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California Has MORE to be Proud Of: High Speed Rail Wins Golden Fleece Award.

One of the most corrupt and incompetent political/special interest scams in history of mankind, the High Speed Rail has been recognized for what it is, a scam.  “The California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) has won the Independent Institute’s first California Golden Fleece Award for its lack of transparency and history of misleading the public...

California Political News and Views
Illinois Caregivers Free NOT to Pay Bribes to Work—Refuse to Join Union

While the union owned California legislature is working to force minimum wage caregivers pay bribes to a union, to keep their jobs, the Supreme Court of Illinois has ruled unconstitutional the use of extortion by unions to steal from minorities wanting caregiving jobs. “New Labor Department filings show that it has lost 8,000 dues-paying...

California Political News and Views
Anti-Public Safety Activist REFUSES to Address Proposals to Law Enforcement—Public Safety NOT His Concern

Government is looking at a proposal for creating a statewide “use of force” policy for law enforcement.  The creator of this project is talking to politicians and the media, special interest groups—but REFUSES to talk to law enforcement officers, to hear their concerns.  This is an attempt to politicalize law enforcement—to make them an...

California Political News and Views
Dumping water in the middle of a drought recovery

We are in a man made water shortage.  The drought is natural, they lack of government is due to government policy.  For instance the confused Guv Brown gave $287 million from the water bond, meant to build water storage facilities, to help the delta smelt instead.  He has diverted water meant for farmers to...

Feds Give Public Hospitals Financial Incentives to Care for the Uninsured

Apr 18, 2016
Feds Give Public Hospitals Financial Incentives to Care for the Uninsured

Photo: File/Getty Images

By Lynn Graebner

Eva, an undocumented immigrant and single mother in Bakersfield who harvests grapes to support her three children, suffered from daily hemorrhaging for eight months after delivering her third child. A physician at a federally-funded community clinic sent her to the hospital to get a biopsy for a uterine growth.


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California Political News and Views
The Vergara ruling will harm disadvantaged students

As reported by the Los Angeles Daily News: California children in low-performing schools will continue to suffer after a Thursday court ruling. The 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled against nine students in Vergara v. State of California. In the court’s own summary, the plaintiffs contended rules on how teachers “are dismissed, and how...

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Cal State San Marcos Professor: Students NOT Allowed to Speak to Law Enforcement Agencies on Campus While Looking for Jobs

If you want a career in law enforcement, especially enforcing our immigration laws—San Marcos Professor Ibanez wants you off campus.  She wants law enforcement recruiters off campus—especially those with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  She prefers illegal aliens in the seats in her classroom than honest California residents and citizens.  This is a...

California Political News and Views
Democrats “PROUD” Presidential Nomination Decided by NON-ELECTED Super Delegates

If Bernie Sanders wins New York, which he might—and then California, which he will, he will have about as many elected delegates at the sleazy Hillary.  Yet, she will beat him on the floor of the Democrat convention by a landslide.  It will be the so-called “Super Delegates” that nominate her—not the grass root...

For employers, investment in caregiving pay for themselves

Apr 17, 2016

by Matt Perry

The “Sandwich Generation” has it tough. Not only are these Baby Boom parents raising kids, they’re also caring for aging relatives who demand more of their time: dressing, feeding or transporting them to doctor’s appointments.

All of this while trying to work in an office – often full-time.

The post For employers,...

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Do Central Valley Hospitals Earn Their Nonprofit Tax Breaks?

Apr 11, 2016

By Hannah Guzik

Major Central Valley hospitals don’t report enough data to determine whether they earn the extensive tax breaks they get for operating as nonprofits, according to a study released Monday.

“These hospitals get a whopping tax break because they’re supposed to benefit the community as not-for-profits, but the data they report is so...

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