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Meg Whitman/George Romney/George P. Bush: Republican Hypocrites

As a conservative I am not a great fan of John McCain, George Romney, Meg Whitman or the Bushs’.  We were told that since they were the GOP nominee we had to support them for the good of the Party.  In this election, I support Senator Ted Cruz.  Yet, the results have made Donald...

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City of Torrance: Joins Effort to END Private Property in America

The city of Torrance has decided to become the Moscow of California.  In Russia, government decides how you can use your private property.  The Torrance city council is looking at prohibiting you from renting your home or condo, through an online service called, “AIRBNB”.  They want to determine your finances, your privacy and your...
LASD Statement Regarding the Orlando Attack & West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade and Festival

Jun 12, 2016

June 12, 2016 - Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families of this horrific attack which occurred in Orlando early this morning.

While there are no specific or credible threats received by law enforcement for the greater Los Angeles area, our personnel maintain a heightened state of situational awareness and...

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Bill Would Allow Illegal Immigrants Access to Obamacare in CA

State Democrats forged ahead with legislation designed to fill out Covered California’s enrollment ranks with unlawful and undocumented immigrants. Following the state Senate, the Assembly has “passed a measure that would remove a critical barrier to Covered California and allow all Californians to access the state health insurance marketplace, regardless of immigration status,” as State...

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Simi Valley ENDS a History of Balanced Budgets—Deficit Budget is Called “Sustainable”

Like other cities, my hometown of Simi Valley is facing the reality of the collapse of the pension system.  Not only did they approve a general fund budget with a $500,000 deficit—to be financed by taking money from a redevelopment agency that died years ago—and the city refused to return the money to those...

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UC Pension Plan—Free Choice for NEW Employers—Threatens Unions/Government

Freedom is scary for unions and government bureaucrats—if people are given a choice between a failed government pension system and a self directed, personally owned pension, employees will run from government.  By working in government, even at the UC level, they understand it is a failed system. “At stake is a controversial, new two-tiered...

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Academics Provide Biased Assessment of Conservatives—to Fit THEIR Political Beliefs

  Did you really think that a study from a government University, one in Virginia and the other in Pennsylvania, would provide a scientific approach to the “psychology” of conservatives and liberals?  The report was released three years ago—showing conservatives have emotional problems and liberals are in great shape (though they are bigots, hate...

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San Jose Police Chief “Excuses” His Cops for Allowing Violence Against Trump Supporters

Totalitarian State are noted for their ability to think the ends justify the means.  In China, Cuba, Eastern Europe, Russia, the government allows and promotes violence against those that oppose its policies.  If an anti-government rally is held, the government organizes rioters, allows them to beat up those exercising free speech.  You have seen...

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Disneyland Ripping Off Poor/Middle Class Anaheim Taxpayers

This is how a multi-billion company, a firm with profits in the hundreds of millions makes money—it takes tax dollars from the poor and middle class to finance their operations.  In total, Disney wants a $200 million GIFT from the people of Anaheim.  Worse, along with other luxury hotels, the poor and middle class...

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State Borrows $7 Billion From Special Funds to Keep From Deficit

You have to read carefully this phony press release from the Democrat State Controller.  She admits that May tax revenues were down by $1.5 billion, in total.  Then she crows that total State revenues are up by over $5 billion for the first eleven months of this fiscal year.  Yet, the real State of...

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