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OFF THE WOHL: Giants need to shake things up with big bat out

Kings Corner
Magic Johnson, Stan Kasten, Arn Tellem and … baseball

May 8, 2012

Magic Johnson's involvement with the new Dodgers ownership group comes as no surprise. The Hall of Famer has long been a huge (and knowledgeable) sports fan, and almost desperate

Anyone still critical of the Melky Cabrera-Jonathan Sanchez deal?

Apr 29, 2012

Any more holdouts on the Jonathan Sanchez-Melky Cabrera deal?If you are one of them, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask if it's just that you can't fathom giving Giants' general manager Brian Sabean credit for anything he does right.Bec...

Huff the victim of a vitriolic fan base?

Apr 26, 2012

I've been guilty of deriding Aubrey Huff for all those four-to-threes, the 23-hoppers to second base that filled last year's scorebooks. I've been frustrated by his inability to recapture the swing that was so critical to the Giants' 2010 World Series ...

The State Hornet
On Second Thought: Giants pitching

Apr 24, 2012

Alex Grotewohl Giants fans have been subjected to a lot of uncertainty in recent weeks. Between a new surgery for Brian Wilson and a few decent starts in a row by Barry Zito, the San Francisco faithful can be excused for not knowing which...

The State Hornet
OFF THE WOHL: Brian Wilson out for season, but Giants OK

Apr 17, 2012

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, known almost as much for his larger-than-life whiskers and Taco Bell commercials as for his performance on the mound, has fallen victim to structural damage in his throwing elbow. The hurler, who has...

The State Hornet
Commentary: Lincecum off to a rocky start; what gives?

Apr 16, 2012

Giants fans have been subjected to a lot of uncertainty in recent months. Their cleanup-hitting catcher is recovering from a season-ending injury suffered last year. Can the team find enough offense from this group of prospects and retreads t...

The State Hornet
Barry Zito stuns the world with his competence in Denver

Apr 9, 2012

As an any-weather fan of the San Francisco Giants, I admit I looked at the probable pitchers for today’s game in Colorado and groaned. It was that same groan you make when you get called into work on your day off or see the police lights be...

Bochy missed chance to exploit bench depth; yanked Lincecum too late

Apr 6, 2012

You can't get too upset about Opening Day losses -- it is one of 162 games, after all.But just a couple nits to pick that may spell warning signs ahead: Bruce Bochy's late hook of Tim Lincecum and his decision to stay with Aubrey Huff late in...

The State Hornet
OFF THE WOHL: Posey needs to stay behind the plate for Giants

Apr 3, 2012

Giants’ fans are well aware of how important catcher Buster Posey’s bat is to the San Francisco lineup. Without his presence in the cleanup spot, the team looked shakier than Rick Santorum’s grip on reality. Posey’s injury in 2011 was...

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