California Stem Cell Report
$5 Million Sliced from California’s Ambitious Alpha Stem Cell Clinic Program

Directors of the California stem cell agency today cut $5 million from their $70 million plan to create a series of Alpha stem cell clinics aimed at making the Golden State the leading location in the world for stem cell therapies.

On a 6-1-1 vote, the directors trimmed the effort, much touted by former...

California Stem Cell Report
CIRM Says No Ilegality in Trouson Affair

The California stem cell agency today said its limited investigation has determined that no laws were violated when the StemCells, Inc., which holds a $19.3 million award from the agency, appointed the agency's former president to the company's board.M...

California Stem Cell Report
Trounson Appointment Comments Begin CIRM Directors Meeting

The governing board of the $3 billion California stem cell agency this morning began its meeting at 9:08 a.m. with an immediate comment on the Trounson Affair.Board Chairman Jonathan Thomas reiterated the steps taken by the agency so far and said maint...

California Stem Cell Report
Coming Up: Live Coverage of Today’s California Stem Cell Meeting

The California Stem Cell Report will provide live, gavel-to-gavel coverage of today's meeting of the 29 members of the governing board of the $3 billion California stem Cell agency, which is expected to lop $15 million from its ambitious Alph...

California Stem Cell Report
A Brief Look at the $12 Million California Stem Cell Bridging Program

The directors of the California stem cell agency later today are expected to approve $1.2 million for two University of California stem cell researchers as part of what the agency calls a “bridging” program.

The effort has received little attention but could be a key for some research as scientists try to turn...

Home Blood Pressure-Monitoring Devices Reduce Health Care Costs

Jul 23, 2014

By Fran Kritz Home blood pressure monitoring devices can save money by improving healthcare quality and reducing healthcare costs, according to a new study funded by the American Heart Association. According to the researchers, more than 76 million a...

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California Stem Cell Report
California Stem Cell Agency Director Prieto Defends Agency in Trounson Affair

One of the long-standing directors of the $3 billion California stem cell agency has taken issue with an item earlier today headlined “Fallout From the Trounson Affair: A Taint on the California Stem Cell Agency.”

In an email, Francisco Prieto, a Sacramento physician, said, among other things, that it is “grossly unfair” to...

Public CEO
Bay Area Agency Votes to Hire “Water Cops” to Root Out Water Waste

Jul 23, 2014

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday, the Santa Clara Valley Water District approved hiring up to 10 people to patrol the county in search of water wasters. The $500,000 in appropriations will go toward hiring up to 10 “water cops” who will spend their time investigating complaints about wasted water. “The bottom line is...

California Stem Cell Report
Fallout From the Trounson Affair: A Taint on the California Stem Cell Agency

Fallout From the Trounson Affair: A Taint on the California Stem Cell Agency

Directors of the $3 billion California stem cell agency meet tomorrow in the San Francisco Bay Area, but the hottest topic is not on the agenda, and that is the Trounson Affair.

Alan Trounson
SF Business Times photo
The term is shorthand for the host of questions raised by

California Stem Cell Report
Cloaking Informed Consent in Clinical Trials: A California Stem Cell Case

Patients come first. That’s the rhetoric from biotech companies and agencies like the FDA, which has oversight responsibilities for clinical trials.

But when it comes down to specifics, the doors may close and little revealed publicly.

The case in point involves StemCells, Inc., which was charged last week in a lawsuit with endangering patients...

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