Writing and PR with Melanie
Why you want to care what people think

Contrary to our own beliefs, we are not perfect. Many people strive to be perfect, while others really don't care what other people think. I know I am not perfect, but I do care what other people think because, in order to succeed, guess what? I have t...

Davis Voice
This Week In Your Government: April 2nd

Apr 2, 2012
This Week In Your Government: April 2nd

We will return next week with our discussion of davis based articles. Here is a quick overview of what will be occurring this week in Davis’s Government: Monday, April 2nd  The Davis Bicycle Advisory Commission will be meeting Monday at 5:30 PM in the Community Chambers. The Open Space and Habitat Commission will also be meeting in the...

Foothill Agrarian
Video: Feeding the “Bottle Lambs” at Fying Mule Farm

Apr 1, 2012
Video: Feeding the “Bottle Lambs” at Fying Mule Farm

Of the more than 250 lambs born so far at Flying Mule Farm, we've only had to bring 10 home to be raised as "bottle" lambs.  Here's a fun video of Sami feeding her youngsters!
Wal-Mart purchases Downtown Plaza for $7.2 million

UPDATE: More than a few people were tricked by this article on Sunday, and I hope you all had a good chuckle once you realized the date. Happy April Fool’s Day! ——- The Westfield company that owns and operates the … Continue rea...
Now is the perfect time to start building a Downtown baseball stadium, right???

Since everything is going gangbusters with the currently proposed Downtown basketball arena, a new group has formed to start promoting the NEXT professional sports team stadium. According to the site, “Sacramento has the...

California Rice Commission
Getting California rice ground fully level

California rice farmers use GPS-guided equipment to ensure their fields are fully level, which helps them get the most out of their water and produce abundant crops.

California Rice Commission
Seeding of 2011 California rice fields

View an airplane applying seeds to a rice field at Montna Farms in Sutter County.

California Rice Commission
The making of Rice Harvest, Colusa County

Sacramento artist Boyd Gavin describes what went into his painting, Rice Harvest, Colusa County, which highlights rice farming in the Sacramento Valley.

Foothill Agrarian
A Matter of Perspective

Mar 30, 2012

We're working with some homeowners near Auburn to try to control yellow starthistle using sheep.  As part of this experiment, the homeowners are also spraying some of the starthistle patches.  Several weeks ago, I heard second hand that the m...
The details of the arena term sheet that’s causing all the fuss

News broke on Thursday afternoon that the Kings don’t think they should have to pay $3,250,000 in pre-development fees for the proposed Downtown arena since they will only be tenants. However, the non-binding agreement which the Sacramento City ...

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