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Stephen Frank Steve Frank is a long time California political activist, starting in 1960. He has been involved in local to national races and has worked in other States as well. The California Political News and Views was started in 1996 as "Frankly Speaking" Along with the daily newsletter, he is heard on a regular basis on talk radio on the shows of Brian Sussman, Andy Caldwell, Mark Carbonaro and many others. Plus he speaks to groups all across the State from his home base of Simi Valley.

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San Fran Gov’t School ADMITS Principal is Racist—NOT Fired

May 6, 2016

I nominate the San Francisco school system as the most racist in the nation.  I also nominate the San Francisco school system for being the most totalitarian government school district in the nation. In violation of the student handbook, the principal of the Raoul Wallenberg High School decided she wanted James Ortiz to be...

California Lawmakers Want to Give Illegal Immigrants Obamacare

May 6, 2016

Recently, with the help of Republican legislators, the cost of your health insurance went up—by $1.7 billion—the tax that is now on your private insurance.  We were told at the time that the money would go to among other items, 172,000 illegal aliens so they can have “free” health care.  Now we get the...

BART does Not Have “Poor” management—It has Union Controlled Management

May 6, 2016

Lots of money is being spent to study the management systems and styl of the BART system.  What a waste of money.  This is all you need to know:  After a several weeks strike, BART gave the unions what they wanted—and even paid the back pay for the strikers—they lost no money, between the...

Confused Guv Brown: Smoking Cigarettes BAD/ Smoking Marijuana OK

May 6, 2016

California is crazy—under the new law kids under 21 may not smoke cigarettes, but are already smoking pot in public.  If you are in the military, though we are being told that cigarettes can cause cancer, you can buy and smoke cigarettes.  Why does Governor Brown want our military to die of cancer—if he...

Economy Recovery/ LA Declares Homeless Emergency: Results? Homelessness UP 6%

May 6, 2016

In 2013 Eric Garcetti declared that as Mayor he would end the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles—and has spent tens of millions to solve the problem.  That was not enough, so he declared, as Mayor a homelessness crisis so more money can be stolen from the State and Feds for his political action (did...

Gentrified Oakland RICH Put Soda Tax on Ballot

May 6, 2016

The rich in Oakland are feeling their oats.  They are trying to find ways to make it more expensive for the poor and middle class to live in this gang controlled town.  Like San Fran they want mandates on housing, gridlocked traffic policies and taxes on everything—all in an effort to force folks out...

What Recovery? More Than 250,000 Cuts in 2016; Most Since 2009

May 6, 2016

Seriously when was the last time anybody believed anything Barack Obama says or the statistics coming out of his Administration? He lied about Benghazi, he lied about Iran, he lied about ObamaCare—you get the point. At the same time real jobs are part time, the result of the tax and health care policies of...

Oakland Working HARD to Kill Jobs and Low Priced Energy

May 6, 2016

There is an opportunity for thousands of new WELL paying jobs in Oakland.  At the same time there is an opportunity to lower the cost of energy in the region—the City Council of Oakland has demanded that the jobs not be created and the cost of energy go high enough to force the poor...

California: The Ultimate Nanny State

May 6, 2016

LA, Santa Barbara, San Fran and other major cities are trying to tell you how you are allowed to get to work–walk or bike—no horses because they drop manure without –the State will not consideration of government regulations.  The toilets you use, the trees you plant, the cars that are allowed.  Want a job—government...

PRIVATELY FUNDED $250 Million Soccer Stadium for Los Angeles

May 6, 2016

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  The corrupt, incompetent and always mismanaged city of Los Angeles run by a Rahm Emanuel wannabee—or maybe the Socialist Mayor of New York, Di Blasio.  Yet for once he is not going away tax dollars to billionaires like San Diego does on a regular basis....

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