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Rubys Musings
Embracing Going Gray ~ Turbans

Nov 30, 2016

Turbans available Lacey Rose Creations  Recently I shared needing to cut off my hair due to health issues and not being as comfortable with the look as I once was, especially in my retro look lifestyle... even tho Jean Seberg once made a similar cr...

Rubys Musings
Shades of Gray

Nov 16, 2016

It is that time of year when days are shorter and gray days out number that of sunny days, and that is applicable to many things, some days my temper is shorter, my patience, and often my mood is more gray. I hate to think I have seasonal disord...

Rubys Musings
Once Upon A Time (Dress)….

Nov 2, 2016

Where better a place to wear a dress that calls for a Halloween themed setting?!  A short time ago I received a message on Instagram from a follower by  the handle @lovelyinlilacofficial , she had a proposition for me, in exchange for being seen...

Rubys Musings
Halloween Hodge Podge

Oct 26, 2016

Silver Terrace Cemetery . Virginia City , Nevada * this photo not taken by me, found via google search    Every year I try to do a Halloween themed post. I have shared all sorts of Halloween Ghost stories, legends, history and even my own experi...

Rubys Musings
Heading To a Conclusion ….Blogging Tour Final Days

Oct 19, 2016

All good things must come to an end.... Well I am finally wrapping up my posts sharing my blogging tour with you all...sort of! What does "sort of " mean , let me tell you.... I plan here in the very near future to share a few of my purchases I made, as well as...

Rubys Musings
Blogging Tour ~ Ruby Visits the Central Coast

Oct 12, 2016

The Journey Continues..... So last week I shared with you my experiences visiting several attractions in the Burbank/Hollywood/Anaheim California area. How it was both so much fun, and yet the hardest thing physically I have done in a very long time...

Rubys Musings
A Great Deal of Amusement ~ A Ruby’s Musings Blog Tour Post

Oct 5, 2016

Let's go on an Adventure together.... Continuing on with the recap of my blogging tour of the Los Angeles area and points north towards home, this week it is all about the amusement parks that we visited. After such a busy day the day bef...

Rubys Musings
Magnolia Blvd AND Then some ….. A Ruby’s Musings on Tour Post

Sep 28, 2016

Last week I shared with you my experience of having my very first pin up photo shoot with Dream Out Loud Photography, and shared a little video slide show over on my You Tube channel.  The day did not end there! Once we made the very long d...

Rubys Musings
Fulfilling a Bucket List Goal

Sep 21, 2016

Today I start the first of many posts about my recent blogging tour that I went on the week between the 9th to the 17th of September . I had a full schedule of things I wanted to do while visiting points of interest from Burbank to Santa Cruz Ca...

Rubys Musings
Conquering Fears

Aug 31, 2016

To look at me you would think I enjoy being noticed, being in the limelight and center of conversation... considering I am a blogger, now do YouTube, and live weekly chats on my FB fan page, you would think I am outgoing.  If you were to meet...

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