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U.S. Economy Needs Hardhats Not Nerds

The blue team may have lost the political battle last year, but with the rapid fall of oil and commodity prices, they have temporarily gained the upper hand economically. Simultaneously, conditions have become more problematical for those interior states, notably Texas and North Dakota, that have benefited from the fossil fuel energy boom. And...

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Jan 26, 2015

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know.

By Hannah Guzik

The state must process Medi-Cal applications within the required 45 days, a judge rules.

An assisted-living network in San Francisco sees seniors as gurus of mental health.

Patient suicides can make psychiatrists less likely to take similar cases...

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California Political News and Views
School Choice Week Highlights Vouchers, Opportunity

National School Choice Week kicked off yesterday, designed to heighten awareness for innovations in education. According to SchoolChoiceWeek.com: “Independently planned by a diverse and growing coalition of individuals, schools, and organizations, National School Choice Week features thousands of unique events and activities across the country. The Week allows participants to advance their own messages of...

California Stem Cell Report
$131 Million and 887 Papers: Demise of California’s First Stem Cell Grant Program

$131 Million and 887 Papers: Demise of California’s First Stem Cell Grant Program

The $3 billion California stem cell agency on Thursday is expected to put to rest its oldest grant program – an effort that was begun with bravado in 2005 but minus the cash to back it.

It was a matter -- at the time -- of showing the Golden State’s stem cell flag despite...

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Good news for government oriented special interests—bad news for government schools

The revenues of the State are up—of course adding $6 billion to the budget via Prop.30 and another billion dollars from cap and trade helps.   But, the bad part is that the State of California has set up a budget system that when the next admitted recession comes (we are now in a Depression—but...

California Political News and Views
San Fran Politicians—Lack of Proper Staffing Causes Crime—NOT Criminals

Do the Supervisors of San Francisco believe the people are stupid? “At least two Supervisors are worried that there are not enough police patrolling The City’s streets, especially as some violent and property crimes increase. “You look day to day and you go into a neighborhood and you don’t see a police officer,” Supervisor...

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LA Fire Department: Diversity More Important Than Qualifications and Abilities?

A think tank, the Rand Corporation, did a study and found out that if we want “diversity” in the Los Angeles Fire Department we would have to overhaul the recruiting process. Why? Because too few women apply for the Department—and very few made it through the training program. What are they talking about? Are...

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Teachers drop salary demand again as LAUSD holds on class size

Understand the economics of unions. The more people they force to pay bribes, ur dues, the wealthy they are and the more elections and candidates they can buy. It really does not matter to them the salaries of the teachers—start high, go low, but increase the number of teachers and you increase the money...

California Political News and Views
Rider: “Latest deceptive California unemployment rate — why it is deceptive”

Get real, California is in a Depression. When the total jobs created in a month, with a population of 38 million, is 700 (not a typo), you know the State is in trouble. Silicon Valley is still creating great technology—but then moving the production and other follow up work out of State and out...

California Political News and Views
Whiskey for Drinking/Water for Fighting: Coastal District Fights California Over Water

In the old West the saying was, “whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting”. We still live in the Old West by that standard. Guv Brown tried to steal water from the North during his first terms in office by creating a “peripheral canal”. Many counties in Northern California gave voted 90%...

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