Op-Ed: Amber Shelton: Massive Timber Sale Proposed for Klamath National Forest

Jan 29, 2015

Jan. 27, 2015 - A massive 43,883 acre post-fire logging project is being proposed by the Klamath National Forest. Almost half of the project within areas that are supposed to be set aside to protect and enhance old growth forest ecosystems called, Late Successional Reserves. The Forest Service is planning to streamline this unprecedented...

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California Political News and Views
Obama Using U.S. Tax Dollars and HIS Campaign Team to Defeat Netanyahu

Against all American laws, against all bounds of decency, in an effort to promote terrorists, Barack Obama is doing the unthinkable, the unbelievable—he is using your tax dollars and his campaign team to try to defeat Netanyahu for re-election in Israel. This is as vicious, mean and corrupt as a President can get—supporting terrorists...

California Political News and Views
Sacramento “Do-gooders ” Waste $13 BILLION on Mental Health Programs

Several years we were told we were bad people because we didn’t spend enough on the mentally ill—then we passed a multi-billion tax increase on tobacco to pay to clear our conscious’s. Now we know this was just another government scam, to hire people, build empires and create threats to us if we didn’t...

California Political News and Views
San Ramon Valley School Board: NO Tax is Temporary While We Are in Control

When a politician tells you a tax is “temporary”, you know they are lying. Remember Prop.30, a seven year $6 billion a year tax meant to sunset? Instead the Democrats have come up with a tax to replace it, SB 8, a $10 billion a year tax that would be permanent. Here we have...

California Political News and Views
Greens Fight California Pesticide Spraying–Trying to Make Food More Expensive

When DTD was disallowed as a pesticide in Africa, the continent broke out with malaria. The INTENDED consequences of the Green Movement is to make people unsafe, uncomfortable and impoverished. They do a great job for their ideology. Now they are going after the California farmer, already in trouble due to lack of water—due...

California Political News and Views
Alarcon finishes house arrest, such as it was (trips downtown,to meetings)

Los Angeles is a special place for criminals. Richard Alarcon, former Assemblyman, State Senator and City Councilman was found guilty of perjury—lying about where he lived in order to run for office. He was sentenced to home arrest where he was forced to cook for himself. The home arrest was so stringent, that he...

California Political News and Views
Cutting Unemployment Benefits Created Jobs

This is how to create employment—you take away the crutch and get people back in the job market. Wonder how Obama “created” all those jobs? By having Congress end the unemployment payment extension. Sadly, also thanks to Obama, the economy is so bad that most of the jobs are in retail, hospitality and fast...

California Political News and Views
No Surprise: New Study Shows Two Parent Home Best for Child

As teens say, “duh”. A study shows that children do best when there are two parents in a home. We all know that. Sometimes it is unavoidable, a parent dies, divorce or just leaves. Today it seems, the celebrity class has decided it is chic to have a child without a second parent. These...

California Political News and Views
California Government Wants More Doctors—To Give Low Pay and Tell How to Prescribe and How to Treat

Thank to Guv Brown and Obama, Medicaid doctors and hospitals in California took a 60% cut in reimbursements. Due to ObamaCare, doctors in those networks are only allowed to prescribe drugs the government approves, not the drugs the patients need. In Northern California over the past year several small hospitals closed due to government...

California Political News and Views
Unions Still Dying in California

Great news for freedom. In California fewer workers are paying bribes to unions than last year. The ability of the unions to force folks to walk off the job, slowdown work and control management is slowly coming to an end in California. “According to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics today, the...

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