Interview with Dr. David Williams

Jul 28, 2014

By Daniel Weintraub Dr. David Williams, an internationally recognized authority on social influences on health, currently teaches at the Harvard School of Public Health. His research has enhanced our understanding of the complex ways in which socioecon...

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California Stem Cell Report
Los Angeles Times: Flawed Investigation Magnifies California Stem Cell Scandal

The Los Angeles Times will have a column again this Sunday excoriating the $3 billion California stem cell agency, and it will involve the same set of players, the agency’s former president and a San Francisco area stem cell company.

The headline on the column by Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author Michael Hiltzik says

A Nurse, a Friend and a Parenting Teacher: Home-Visit Program Helps Low-Income Mothers

Jul 25, 2014

By Lisa Renner

Oyuny Bahena was pregnant and living in a homeless shelter in Merced County when she first met with a home-visit nurse.

The nurse offered to help guide the 20-year-old through the challenges of parenthood over the next two years at no cost. Bahena remains grateful.

“I love her support (and) how she’s very attentive...

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Bringing Politics To The People: The Boards And Commissions Leadership Institute

Jul 25, 2014
Bringing Politics To The People: The Boards And Commissions Leadership Institute

In a perfect world every socioeconomic group, every sexual orientation, every race, every identity would be represented in every law-making council. Democracy works when there ...


California Stem Cell Report
USC Researcher Comments on the Grant Round Involving StemCells, Inc.

A USC scientist late today sent an email that dealt with the 2012 decisions that resulted in the award of $19.3 million to StemCells, Inc., by the California stem cell agency. The award was made on a close vote (7-5) despite being rejected twice by the agency’s reviewers.

It was the first time that the...

California Stem Cell Report
California Stem Cell Agency Scores on Early Coverage of Today’s Trounson Story

Two media outlets were quick today to write about the Trounson Affair and the reaction from the California stem cell agency, but did not note what the agency itself described as the limited nature of its investigation into the matter.

They focused on what Randy Mills, the new president of CIRM, promised regarding his...

California Stem Cell Report
Law Firm Memo on Trounson Investigation

Here is the memo provided by Remcho, Johansen & Purcellconcerning its limited investigation of Alan Trounson and his contact during May and June with StemCells, Inc. It contains additional details and the names of persons interviewed.

 Here is one paragraph that deals with what CIRM might have done had they known Trounson was in contact...

Placer County Online
Placer County Republican Party to hold 2014 convention

LOOMIS – The Placer County Republican Party will hold its endorsement convention on Aug. 23 to select which candidates to support for local offices in Placer County. The convention delegates will be appointed by members of the 42-member Placer County Central Committee. Each Central Committee member will be a delegate and can appoint up...

California Stem Cell Report
Limited Trounson Investigation Shows No Evidence of Illegal Conflicts

The California stem cell agency said today that its "severely" limited investigation found no evidence that its former president, Alan Trounson, attempted to influence action on behalf of StemCells, Inc., during June of this year.Randy Mills, the new p...

California Stem Cell Report
California Stem Cell Agency Directors Conclude Meeting

Directors of the California stem cell agency adjourned their meeting today at 12:09 p.m. PDT. A story on the discussion of the Trounson Affair will be carried shortly.

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