Caregiver Crisis: Technology to the Rescue?

Apr 26, 2015

By Matt Perry

Will social networking and technology save the day for one of America’s most intractable social problems — caring for the country’s aging population?

The splashy launch of the San Francisco-based startup Honor — with high-profile backing from tech entrepreneur Mark Andreessen, politicians, and Hollywood celebrities alike — spotlights an issue that is devastating...

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Need to Know

Apr 25, 2015

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik Navigating the barriers to care is a challenge for the newly insured. A state bill removing vaccine exemptions clears a key hurdle. Five counties have no providers ...

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California Political News and Views
The California Introduction Machine

Much is made during presidential election periods that the state is merely an ATM machine for candidates. As a solid blue state that has not voted for a Republican for the White House since 1988, California is considered safe for whoever the Democratic nominee will be (we’re talking to you, Hillary Clinton.) Yet, candidates...


California Political News and Views
Global Warming ‘Pause’ Extends Nearly 18 And A Half Years

Satellite temperature readings show there has been no warming trend for nearly 18 and one-half years, meaning there has been no statistically significant warming since the late 1990s. Two satellite datasets show that warming has been more moderate than predicted by the United Nations and most climate scientists. The Remote Sensing Systems satellite dataset...

California Political News and Views
Judge Orders LAUSD Students Held Hostage in Content Less Classes. Racism

It is hard to believe. First that a Judge is forcing students to take classes that have no content, no education purpose—in fact, this is emotional abuse by government schools and the courts prefer your children to be dumb, period. Second, government schools are allowed to put children into holding cells, ur, classrooms, without...

California Political News and Views
SoCal’s Housing Crisis: Middle Class, Minorities May Not Survive

Unless you are Kolbe, Kanye, Kamela Harris or the CEO of a bank, in twenty years you will probably be cheering for the Cowboys and learning how to speak Texan. California has the highest cost of homes and rent, highest taxes, highest cost of water and energy. We have the worst roads and now...

California Political News and Views
The Los Angeles Experience is Actually Shrinking –Traffic Forcing People to Stay Home

Thanks to the Internet, anything we want can be found in cyberspace. Need new shoes? The Internet. Want to watch sporting events? Most are on the Internet. Want to watch a politician give a major speech, on TV or the Internet. Need dinner or groceries—order them on the Internet and they will be delivered...

California Political News and Views
Does S.F. tech firms shedding office space indicate a bubble?

Has the San Fran and California collapse begun? In 2006-7 we started to see the housing bubble but paid no attention to it. By 2008 we had wholesale foreclosures, evictions and banks were in trouble for bad home loans. Today we are seeing massive building of commercial facilities for tech companies in San Fran....

California Political News and Views
Californians’ Attitudes Toward Marijuana Legalization–It Will Pass at the Ballot Box

It is my belief that if a vote was taken today by the people of California, marijuana would be legalized. But does a vote matter anymore? Due to Prop. 47, the use of marijuana is no different than spitting on the sidewalk. In most cases cops will not waste their time to arrest or...

California Political News and Views
Brown dumps green regulations to push water tunnel plan

Jerry Brown is as phony as a three dollar bill. Given the choice between the environment and helping the unions and special interests, Brown chooses the corruption instead of the needs of Californians. “As the San Jose Mercury News reported, the $25 billion tunnel project contained $7.8 billion earmarked for preservation and restoration efforts...

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