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Stephen Frank Steve Frank is a long time California political activist, starting in 1960. He has been involved in local to national races and has worked in other States as well. The California Political News and Views was started in 1996 as "Frankly Speaking" Along with the daily newsletter, he is heard on a regular basis on talk radio on the shows of Brian Sussman, Andy Caldwell, Mark Carbonaro and many others. Plus he speaks to groups all across the State from his home base of Simi Valley.

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Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Students Demand to Run University Instead of Receiving an Education

Dec 3, 2015

Once a student is admitted to a University, it appears they no longer need to get an education, nor do they need Administrators—the students will set policy—even if it is racist (like UCLA and Cal developing segregated dorms—or UC Irvine allowing anti-Semitism to run rampant on that campus). Here is the gobblygook from the...

San Fran to be Marijuana Capitol of State: THREE Story Downtown Building Just to Sell POT!

Dec 3, 2015

With some creative use of zoning laws and the permit process, San Fran will soon have a three story building, with only one product for sale—marijuana. Imagine the crowd this place will bring to the neighborhood. In three stories you could be selling hundreds of varieties of pot, marijuana products like brownies, apple pies...

Report: State school admission declining: California students have harder time getting into UC, CSU systems

Dec 3, 2015

Do you know that the State of California has been spending tens of millions of dollars each year to give scholarships to students from other States? Each scholarship means one less California student, with parents paying taxes to create the government college system in the State, can attend a school—or pay more in tuition...

Californians See Divide Between Haves and Have-Nots, but Disagree on Fixes

Dec 3, 2015

California has the highest taxes and the highest level of poverty in the nation. We have among the worst government schools in the nation, yet have among the most expensive government colleges as well. Most every city is begging for money from developers for “affordable” housing because the cost of housing is so high....

Berkeley City Council Shifts Right?

Dec 3, 2015

Has hell frozen over? Has Barack Obama found the Constitution? Is the very confused Guv Brown out of the haze? Has the mainstream media decided to report accurately and not use news stories as ideological efforts? Recently the City Council of Berkeley has agreed to control the homeless population by forcing them into shelters;...

College Degrees NO Longer Needed for Computer Industry Workers

Dec 3, 2015

You can get a college degree from UCLA for $200,000 or for $150,000 from a State college in ethnic or gender studies or “Humanities” and be qualified to flip burgers or do menial jobs—this will take a minimum of four years. Or you can spend eighteen months and spend $24,000—and start work almost immediately...

Can You Fix San Fran?

Dec 3, 2015

There are those that believe that San Fran is on the leading edge of what a city should look and act like. They have a spike of crime and instead of adding jail beds for criminals—The Mayor wants ALL jail beds for the mentally ill. The Mayor demands that developers spend more on “affordable”...

Fresno Criminalization of Pot Struck Down

Dec 3, 2015

The Federal law is clear—it is illegal to grow, possess or sell marijuana. The County of Fresno, enforcing Federal law, stopped cultivation of marijuana—but no good deed goes unpunished. Instead of the criminals going to jail, the County was found guilty of stopping the cultivation of illegal marijuana. “Citing state protections for marijuana cultivation,...

Santa Clara Leftists Openly USE Tax $$ to Promote Candidates

Dec 3, 2015

Radicals understand the use of government money, your tax dollars, to keep them in money and influence when not in office. Then they can use the non-profit, financed by tax dollars, to promote themselves and their ideology. In Santa Clara County the Queen of taxpayer abuse is Karen King, a former city Mayor and...

Zuckerberg “Charity” Actually Gives Him Massive Tax Cut—Legally

Dec 3, 2015

When you read the fine print in the announcement of the $45 billion gift to “charity by Mark Zuckerberg to note the birth of his daughter, you will find out this was nothing but a sleazy publicity stunt—meant to make him MORE money. This is the same guy that gave $100 million to a...

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