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Vol. 2.10 Kindness Matters

Jun 25, 2012

The lack of caring or kindness is endemic -- it exists in politics, workplaces, schools, and in our homes.  If one acts out of kindness oftentimes they are accused of being "soft"?  I beg to differ, if employees are treated with kindness, tru...

My Works LIfe
Vol. 2.9 Are We Progressing or Regressing?

May 27, 2012

When I started work with the great State of California over forty years ago, there was a structure and an accepted way of doing things.  Granted it was a bit rigid, but at least most everyone played by the same set of rules.  I began my "illu...

Anna Quindlen and Me

May 23, 2012

She wasn’t the prettiest, the thinnest, the most popular girl but she was really smart and seriously focused and as ambitious as any of the guys. These were the heady days of feminism after all. Anna was a sister.

Reinventing The Wheel

Apr 23, 2012

This message, my subconscious, spoke to me so clearly I could hardly get through the words without crying. ‘Go. Get off this hamster wheel. Go get some fresh air, a new outlook on life. Go get some exercise, refresh your career, re-charge your spiri...


My Works LIfe
Vol. 2.8 "The Better Angels of our Nature"

Apr 20, 2012

Those were the closing words used by Abraham Lincoln in his first inaugural speech in 1861 when the country was divided over the slavery issue.  It seems appropriate at this moment, when our country is  torn by ideologies, to talk about ...

My Works LIfe
Vol. 2.7 Culture Matters More Than Strategy

Apr 11, 2012

Like I have not said this enough, but yes, I am going to say it again -- PEOPLE MATTER!!  In the workplace or your own personal life -- people are the most important ingredient. Companies spend boatloads of money developing strategies -- from the ...

My Works LIfe
Vol. 2.6 Blame-Storming

Mar 26, 2012

A few years ago there was a commercial on the television which showed a group of executives sitting around a conference table.  They were holding a "blame-storming" session.  Obviously something had gone terribly wrong at their company and si...

Finding Our Way Now
About My Work Page

I have more experience then I am willing to admit in the management side of the corporate word.  I have been a new manager, trained new managers and mentored many more managers over a number of years.  Always a teacher at heart, I loved it, all of it...

My Works LIfe
Vol. 2.5 Workers are in a Catch 22 Situation

Mar 15, 2012

It is my hope that many of you out there are happy in you work life.  I hope that you have a fulfilling job that gives you many psychological rewards.  If you are, I need to meet you.  I either hang with the wrong crowd or that happy ful...

My Works LIfe
Vol. 2.4 "Greedy Bastards"

Feb 28, 2012

Dylan Radigan, an MSNBC commentator with a finance background, has penned a book by this name.  He believes that American bankers and leaders are just that -- greedy.  They have put themselves before  everyone else.Almost weekly we read ...

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