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Would managed care really be better for kids with special needs?

Sep 15, 2015

By Daniel Weintraub

Gov. Jerry Brown is trying to force California’s sickest, most vulnerable children into managed care health plans. But those children – or at least their families and the doctors who care for them – are fighting back.

Managed care is the concept invented a generation ago to control health costs by paying doctors...

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Los Angeles and the Future of Aging

Sep 14, 2015

By Matt Perry

The ethnically diverse population of Los Angeles County is considered a petri dish for the nation’s fast-growing cultural soup, with city and county aging agencies a model for progressive, compassionate care.

Healthwise, what will the future hold for aging adults in America’s largest county?

More seniors. Fewer specialists to care for them.

The post

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Need to Know

Sep 14, 2015

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know.

By Hannah Guzik

Uber for seniors’ provides transportation to appointments.

Nearly 20% of California seniors have trouble making ends meet.

Students who get a longer lunch period waste less food.

Some patients are trying to consolidate their electronic medical records.

The post...

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Caregiving Crisis and the $15 Minimum Wage

Sep 14, 2015


By Matt Perry

It was one of those uncomfortable moments that journalists both dread and love.

Sitting in a Pasadena conference hall amidst a sea of caregivers and nursing home operators, I listened to a panel of experts outline the essential skills needed by caregivers.

The advice was stellar: besides clothing and toileting seniors, caregivers should...

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California’s efforts to improve cancer registry signals shift to preventative care

Sep 14, 2015

By Joshua Emerson Smith


California’s Department of Public Health is partnering with a major hospital chain to improve the way patient information is reported to the California Cancer Registry in hopes of making the data more consistent and useful to researchers and policymakers.

The cancer registry, which tracks patient data, including treatments, outcomes, medical histories...

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Game to 100
Assisted-suicide bill is an affirmation of rational living

Sep 14, 2015

To hell with the gatekeepers. I don’t want doctors, priests, advocates for the poor and disabled or anyone else telling me when and how I can die. I don’t want a panel of physicians telling me to live with Alzheimer’s … Continue reading

Consciousness and Health
New View of God Could Break Cycle of Heredity

New View of God Could Break Cycle of Heredity

By Eric Nelson

Parents who have a fear of math should not try to teach the subject to their kids. At least that’s what some researchers are saying.
“We found that when parents are more math anxious, their children learn significantly less math over the school year and have more math anxiety by the school year’s...


Game to 100
Why friendship among co-workers has declined

Sep 10, 2015

Friendship is declining in the workplace. That was the premise of a Sunday op-ed piece in the New York Times by Adam Grant, a professor of management and psychology at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. “Once, work … Continue reading
Nearly 20% of California Seniors Have Trouble Making Ends Meet

Sep 9, 2015

By Hannah Guzik

Nearly 20 percent of California adults over 65 have trouble paying bills for basic needs but don’t qualify for aid, according to a new study.

These seniors are among the state’s “hidden poor,” meaning their incomes are above the federal poverty line but below the Elder Index’s poverty level, a nationally recognized...

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Breast Cancer? But Doctor....I hate pink!
The Brobe – and a contest!

The Brobe "It's my baby, just like your blog is to you," said Allison, as she wrote to me about her cancer-inspired bathrobe. Her words caught my attention.  I have put a lot of time, energy and thought into writing this blog.  I am as protective of it as a 1950s teenager would be of...

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