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California Politicians Playing Games With Veterans/Homelessness—NO Surprise

Want to buy lots of votes, claim you are going to help the veterans that are homeless? In fact, most of the homeless have the same cause, lack of jobs, lack of training, inability to get around, many with emotional and physical problems. Not much different from the rest of the homeless. If we...

California Political News and Views
More people are shopping around for health care than you might think

If you want a good quality steak, do you buy the first one you see at the store, or do you check several packages? Want a new car—do you go to the first dealership you can find and tell the salesman you need the agreement to buy a car? Then why do we go...

California Political News and Views
Sacramento City Council to Vote to Allow Urban Farming

Why does it take a vote of the city council to allow you to grow lettuce and onions, then sell them to your friends and neighbors? Does it really matter if you are growing the food for your family and friends, giving it away—or rowing it to make a few bucks? Why is government...

California Stem Cell Report
California’s Stem Cell Grant Reviewers Set for More Oversight on Research Awards

The California stem cell agency today moved forward on creation of new rules for its research awards, ranging from more fiscal scrutiny to elimination of paperwork.

The aim of the move is to improve the quality of the research and speed development of stem cell therapies by the $3 billion agency.

The Science Subcommittee...

California Political News and Views
And The Political Chutzpah Award Goes To …

If an award were given for political chutzpah, members of the California Legislature would win hands down. An example of chutzpah – a word whose synonyms include “insolence,” “cheek” and “gall” — would be an expensive restaurant adding a 25 percent tip to the bill after providing poor and insulting service. Don’t blame California’s...


California Political News and Views
CA Finishes Last in Government Transparency Study

California ranked at the bottom for the second consecutive year on the annual report on state government transparency compiled by the Public Interest Research Group, an investigative and advocacy organization based in Boston. And the state’s beleaguered Department of Technology, or CalTech, can be assigned part of the blame for the last-place showing. The rankings on PIRG’s sixth annual report are...

California Stem Cell Report
Budget Scrutiny and Background Checks: Big Changes for California Stem Cell Researchers

From cash payments to conflicts of interest, the $3 billion California stem cell agency this week is set to ratify a radical change in how it awards its largess and oversees the research it funds.

Coming up for approval today by a key panel of the agency’s directors are new rules governing how...

California Political News and Views
Silly Left: Jay Leno called ‘kind of racist’ by intern for disliking Mexican food

The Left has neither a sense of humor or taste buds. Even in the choice of foods to eat, they see racism. Sadly, Jay Leno a Democrat from way back, is not immune. For whatever reason he does not like Mexican food. When he told his intern not to bring him Mexican food for...

California Political News and Views
Endangered Delta Smelt May Be Extinct

While millions of acre feet of water is flowing into the ocean, instead of being used by the people that water meant to protect the delta smelt. As we always knew these measures were not going to protect or save the delta smelt—a fish used for bait about the size of an anchovy. Ever...

California Political News and Views
Elias: No Need for Competitive Elections: Democrats Use Intimidation to Clear the Field for Kamela Harris

Barbara Boxer is retiring after she has done all the damage she can do in a lifetime of “service” in the Congress and Senate. The race for her replacement is already over, at least in the Democrat Party. No need for elections, a little bit of intimidation of potential opponents of Kamela Harris has...

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