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A perilous link: pet abuse and domestic violence

Sep 27, 2015

People who abuse pets are more likely to abuse their partners, and do so with more violence. Domestic violence shelters are looking for ways to accommodate animals to help victims escape their abusers. Pita and her owner both found refuge at Freedom H...

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Need to Know

Sep 27, 2015


By Hannah Guzik

How California’s drought affects residents’ health.

The state’s strict emissions limits have reduced cancer risk by 76 percent in the last 20 years.

Despite the need, third-generation Mexican adults in California are less likely to receive diabetes care.

Undocumented adults in Contra Costa County now have health coverage.

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Living in the Blast Zone

Sep 25, 2015

By Rucha Chitnis

In the past seven years, crude-by-rail—transport of crude oil on rails—has increased, a change that galvanized recent protests in Richmond.

The post Living in the Blast Zone appeared first on California Health Report.

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Third-Generation Mexican Adults in California Less Likely to Receive Diabetes Care

Sep 23, 2015

By Hannah Guzik Although they are more likely than their parents to have diabetes, third-generation Mexican adults in California are less likely to receive check-ups to help them manage the condition, according to a new study. Previous studies have fou...

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How California’s Drought Affects Residents’ Health

Sep 22, 2015

Photo: File/Thinkstock.

By Linda Childers

For most Californians, the continuing drought means a crash course in learning how to conserve water and adjusting to warmer temperatures. But for some of the state’s residents, the drought has also brought about increased health challenges.

From reports of West Nile Virus and Valley fever, to a greater incidence of...

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L.A. Rolls Out Complex Care Teams for Chronically Ill Patients

Sep 21, 2015

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By Robin Urevich

Los Angeles County’s Department of Health Services is betting it can save money while radically improving the health of some of its sickest and most challenging patients. Last March, county health officials began targeting individuals in South and East Los Angeles who rely on emergency departments or hospitalizations for care...

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Need to know

Sep 20, 2015

By Hannah Guzik


California’s effort to improve the cancer registry signals a shift toward preventative care.

Should caregivers earn a $15-an-hour minimum wage?

Many seniors in Orange County are opting out of the state’s duals demonstration project.

Would managed care really be better for kids with special needs?

The post Need to know...

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U.S. Health Care Has Improved But Still Lags Behind Other Countries, Report Says

Sep 16, 2015


By Hannah Guzik


Health care in the U.S. has improved in recent years but still lags behind other similarly wealthy countries, according to a new report.

The U.S. has seen declines in mortality, including infant mortality, as well as teen pregnancy, hospital-acquired conditions and the number of unvaccinated children, among other indicators, according to the Kaiser...

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Would managed care really be better for kids with special needs?

Sep 15, 2015

By Daniel Weintraub

Gov. Jerry Brown is trying to force California’s sickest, most vulnerable children into managed care health plans. But those children – or at least their families and the doctors who care for them – are fighting back.

Managed care is the concept invented a generation ago to control health costs by paying doctors...

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Los Angeles and the Future of Aging

Sep 14, 2015

By Matt Perry

The ethnically diverse population of Los Angeles County is considered a petri dish for the nation’s fast-growing cultural soup, with city and county aging agencies a model for progressive, compassionate care.

Healthwise, what will the future hold for aging adults in America’s largest county?

More seniors. Fewer specialists to care for them.

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