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Victim Testifies in Molestation Case

Jan 31, 2015

By Elaine Gabriel Judge Reed held Manuel Guzman’s trial in Department 4 at 9:00 a.m. The victim’s mother was called to the witness stand where the Defense Attorney questioned her regarding the victim and the defendant, Guzman. The defense attorney asked the mother if she stated that if Guzman did not stop hugging her...

Victim’s Mother Testifies in Child Molestation Case

Jan 30, 2015

by Mahanaz Ebadi and Makisha Singh The court was in session on January 28, 2015 as prosecuting attorney called their first witness to the stage.  (The Mother) is the mother of the victim known as (The Victim).  Judge Rosenberg and the jury carefully listen as Prosecuting attorney asked the victim’s mother several questions about...

Child Molestation Case Opens in Yolo County

Jan 29, 2015
Child Molestation Case Opens in Yolo County

By Jackie Snyder and Lauren King Opening Arguments began today for the trial of Manuel Guzman. Guzman, a resident of Winters California, was accused of committing lewd and lascivious acts against a child under 14. Guzman was arrested after the victim made several incriminating statements about him, first to her mother (Guzman’s ex-girlfriend) and...

Preliminary Hearing in Death of Davis Baby Continues

Jan 22, 2015
Preliminary Hearing in Death of Davis Baby Continues

by Makisha Singh The preliminary hearing for Darnell Dorsey continued on January 21, 2015. Dorsey, a 21 year old Sacramento man who is being charged with assault resulting in death of a 20 month old child, had been previously charged with assault resulting in bodily injury back in 2011. This hearing began with the...

Preliminary Hearing Begins in Death of Davis Baby

Jan 21, 2015

By Jackie Snyder and Mahanaz Ebadi On January 20, 2015, the Preliminary Hearing of Darnell Dorsey began almost exactly a year after Darnell Dorsey, a 21 year old Sacramento man was arrested for felony child endangerment. On January 22, at 11:47 PM, in the parking lot of Dutch Brothers Coffee (located at the corner of...

Will We See a Fourth Gang Trial Involving Woodland Co-Defendants?

Dec 22, 2014

by Antoinnette Borbon On Friday, four co-defendants were back in court with defense counsel to find out whether or not the judge will allow a fourth trial. The four young Hispanic male’s are charged with great bodily injury and robbery to benefit the criminal street gang, “Nortenos.” In what has taken a period longer than a...

Mother Takes Child to Korea for Protection, Charged with Kidnapping

Dec 17, 2014

by Antoinnette Borbon The state’s case against a Korean Woman who allegedly abducted her daughter and fled to Korea, began this morning. In an opening statement made by defense attorney, Dean Johansson, Manwi Jo had taken her daughter and fled to Korea to protect her from an abusive situation. But not before jurors got...

Marsh Gets 52 Year to Life Sentence Eligible For Parole in 25 Years

Dec 13, 2014

By Jordan Lee On Friday, the Honorable Judge David Reed of the Yolo County Superior Court sentenced a 17-year-old teenager from Davis to 52 years of state prison.  However, because he committed the crime as a juvenile, he will be eligible for parole in 25 years. He will be 42 years old. Judge Reed...

Defendant Takes Stand in Felony Evasion Case

Dec 4, 2014

by Antoinnette Borbon Jesse Trujillo, a Woodland man accused of felony evading and wreckless driving expressed sorrow for his actions but felt authorities were watching him on other occasions leading up to the events in June of 2014. Public Defender Dan Hutchinson reserved his opening until beginning of his case. “Ladies and gentlemen, Jesse Trujillo is 49 years-old...

Taylor Case Concludes with Half of the Charges Dropped

Nov 25, 2014
Taylor Case Concludes with Half of the Charges Dropped

By Jordan Lee After extending the jury trial one day in order for the jurors to complete their deliberation, the jury was only able to find Elijah Taylor guilty of only three out of the six charges. The jury hung on Counts 1, 2, and 3 with doubt by a few jurors as to...

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