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Nothing To See Here

Idly looked in the trash. Noticed my wallet there. (WTF?)

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A New, Local Tarantula

Something surprising about the Sacramento area:(CNN) An expansive, decade-long survey of tarantulas in the United States has uncovered 14 new species, including one named after the "Man in Black."Aphonopelma johnnycashi, named for Johnny Cash, can be f...

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"Neighbors 2"

While waiting to see "Hail, Caesar!" I also saw this trailer. A hedonistic sorority spoof. Ordinarily I'd ignore it, but it stars Chloe Grace Moretz, who is AMAZING, so this film is likely AMAZING too! Maybe a thinking-person's hedonistic sorority spoof.

Marc Valdez Weblog
"Hail, Caesar!"

Great, great Coen Brother's fun!

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After Texas Stopped Funding Planned Parenthood, Low-Income Women Had More Babies

Well, duh:The analysis, published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, documents a significant increase in births among women who had previously received birth control at clinics that no longer get state funding.The researchers, from the P...

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Back In Drought

Beginning to get worried. Long-range forecasts are quite negative for rain in February. We may be sliding right back into drought-land.

Marc Valdez Weblog
Love La Toya’s Thursday Night Dancehall!

Dancehall is awesome, and Thursdays with LaToya are great!

Posted by Marc Valdez on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Marc Valdez Weblog
RIP, Maurice White

Marc Valdez Weblog

Just turned on this brand, brand-new computer. I feel like a mule driver on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

Rubys Musings
Tulips in Bloom~ A Ruby’s Musings Approved Post

Feb 9, 2016

When a talented seamstress asks if you wouldlike to collaborate.. the answer is always YES!   I honestly can not tell you how much my life has changed since starting Instagram a little over a year ago. Years ago when I was at a cross roads ...

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