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A Touch of Culture… A French Girl Friday Post

Mar 20, 2015

Seeking out and enjoying the arts is an important part ofmy life and along the way I also am able to channel myinner French girl. The arts have always been a part of my life. I feel my life would be so very empty if not filled with good music, ...

Cluttered House, Cluttered Mind ~ A French Girl Friday Post

Mar 13, 2015

image ...MaxAndCoPost It is Friday once again, and time to read further on in the book "Lessons from Madame Chic" written by Jennifer L. Scott.  I am into part 3 " How to Live Well" and this weeks chapter is titled "Clutter Is So Not Chic" .... I AGREE! I truly dislike clutter, it does...

Formalities …A French Girl Friday Post

Mar 6, 2015

dior. 1950's via google search  I live a very informal life. You all know, or most of you who have followed my blog know that I have fibromyalgia. Clothing has to be comfortable for me to wear it. Was not always the way, I used to get dressed ...

Give it Your Best … A French Girl Friday Post

Feb 27, 2015

If you can not make it to France, give it yourvery best to channel your inner French girlwhere you are. Yesterday my wonderful husband treated me to a day out in Historic Sacramento. We have been there many times, but this time was to visit t...

The Art of Femininity~ A French Girl Friday

Feb 20, 2015

Femininity is not all about lace, flowers, and ruffles. For a lot of women, they simply are not comfortable wearing things, but in the same turn fear that if they do not, they will come off as a tomboy like. You do not need to dress in such ...

Striving to be Presentable …A French Girl Friday Post

Feb 13, 2015

One should always care about their appearance, be presentable, but this might be a bit  nonachievable on a daily basis.*image is French fashion models 1950's Life magazine shoot. "I'll never be French ( no matter what I do) "  to quote from the book of same title by Mark Greenside.  No matter how much I would love...

bien dans sa peau ~ A French Girl Friday Post

Feb 6, 2015

vintage ponds ad from google search Bien dans sa peau , a common French phrase refers to beautiful skin ( as well as body and soul) , and is what this weeks French Girl Friday post is all about. I shall be taking a lead from Part Two, Chapter 7 of Lessons From Madame Chic...

Seven Steps To Style Saturday… the Wrap Up.

Jan 31, 2015

image found on google searching the term.  Back in November I began a journey that I shared with you in two separate posts ( found HERE and HERE) , 7 Steps of Style , an online discovery created by Imogen Lamport, a stylist out of Australia an...

Lashes and Lipstick ~ A French Girl Friday Post.

Jan 30, 2015

This weeks French Girl Friday post is inspired by part two and chapter six of the book Lessons From Madame Chic written by Jennifer L. Scott, Perfect Le No-Makeup Look. I was a bit stumped as to how to use this chapter as a leaping point for tod...

To Thy Self Be True … A French Girl Friday Post

Jan 23, 2015

One need not spend a lot tochannel their inner French Girl,a bit of sparkly, a cup of fresh cheese, and agreat book like Madame Chic goes a long way. Bien dans sa peau ... " comfortable in your own skin", would it not be a wonderful thing if that was how we felt day to...

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