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Game to 100
Arena developers, Kings on wrong side of immigration issue

Nov 25, 2015

I would feel proud if the movers and shakers in Sacramento backed a program to bring desperate Syrian war refugees to our city. Instead, they are promoting a plan to allow wealthy foreigners to go to the head of the … Continue reading

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Scotty Stirling: The 5-foot-7 (maybe) Giant

Nov 13, 2015

I knew Scotty Stirling for more than 25 years, but only a couple of months ago when I went to visit him in a nearby nursing home, did I learn his given name, Gordon.

“Gordon?” I thought, “Who knew?”

Little did I know that visiting Gordon, as I kidded him, was the beginning of my...

Game to 100
Appeasing DeMarcus Cousins is a losing tactic

Nov 13, 2015

Insanity is doing the same stupid thing over and over but expecting a different result. It should be clear by now that appeasing DeMarcus Cousins brings nothing but losing seasons to Sacramento. It should be evident that undermining good coaches … Continue reading

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Kings, Cousins have work to do, but should be fun

Nov 12, 2015

Man, I hope DeMarcus Cousins reads this. The Kings should e-mail it to his address. Tape a copy to his locker. Make sure his partner Andrew Rogers gets it to him.

It’s just some real for his butt to read.

It only was one game Wednesday night, between the Detroit Pistons and the Kings, but...

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Kings are improved and we’ll soon see how much

Oct 28, 2015

It seems like it has taken a long time for the Kings Season Opener to get here, but really it’s just another opener.

So that it is a remodeled squad playing its final season supported by a fan base filled with hope before moving into a sparkling new downtown arena will have nothing to do...

Game to 100
Arena glitter blinds newspaper to plight of the poor

Oct 12, 2015
Arena glitter blinds newspaper to plight of the poor

I know it’s become acceptable to cut the Sacramento Bee some slack these days, given its financial setbacks, staff layoffs and reduction in size. But are we readers supposed to swallow sarcasm passed off as insight, dumb conclusions promoted as … Continue reading

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Kings, Rondo use preseason as learning experience

Oct 9, 2015

After watching NBA training camps and preseason games for more than 30 years, it remains a struggle to totally capture the true value of this annual exercise.Surely, the major goal for all teams, first and foremost is to survive with good health. The c...

Game to 100
Regional Transit polishes up arena-area stations while poor riders struggle

Oct 7, 2015

Sacramento’s Regional Transit system is the primary provider of bus and light rail to local residents. The majority of riders live below the federal level. An astounding 48 percent of all riders have incomes below $15,000 a year, according to RT’s own … Continue reading

Marty Mac's World
Twitter: A mind-altering experience

Aug 19, 2015

The Twitter world has opened my eyes to people, places, scenarios and situations I could never have imagined.It's a tremendous information tool I treasure after initially avoiding in-depth use like I would a viral infection. Now, it's one of the first ...

Game to 100
Sex harassment claims at Sacramento City Hall — what’s race got to do with anything?

Aug 6, 2015

“He’s a credit to his race.” That’s what well-meaning white folks used to say about blacks, such as boxer Joe Louis, who succeeded in the public arena. The implication, of course, was that Louis had come a long way from … Continue reading

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