See The Sacramento River ... By Car

See The Sacramento River ... By Car For people traveling by car (or bicycle or motorcycle), this blog is a guide to the Sacramento River.

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Ah, Platina. When Yvonne “Sue” Mills died, she left behind a plaque that said, “Her soul is in heaven but her heart is in Platina.” You can read that plaque on a bench on the porch of the Platina Store.

Or you can step inside, eat a great burger, and...

Igo and Ono; Down the Ditch Grade

Igo and Ono; Down the Ditch Grade

There I was, up to my fetlocks in the dung of this year's presidential politics, and I wanted to get away from it all.

(Incidentally, if you've read this piece on my Facebook page, you don't have to read it again here. There'll be no test.)

I wanted to go for a drive in the country....

Northern California Veterans Cemetery

Northern California Veterans Cemetery

(You can’t believe a lot of stuff you read in the blogs.  In February of last year I posted that this blog was kaput, that I would no longer be posting new items.  Well, from time to time I come across a topic that interests me, and it becomes a new item needing a...

This Blog Is Dormant

Thanks for visiting this blog.  I am no longer posting new entries, but will update previous posts as needed.***

"Winners of the Annual Cold, Dead Fish Awards" (Article)

It's not often I get to read an article that nails all the villains--that is, all as far as I can count--in California's water mismanagement.   But just such an article appeared in Monday's East Bay Express. The article, by Dan Bacher, is "Me...

More Rock Art; Or, the Only Known Sighting of the Rock-Chested Gravel Dodo

More Rock Art; Or, the Only Known Sighting of the Rock-Chested Gravel Dodo

Elsewhere in this blog is a post (HERE) about rock art at the Watt Avenue Bridge over the American River in Sacramento.  I ended that post by whining about pushing my rickety knees across the roughness of the gravel bar where the rock artist ...

In Heaven There Is No Beer–That’s Why We Drink It Here!

Beer here, is the topic.

Okay, water goes into beer, and water from the Sacramento River and other rivers no doubt becomes beer, at some point, at some time. That's water we talk about.

But how about the water we don't want to talk about--wastewater, the stuff that flows through sewers?

Turns out some people in Oregon...

Thompson Seedless Grape

Thompson Seedless Grape

Credit goes to an Englishman for an idea that kept Americans from spitting out grape seeds, choking on said seeds, or having trouble digesting them.  That idea is summarized on a historical marker on State Route 20, ten miles west of Yuba City, California.


King Birthday, King Tide: No Connection

Monday, January 19th, is the day Americans commemorate civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. That same day a king tide will wash against the California coast.  A king tide is an especially high tide event that has nothing to do with Dr...

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