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Lawsuit Filed to Stop San Fran From Abusing Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite

For 100 years San Fran has been getting cheap water from Hetch Hetchy—so much so, they have enough water to sell to other water districts and it is a line item in the San Fran budget as a source of revenues. This money is from the former beautiful valley, taken over by San Fran,...

Report: California Most Inclusive of Undocumented Immigrants But Health Disparities Still Exist

Apr 22, 2015

By Hannah Guzik California has more policies that protect the health of undocumented immigrants than anywhere else in the nation, but disparities still exist, according to a new report. UCLA researchers assessed the policies each state has that affect ...

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California Political News and Views
What are they smoking in Sacramento? Report–The Drought Not Likely To Cause Higher Grocery Bills

It is basic economics, the less you have of a product, that is in demand, the higher the price for the available product. That is Economics 101—nothing complex about this theory. It is accepted by all economists. Except for one at UC Davis. He thinks this is OK. Of course he is leaving out...

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Excessive Traffic Tickets: Hurting the Middle Class Again​

Even good drivers get an occasional ticket. But in the last several years, there has been a perverse incentive for eagle-eyed enforcement officers to issue even more citations.  We are now discovering that California drivers are a goldmine for government by the imposition of traffic fines that are absurdly excessive.As recently as 2005, a...

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New Labor Protections for CA Cheerleaders Moving Through Legislature

Legislative committee hearings aren’t known for their heart-pounding excitement. But, you might hear a round of cheers to excite the crowds at this week’s Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism & Internet Media Committee. On Tuesday, the committee is scheduled to consider a proposal by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, that would provide greater labor protections for...


California Political News and Views
CA AG Kamela Harris: ALL Cops Are Bigots

Spoken like a true hater of law enforcement. Harris, a 2008 bundler of money for Barack Obama, the bigot-in-chief of the United States (think Cambridge cop, “Trayvon Martin could be my son” rush to judgement on Ferguson) is making sure that attorneys in future bias/bigot cases against cops have her words and deeds to...

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BIG NEWS: Court decision may drain the clout behind governor’s water orders

My regular water bill is not a big problem. It is when the water company gets into “tiered” prices—artificially charging me more for water use if I use more than an eye drop worth of water. A whole lot more. This is how they are making up for the “conservation” of 10-30% around the...

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Environmentalists Killing Off Another California Product: Sardine Fishing

It seems that almost every day another California industry is being closed or destroyed. We no longer have manufacturing, like auto’s, steel and other heavy products—that provided well paying jobs with great benefits—Sacramento replaced those jobs with technology and burger flipping—and technology, little by little, is moving to Texas and other rational States. Last...

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UC Berkeley Professor: 24% Increase in violent crimes/11% in property crimes in LA NOT A CRIME WAVE

What do they smoke on the Cal Berkeley campus? It must be very strong stuff. A UC Berkeley law professor claims that because of the Mike Brown/Ferguson situation cops are afraid to enforce the law, criminals know this, so commit crimes since they will not be arrested. He could have added that due to...

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San Diego police acknowledge Stingray cell phone spying

On April 28th I am giving a lunch speech in San Diego to the great conservative group, “Women VIP”. As usual, I will be driving from Simi Valley. Now I am warned that as I drive and make my phone calls in the San Diego area, the San Diego Police Department is going to...

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