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Best School Districts for Your Buck in California: LAUSD 369 out of 375 WORST

Thanks to this report we know that Los Angeles Unified Schools District has a 68% graduation rate, meaning almost one of three students do not graduate. Yet they have a 21 to 1 ratio of student to teachers. Click on the blue headline below and open up the report and see where your school...

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Legislators Admit NOT Writing Legislation–“Sponsors” Do

Did you really think the legislators in Sacramento, or Washington actually wrote the bill that they try to pass? Or even have their staff write the bills, under their direction? If you do, you probably took a government civics class in a government school—more proof of the miseducation of students. “Ask Assemblyman Ken Cooley...

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Monterey County Must Clean Up Its Jail–by Releasing Criminals to the Streets

Thanks to AB 109 and Prop. 47, the State prisons population have gone from 167,000 to 113,000 as of January, 2015. Many have been released directly to the streets and others have been sent to county jails. Many of the 58 counties have jails under court orders due to being “too crowded” and the...

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Sale of Berkeley Post Office Squashed–U.S. Post Office Still has $8 Billion Deficit

The U.S. Post Office is about to suffer the third straight year of an $8 billion deficit. It is also suffering under massive collapse of mail going through the system. The Internet is faster, more secure and accurate than a person in a small vehicle hoping to put the mail in the right box....

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Californians howling at proposed water cuts

The very confused Guv is demanding we cut our water use by 25-35%. Yet he allows, even promotes the waste of millions of acre feet of water to go into the ocean, in an effort to protect some fish. While he is telling you NOT to flush your toilet, he refuses to spend money...

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Drought may drop property values–city/county tax revenues to drop

The disaster caused by the bad water policies of our confused Guv Brown and his fellow Democrats continues to grow. By asking for $7.5 billion in bond money, with billions of dams, and then not spending it, by not declaring an emergency and waiving environment issues to build desalinization plants and by continuing to...

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Wind costs more than you think due to massive federal subsidies

The cost of alternative fuels—wind turbine, biomass, solar, etc are extremely more expensive than oil or coal—and not even close to being efficient. In fact these alternatives are not for the sake of American energy, but to transfer your tax dollars to foreign companies and countries. “Most cost estimates for wind power disregard the...

Long-Term Care: The Approaching Storm Darkens

Apr 17, 2015


By Matt Perry


California continues to be an expensive place to age when living in long-term care facilities.

In its annual survey “The Cost of Care,” Genworth Financial – a life insurance company that also sells long-term care policies – reports that costs for skilled nursing facilities in California climbed 4% in the past year.


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Overtaxed Californian’s Want More Services But Not More Gas Taxes

A recent statewide poll by The Field Research Corporation found that voters strongly believe that state and local governments in California should be spending more money to improve roadway conditions, but at the same time the same voters are divided on raising new tax dollars to pay for the improvements. In fact, a whopping...


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New Study: Proposed tax on services could costs Californians $122.6 BILLION per year

Just in time for Tax Day, the Board of Equalization issued a study requested by the Senate Committee on Governance and Finance estimating the revenue take from taxing untaxed services would be $122.6 billion. The study will become fodder in the coming debate over Senator Bob Hertzberg’s effort to restructure the state tax system...


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