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Prosecutor Attempts to Show Mother Served Notice of Family Court Trial

Feb 25, 2015
Prosecutor Attempts to Show Mother Served Notice of Family Court Trial

by Jackie Snyder and Lauren King February 24, 2015 marked the third day of the Nan Jo Trial. The courtroom was once again filled with many of Nan Jo’s supporters, all of which had a purple ribbon tied around their arm. Deputy District Attorney Steven Mount continued his direct examination of Barbara Enriquez (she...

Father Testifies in Kidnapping Trial

Feb 24, 2015
Father Testifies in Kidnapping Trial

By Jackie Snyder and Makisha Singh The Trial of Nan-Hui Jo continued 9am on February 23, 2015. The court room was packed with people who came to show their support for Ms. Jo. Jesse Charlton, the father of Ms. Jo’s biological child, was the first witness called to the stand, continuing his testimony from...

Testimony Began Friday in Korean Mother Trial

Feb 23, 2015
Testimony Began Friday in Korean Mother Trial

By Makisha Singh and Lauren King After the opening statements in which the attorneys told of the short, rocky, and passionate love affair between Nan Hui-Jo, a South Korean woman who came to the United States on a student visa, and Jesse Charlton, an Iraq War veteran, which resulted in the birth of a...

Four Co-Defendant Shooting Prelim Continues

Feb 20, 2015
Four Co-Defendant Shooting Prelim Continues

By Jackie Snyder and Lauren King The Preliminary Hearing of four young defendants allegedly involved in a shooting continued the morning of February 19, 2015, Judge Richardson presiding. The four defendants, all in custody, were escorted into the court room. Each one smiling and speaking among themselves. The behavior of each individual was not...

Do Gang Charges Bias Juries?

Feb 17, 2015

by Antoinnette Borbon In the wake of Friday’s sentencing of the four young defendants who were found guilty of the gang enhancement, it provoked deep thought about how influenced a juror is once they hear that term. In one of the trials regarding the four defendants, jurors expressed to the court that they felt family...

Four Allegedly Involved in West Sacramento Shooting

Feb 16, 2015

By Lauren King On the afternoon of February 13, 2015 the preliminary hearing for Lisa Humble, Liberty Landowski, Eric Lovett, and Michael Reyes began before Judge Paul K. Richardson at the Yolo County Superior Courthouse. The four young adults were allegedly involved in the shooting of a Latino male.   The four defendants have remained...

Multi-defendant Woodland Gang Case Finally Resolves After Two Years and Three Trials

Feb 14, 2015

Infamous case against four young men in alleged gang crime finally ends after two-year battle; leaves family and friends somber. By Antoinnette Borbon It was a long awaited decision for the four young Hispanic men who allegedly beat and robbed a Woodland man nearly two years ago. On a hot summer night the four decided to go...

Closing Arguments in Davis Motorcycle Theft Case

Feb 13, 2015

By Jackie Snyder The Christopher Jones Trial concluded February 11, 2015, as both the Defense Attorney, Christopher Henderson and District Attorney, Deanna Hays made their separate closing arguments. The jury was then dismissed and escorted to a private location to begin deliberations. Defense Attorney Mr. Henderson began his closing arguments by thanking the women...

Davis Man Tried on Vehicle Theft and Possession of Weapons Charges

Feb 12, 2015

By Jackie Snyder, Lauren King, and Mahanaz Ebadi The Trial of Christopher Jones Sr. began February 10, 2015. Jones, a resident of Davis, was charged last year with six counts surrounding the theft of a vehicle, as well as possession of an assault weapon. During Opening Statements District Attorney, Deanna Hays, briefly stated what...

Prosecution Continues To Lay Out Case in Guzman Child Molestation Trial

Feb 5, 2015

By Lauren King and Jackie Snyder After the lunch break on February 3, 2015, the alleged victim returned to the witness stand for further questioning. Deputy District Attorney Michelle Serafin proceeded with her redirect examination of the witness. DDA Serafin began by asking questions about the child molestation allegations brought forth by the defendant’s...

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