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Creating a bike-friendly Sacramento

Oct 12, 2015

In this story we go to Sacramento where bike advocates are promoting a healthy lifestyle and bike-friendly public policy.

By Daniel Weintraub and Sara Washington

Jim Brown
Executive Director, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

I think there’s just an assumption that bicycling is a healthy activity. We don’t talk about it. We hear a lot about the risk of,...

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The Healing Potential of Art: Jane Chu and the NEA

Oct 11, 2015


by Matt Perry


When Jane Chu started playing the piano at eight years old, her music soon became a deep healing balm when her father died of cancer a year later.

“There really weren’t enough words for me on a linear, conversational level to express my own grief,” says Chu.

The post The Healing Potential...

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Dementia Care: Not Just for Doctors Anymore

Oct 11, 2015

By Matt Perry

Fear of dementia has overtaken the fear of cancer as the top aging concern in America.

The worries are endless: memory loss… not recognizing family and friends… asking repetitive questions… feelings of helplessness and despair… and becoming a burden to loved ones.

A pioneering program from Indiana University has spawned a handful of similar...

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Operation My Home Town Fights Crime by Meeting Basic Needs

Mike Silva has been working full time for Dig Deep Farms in Alameda County for almost three years. The farm is a social enterprise founded by residents and law enforcement to provide healthy food to the community and to reduce recidivism by providing ...

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Gov. Brown Signs 3 Bills Aimed at Reducing Over-Prescription of Psych Meds to Foster Children


By Hannah Guzik

In light of investigations that found that foster children are sometimes drugged with too many psychiatric medications, Gov. Jerry Brown signed three bills Tuesday that provide better oversight of medical care for youths in the state’s charge.

The new laws require those who care for foster children to be trained on the risks...

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Virtual clinic hopes to make an impact in Watts

By Daniel Weintraub


Residents of poor, inner-city neighborhoods have a notoriously difficult time getting access to health care. Gloria McNeal has a simple solution to that problem: bring health care to them.

McNeal, dean of National University’s school of Public Health and Human Services, is director of a new, nurse-managed health clinic the university is setting...

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Need to Know


By Hannah Guzik


Training the next geriatric workforce to provide wraparound care.

Doctors are trying to end the cycle of toxic stress, which hurts children.

The disturbing link between pet abuse and domestic violence.

There’s a dire need for medical interpreters for indigenous immigrants.

A new law aims to help limited English speakers get...

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With a New Complaint Phone System, Will Medi-Cal Enrollees Be Able to Get Help?


By Hannah Guzik

When one of the millions of people enrolled in California’s low-income health program has a complaint or needs help, there’s a number they can call.

But for more than a year, that phone line was unreliable — tens of thousands of calls went unanswered.

In June, the California State Auditor found that the...

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Central Valley tackles high asthma rates

Oct 5, 2015

The Central Valley sees some of the highest asthma rates in California. Air pollution, agriculture, and heavy dependence on driving has created a situation has caused many to breathe uneasily. In this story we got to Stockton, California and the San Jo...

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Majority of California Health Clinics Lack Dentists, Causing Some Patients to Forgo Treatment

Sep 30, 2015

By Hannah Guzik Only about a third of community health clinics in California have dental services onsite, causing some patients to forgo treatment, according to a report released Wednesday. The study from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research foun...

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