California Political News and Views
LA’s Ports and the Law of Unintended Consequences

The Port of Los Angeles, partially closed due to union blackmail and demands, recently spent $53 million to improve the facility. This, in the face of the soon to be opened Super Port in Mexico, south of San Diego. When that opens, expect few importers to want to go to a California Port—too unreliable,...

California Political News and Views
Delta Smelt Lovers Suing Feds To Get MORE Water for the Fish

I bet you thought the Delta Smelt was taking all the water it could use and more—it has already killed dozens of farms and raised the cost of food for millions of families. Looks like the Luddites have come back and decided they want more water from families and farms to protect the anchovy...

Medi-Cal Computer Glitches Still Causing Problems

Jan 29, 2015

Some enrollees have gotten 18 notices in a day; others can’t get their duplicate applications deleted.

By Hannah Guzik

California has greatly reduced the backlog of applications for its low-income health program, but problems with the computer system are still causing headaches for tens of thousands of enrollees.

Programming oversights and glitches have caused the state...

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California Stem Cell Report
Evaluation of California’s Stem Cell CEO Caps Today’s Board Meeting

Directors of the California stem cell agency have gone into executive session to discuss evaluation of its new president, Randy Mills, who has been on the job since last May. No major additional action is expected from the board. The California Stem Ce...

California Stem Cell Report
From Fraud Checks to Unspent Funds: California’s Proposed Rules for Stem Cell Researchers

The California stem cell agency today put off adoption of  new rules for the way it will hand out its last $1 billion, speeding the money to researchers and attempting to improve the quality of research proposals.

The agency's staff deferred action on the proposal in order to spend more time refining it prior...

California Stem Cell Report
Stem Cell Research Training Program Terminated by California

The California stem cell agency today scuttled its first grant program, a $131 million effort to train stem cell scholars at time when researchers were backing away from the field.The 29-member governing board voted, 14-5, to end the program that began...

California Stem Cell Report
CIRM Press Release on $30 Million in Awards

The California stem cell agency has posted a news release on approval of $30 million for 20 projects to clear out roadblocks hampering the development of stem cell cures. A list of recipients will be forthcoming later, the agency said.

California Stem Cell Report
California Okays $30 Million in Awards to Help Remove Stem Cell Roadblocks

Directors of the California stem cell agency today approved $30 million to help eliminate bottlenecks in turning stem cell research into cures.

The action gave the go-ahead to awards that were backed by either its blue-ribbon reviewers from outside of California or the agency’s own staff, plus three additional proposals moved forward by the...

California Stem Cell Report
Discussion Underway in $35 Million in California Stem Cell Grant Round

Directors of the California stem cell agency have begun discussion of awards in a $35 million round to remove bottlenecks in stem cell research. Here is a CIRM list of board members that have conflicts on specific applications. Those board members are ...

California Stem Cell Report
California Stem Cell Directors Open Meeting Today in California

Directors of the California stem cell agency opened their meeting today in Burlingame, Ca., at 9 a.m. PST with introduction of new board members.

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