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Government Lies Could Put West Hollywood Gay Community in Danger of Terrorism

Saturday night a Jihadist terrorist killed 53 in a gay bar in Orlando.  The gay community needed to be in high alert.  The government and the law enforcement organizations have decided instead to lie to the public about the danger.  This past weekend was the “Gay Pride Parade” in West Hollywood—a few miles away...

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Santa Barbara County Hospitals Opting Out of Assisted-Suicide Law

Doctors and hospitals are supposed to look after the health of patients, to protect them from harm and if at all possible, keep them alive.  The State of California sees a hospital as the “Death Row” death chamber and doctors as the executioners.  Government wants you dead and want the health care community to...

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New Scientific Study Proves Global Warming Exaggerated (Poor Al Gore)

We all knew that Al Gore was a liar.  He admits it every time he says he will not debate the issue, “because it is a settled scientific fact”.  Actually, that is spoken like any good scamsters would say it—the fraud is real.  He claims the oceans are going to melt and that Santa...

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Democrats WANT NO Jail Sentence for Rape—Worse Than the Stanford Decision

No the headline is not a typo, just look at AB 2590 by Democrat Weber. While the Democrats are decrying a six month sentence for rape on the Stanford campus.  They are upset this one person got off so easy.  Yet, they supported 50,000 known criminals being released early from prison and never suggested...

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Government Bullies Demand Access to Man’s Land For Absurd Reason, His Reply Letter Is EPIC

Finally, a property owners willing to voluntarily allow the government to inspect his land—for the purpose of creating a “study” showing he should not be allowed to use his land.  Crazy?  Nope.  In order for the Feds kill off his property—they have to pay for a permit, qualify for the permit, wait for the...

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LA Metro Wants Sales Tax Hike to Last Forever–NOT a Joke/Except of Families

The original goal of the totalitarians running the government transportation system was to create a tax, that would get $120 billion over the next 40 years.  Then in 2018 have another tax, for another $180 billion, over forty years.  But to save money in 2056—they want the tax this year to be permanent.  They...

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Meg Whitman/George Romney/George P. Bush: Republican Hypocrites

As a conservative I am not a great fan of John McCain, George Romney, Meg Whitman or the Bushs’.  We were told that since they were the GOP nominee we had to support them for the good of the Party.  In this election, I support Senator Ted Cruz.  Yet, the results have made Donald...

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City of Torrance: Joins Effort to END Private Property in America

The city of Torrance has decided to become the Moscow of California.  In Russia, government decides how you can use your private property.  The Torrance city council is looking at prohibiting you from renting your home or condo, through an online service called, “AIRBNB”.  They want to determine your finances, your privacy and your...

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Bill Would Allow Illegal Immigrants Access to Obamacare in CA

State Democrats forged ahead with legislation designed to fill out Covered California’s enrollment ranks with unlawful and undocumented immigrants. Following the state Senate, the Assembly has “passed a measure that would remove a critical barrier to Covered California and allow all Californians to access the state health insurance marketplace, regardless of immigration status,” as State...

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Simi Valley ENDS a History of Balanced Budgets—Deficit Budget is Called “Sustainable”

Like other cities, my hometown of Simi Valley is facing the reality of the collapse of the pension system.  Not only did they approve a general fund budget with a $500,000 deficit—to be financed by taking money from a redevelopment agency that died years ago—and the city refused to return the money to those...

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