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Stephen Frank Steve Frank is a long time California political activist, starting in 1960. He has been involved in local to national races and has worked in other States as well. The California Political News and Views was started in 1996 as "Frankly Speaking" Along with the daily newsletter, he is heard on a regular basis on talk radio on the shows of Brian Sussman, Andy Caldwell, Mark Carbonaro and many others. Plus he speaks to groups all across the State from his home base of Simi Valley.

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More Racism Found: Left Claims “Crosswalks” are Islands of Anti-Black Racism

Oct 14, 2015

To the Left, life is racist. While Planned Parenthood has aborted 13 million black babies since 1973, isn’t that genocide, the Left is more concerned about drivers stopping for pedestrians at a cross walk. Note that the study does not show a single black person being hurt by bad drivers not stopping at crosswalks....

Teamsters Cutting Pension Payments IN HALF!

Oct 14, 2015

If you are one of the 400,000 retired Teamsters covered by the Central States pension plan, you are in a world of hurt. Effective July 1, 2016 your pension will be cut in half. While unions are fighting to bankrupt cities (Stockton, Vallejo and San Bernardino for instance) in order to continue creating larger...

Solano County Union Workers on Strike Yesterday

Oct 14, 2015

If you work for the Solano County government,, you need to be qualified for the job you do. Plus, you must pay a bribe to the SEIU. Regardless of your qualifications, experience and skills, no union bribe, no work. Once you pay the bribe, you no longer work for the County—the County issues your...

Could San Francisco’s short-term rental law backfire on the hotels who support it?

Oct 14, 2015

The richest, most expensive hotels in San Fran are on a jihad against private property. Using the unions to front the action, the unions are sponsoring a ballot measure to limit the ability of home and apartments owners from renting out their private property. Guess $500-1,000 a night hotel rooms are in competition with...

Union Campaign Contributions Pile Up Before School Board Vote on Union Deal

Oct 14, 2015

Teachers are forced to pay bribes if they want to be professional teachers. In fact, they are NOT professionals; they teach IF the union allows them. They participate in school activities IF the unions allow them. They walk a picket line if told to do so by the union. Professionals would use their experience...

From $250 Million to $6.5 Billion: The Bay Bridge Cost Overrun

Oct 14, 2015

When the San Fran bay Bridge repair project began in 1995, the cost was $250 million. Today it is almost complete—at a cost of $6.5 billion. The same folks, Sacramento government, that want to spend “$68 billion” to build a choo choo train to nowhere, were in charge of the Bridge repair. This is...

California Approves License Plate Reader Disclosure–Data Hackable

Oct 14, 2015

Here is a bureaucratic mess in the making. Local police departments are now allowed to “read” your license plate, collect data from it—follow you to your destination and keep computer records of all this. Of course, it is secret material that can not be given out to the public—unless you are a 15 year...

Ted Cruz Is Correct, The ‘97% of Scientists Agree With Climate Change’ Study is Bogus

Oct 14, 2015

Do not read headlines. Instead read the stories. Usually the headlines misrepresent the story, misrepresent the facts or are meant to entice you to read the story. In the case of the California Political News and Views, I use headlines to get people to read the stories. In this case, Senator Ted Cruz is...

What You Need to Know About San Mateo’s New All-Mail Elections

Oct 14, 2015

In one month there are local elections in San Mateo County. Yet, not a single vote will be cast on a polling booth. Instead, the U.S. mail will be used; this will be an all “by mail” election. Vote by mail, put your stamps on a ballot and mail it. Of course what happens...

LA Area Metrolink: Needs to Discount Fares to Get Riders

Oct 14, 2015

Government transportation is a financial failure. Without tax dollars subsidizing trains and buses, they would be off the streets. Now we find that riders do not want to ride the government rails either. In fact the LA area Metrolink needs to discount fares in order to entice riders. That is how bad the system...

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