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Rubys Musings
Fulfilling a Bucket List Goal

Sep 21, 2016

Today I start the first of many posts about my recent blogging tour that I went on the week between the 9th to the 17th of September . I had a full schedule of things I wanted to do while visiting points of interest from Burbank to Santa Cruz Ca...

Rubys Musings
Conquering Fears

Aug 31, 2016

To look at me you would think I enjoy being noticed, being in the limelight and center of conversation... considering I am a blogger, now do YouTube, and live weekly chats on my FB fan page, you would think I am outgoing.  If you were to meet...

Rubys Musings
A Weekend Getaway

Aug 18, 2016

Some days you just have to getaway  *sorry this is a day late, had doctors appointment that lasted a lot longer than I expected. A few months ago hubby came home and told me he bought a hotel package for The Peppermill Resort up in Reno, wh...

Rubys Musings
A Summer’s Day in Winters Ca.

Aug 10, 2016

Main St. Historic Winter's Ca  A couple of weeks ago my husband and myself spent the weekend in Winters California, a small town of just over 7,000 people in Yolo County.  We did not actually spend the night, instead deciding to go back afte...

Rubys Musings
Dressing 50′s at 50 ~ Featuring Heart of Haute

Jul 27, 2016

So the joke around Muse Cottage is that I am now officially Mid Century, and well I dress Mid Century. I guess it takes the sting out of officially turning 50. Honestly I do not 100 percent mind turning 50. I look relatively young for my age, es...

Rubys Musings
In Love With Clema W.

Jul 20, 2016

Wearing my "So Betty" Clema W. Dress  I was recently contacted by Erin of Clema W. , on Instagram asking if I would represent her company and help promote via my blog and other social media accounts, and after checking out her web site and spotting the beauty above, how could I say no?! Erin...

Rubys Musings
Topping It Off ~ Hats!

Jul 14, 2016

all hats and photo rights belong to Morgana Creely and Hats by Morgana  I have been taking some time off to spend quality time with my family and to celebrate my 50th birthday. Knowing this I asked a few friends to send me guest blog posts all...

Rubys Musings
50′s Princess for a Day ~ Tale of a Special Skirt

Jun 23, 2016

Introducing Sarah ....... You ever have one of those days, perhaps weeks? It has been that way for me for a couple of months. I am not sure what has caused the malaise, even venture to say indifference to a lot of things in my life at the momen...

The Citizen Rosebud
HOW SHE WORE IT: Funky Upcylced Vintage Rose Cameo Cuff

HOW SHE WORE IT: Funky Upcylced Vintage Rose Cameo Cuff

STILL BLOOMING: This woman ---> naturally elegant, warm and generous Patti. If there ever was a list of "must read" blogs for plus forty something ladies, her blog is definitely one of them. Patti's Not Yet Dead Style is a great source for thoughtfu...

Rubys Musings
Picnic Under the Stars

Jun 15, 2016

“Mishap at the Picnic” by Harry Ekman c. 1950s This past Saturday night hubby and myself decided to have a dinner picnic under the stars. This was not a random decision. It so happens that a local winery, Peirano Estate in Acampo Ca. wa...

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