Sacramento Job Corps

Sacramento Job Corps

Everyone looking for employment in the Sacramento region should look into Sacramento Job Corps. A very good friend of mine told me about r story ...

Robert Reich: The Jobs Report and the Election

Sep 7, 2012

Sept. 7, 2012 - President Obama's speech to the Democratic National Convention was long on uplifting rhetoric but short on specifics for what he'll do if reelected to reignite the American economy. Yet today's jobs report provides a troubling reminder...

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The State Hornet
Volleyball prepares for tourney in Fresno

Sep 4, 2012

The Sacramento State women’s volleyball team is set to hit the road again as they travel to the Save Mart Center at Fresno State to take part in the Fresno State Invitational tournament marking the first time in two years that Sacramento St...

Elk Grove News
Commentary: Have labor unions failed Labor Day?

Sep 3, 2012
Commentary: Have labor unions failed Labor Day?

Can labor unions have their cake and eat it, too?

By Michael Monasky
Labor Day 2012

Labor is suffering desperately in its own recession, a labor depression. Sure, Wall Street continues to accrue value in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. But Main Street is hurting...

Walking Manhattan: Social Media Saavy

Aug 27, 2012

Even though my class at Parsons was cancelled, I have accomplished exactly what I came to New York to do.


Appeal Democrat
Yuba-Sutter jobless rate remains high

SACRAMENTO — California's jobless rate remained unchanged at 10.7 percent in July as the state saw slow employment growth, adding a little more than 25,000 jobs. However, Yuba, Sutter and Colusa counties remained among those counties with the...

Finding Our Way Now
Attitude Adjustment

We never think we have an attitude problem.  I truly believe we generally don’t willing go into a situation or circumstance wanting or with a bad attitude.  It just sneaks up on us, and WHAM, there we are mired in an attitude that will almost a...


My Works LIfe
Vol. 2.11 – Protecting the Public’s Trust

Aug 10, 2012

When I became a civil servant many years ago someone asked me did I understand what that meant?  I probably looked like a deer in the headlights and muttered something like, "Well..., I work for the State (of California)".  I was immediately ...

The Reality of 50: Wake Up and Smell the Paints

Aug 6, 2012

Can I really reconcile myself to doing something I love that I’ll never be great at? Is it better to have painted and sucked or never to have painted at all?

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My Works LIfe
Vol. 2.10 Kindness Matters

Jun 25, 2012

The lack of caring or kindness is endemic -- it exists in politics, workplaces, schools, and in our homes.  If one acts out of kindness oftentimes they are accused of being "soft"?  I beg to differ, if employees are treated with kindness, tru...

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