Long-Term Care: The Approaching Storm Darkens

Apr 17, 2015


By Matt Perry


California continues to be an expensive place to age when living in long-term care facilities.

In its annual survey “The Cost of Care,” Genworth Financial – a life insurance company that also sells long-term care policies – reports that costs for skilled nursing facilities in California climbed 4% in the past year.


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Overtaxed Californian’s Want More Services But Not More Gas Taxes

A recent statewide poll by The Field Research Corporation found that voters strongly believe that state and local governments in California should be spending more money to improve roadway conditions, but at the same time the same voters are divided on raising new tax dollars to pay for the improvements. In fact, a whopping...


California Political News and Views
New Study: Proposed tax on services could costs Californians $122.6 BILLION per year

Just in time for Tax Day, the Board of Equalization issued a study requested by the Senate Committee on Governance and Finance estimating the revenue take from taxing untaxed services would be $122.6 billion. The study will become fodder in the coming debate over Senator Bob Hertzberg’s effort to restructure the state tax system...


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Obama Lied/People Died: Less Than 24 Hours After Obama Took Cuba off Terror List a Terror Group Sponsored by Cuba Kills 10

Cuba is a terrorist nation—no one—except for Obama—denies that. For fifty years directly and via financing they have tried to over turn governments, support totalitarians who are in the Castro mode and killed tens of thousands of Cubans that only wanted freedom. Last week Barack shook the bloodied hand of Raul Castro. Now Barack...

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Simi Valley Saves Millions in Bond Refinancing: Has $70 Million in Unfunded Pensions

Some stories have enough truth in them to make them seem real. This story says that because of “transparency” the City of Simi Valley decided to refinance bonds and saved $3 million. Huh? If the finance officer of the City was watching interest rates were headed down, and lots of bonds were being refinanced....

California Political News and Views
State of California gets to Cast 9200 Ballots in “Local” Tax Election—Not a Joke

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled many years ago, “one man, one vote”. Wonder if the State of California ever heard of that rule? In a vote to increase taxes even the Federal government gets to vote—9.716 times (not a typo). Want a rigged election? In this mosquito district in Marin and Sonoma counties government...

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Low Housing Affordability Hurting San Diego’s Economy

If workers cannot afford homes is an area, then employers will have to pay more or hire fewer employees? If homes are too expensive, great employees will not move to California, instead stay in Texas or Nebraska. The cost of fees and taxes, expensive regulations the lengthy times it takes to get permission to...

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How Rising Retirement Benefit Costs Threaten Municipal Services in California

CalPERS just announced that government agencies have to pay 6% more in the coming year for pension coverage. Over the next five years it is expected that they will ask for a total of 50% increase. Where will the cities and other agencies get the money? Either by raising of taxes, which many cities...

California Political News and Views
Arroyo Grande to consider Stage I drought restrictions–Most cities will do this by end of Summer

The economic disaster due to the bad water policies of the State have begun in earnest. Though the State claimed a day or so ago that the lack of water will not hurt our economy, the facts belie that whistling past the graveyard attitude of those that created the problem. Last year 300,000 prime...

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For Businesses: Oakland Rent 50% Than San Fran

San Fran is challenging Los Angeles for being the most poorly run city in the nation, as well as the most expensive. It took a while for the tech industry to realize they use electrons to communicate—it does not matter where they put their desk and computer. Now folks in San Fran are moving...

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