Church, Western Railway Museum, and The Hump

Way Down in the Valley:  Collinsville, Bird’s Landing, Shiloh Church, Western Railway Museum, and The Hump

At about the midpoint of this trip, I was talking with a docent at the Western Railway Museum.  I mentioned that I had just driven up from Collinsville.

“Collinsville!  What were you doing there?”

“I have a hobby that involves taking pictures of–-”

“Weird stuff?”


Collinsville is way down in the Sacramento Valley, at the very bottom, just...

Outdoor Metalwork at Mather

Outdoor Metalwork at Mather

East of Sacramento, at Rancho Cordova, is a complex of buildings and runways that used to be an active military installation--Mather Air Force Base. The military left, and civilian aviation activities took over; the name hung around, and today the place is called Mather Airport, Mather Field or, simply, Mather.

On Mather's grounds are two...

Summer Fun on the American River Bike Trail

Summer Fun on the American River Bike Trail

You can be on the American River Bike Trail and not realize that you are in an urban area of more than a million people.  Actually, the number is more like two million, depending on how big a circle you draw and how you interpret tables of census data.  But a million will do...

Delta Protection Commission Says "Nuts" to the Governor, Works to Live Up to Its Name

Various individuals and groups are opposed to the governor's Twin Tunnels plan to divert water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, but only one state government agency has come out against it.That's the Delta Protection Commission, which is working ...

Dingville, California: No Joke

Dingville, California: No Joke

At first, I thought it was a joke.  Dingville, California.  Why would anyone give that name to a place?

And it doesn’t seem to be all that much of a place–one building, albeit an attractive one, set well back from the road and several farm buildings a little north.  It’s at one of the few...

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