San Francisco Giants

Bochy’s stubborn reliance on veterans bites him one last time

Sep 4, 2011

All you need to know about Giants Manager Bruce Bochy came moments before his team's final collapse.The Giants were still clinging to the narrowest of playoff hopes by a razor-thin margin, a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the seventh. If they could hold on ...

Matt Williams’ assist to the Giants; Beltran and Ross make up for lost time

Sep 2, 2011

Who knew Matt Williams would help out the Giants in a playoff hunt so many years after he'd left his original team?It was Williams, the Arizona Diamondbacks' third base coach, who put up the brakes to hold Upton at third in the first inning that gave t...

Final thoughts on the inelegant departure of Aaron Rowand

Sep 1, 2011

It was stunning to learn the exalted sense of self Aaron Rowand had for himself. For all the failure, all the signs of regression, all those cringe-worthy swings that produced weak pop ups and jam-job ground balls, Rowand believed he got...

Out call at second an ill omen for fading Giants

Aug 29, 2011

It was a harbinger for the fait that awaits the Giants.Mark DeRosa's scorching line drive just inside the right field foul line invited dreams of glory, but instead ended in a heap of disillusionment.DeRosa had come through with the kind of hit the Gia...

Broken down veteran helps keep Giants in the hunt

Aug 27, 2011

On a night of a stellar big league debut by a kid called up from Double A ball, it was a broken down, yet savvy, veteran who stepped into the breach to keep the Giants in the hunt.Mark DeRosa, the $12 million bust with the busted wrist, wrote his own c...

Giants, on tenterhooks, keep hope alive

Aug 27, 2011

It is quite remarkable how precarious the Giants' season is as they head into the final month. Every game, they teeter between disaster and triumph. From one game to the next, the fate of the Giants takes wild swings: From debilitating losses that...
Judge upholds Barry Bonds’ conviction for obstruction

Aug 27, 2011

Aug. 26, 2011 - A federal judge tonight rejected baseball slugger Barry Bonds' plea to overturn his felony conviction for obstruction of justice in a trial on steroid-related perjury charges. The ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Ilston clears...

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‘Tis the season of spoilers

Aug 23, 2011

There's this supposedly all-knowing statistic that beat writers are using of late that, at best is meaningless and at worst means almost the reverse of what they pose it to be: how many games left that a team has against losing teams.If a playoff conte...

Salvaging a game comes down to beating a throw-away farmhand

Aug 20, 2011

So, it comes down to the world champions needing to beat a throw-away farmhand to salvage one game in a series with the worst team in baseball.I bet the Giants never thought that Henry Sosa, a forgettable bullpen extra on the Fresno Grizzlies earlier t...

Feeble and broken down Giants can’t take upcoming no-name pitchers for granted

Aug 19, 2011

As feeble and broken down as Giants hitters are right now, they can't take the upcoming pair of Astros' no-name starters for granted this weekend as they wrap up their long, nightmarish road trip.Twenty-year old Jordan Lyles and 26-year old former Gian...

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