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A French Girl Friday Post… L’Exercise

Dec 12, 2014

Movement does a body good I am sitting here in my pajamas , sipping hot tea, and nursing a cold , so needless to say I have not gotten out and exercised, well past going from the couch to the kitchen for another cup of tea with honey. When I a...

French Girl Friday~ Part "Huit"

Dec 5, 2014

Le métabolisme  .... Metabolism. This word is often used as an excuse, " I have a slow metabolism", " I can not loose weight due to my metabolism", " I can not win with this metabolism" ; in some cases, that may be true, as it does, as we all know, affect weight loss. There...

Seven Steps of Style Saturday …. Part 2

Nov 29, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I shared the first part in a three part series based on the style how to I am taking called Seven Steps of Style by Imogen Lamport. I first discovered Imogen's page, Inside Out Style Blog  while searching how to dress f...

A French Girl Friday Post

Nov 28, 2014

Eating on the run and notpaying attention to how much you eatcan lead to that little black dress no longer fitting. If you are flipping through the pages of The French Twist by Carol Cottrill, and came across the chapter seven, "Sept", and saw the title "Les Parties" and then the word "Portions" , your first reaction,...

French Girl Friday….Let’s Get Real

Nov 21, 2014

La Nourriture Authentique, Real Food, is the subject of chapter 6 in The French Twist by author Carol Cottrill. It is an information packed chapter, going into the pros of eating real food. It breaks down what goes into artificial and convenienc...

The Road So Far. Seven Steps to Style Saturday P.1

Nov 15, 2014

Recently I shared with you all that I had done an online style program and the private FB group "Evolve Your Style". The program, developed by personal stylist Imogne Lamport , available through her blog Inside Out Style ( you can read all about it HERE ), walks you through basic challenges to help...

L’ Equilbre ….Balance

Nov 14, 2014

"Everything in Moderation, including moderation" ~ Julia Child Chapter five... Cinq, of The French Twist by author Carol Cottrill, is all about finding balance. It being a book about the "twelve secrets of decadent dining and natural weight management", to be expected the pages within the chapter are filled with stories where people have not found...

French Girl Friday ~ Le Plaisir

Nov 7, 2014

"Taking time to enjoy the pleasures of life is a simple one and so rewarding" ~Ruby This week was about experiencing life's pleasures.  I had not even known what this weeks chapter was in the book The French Twist by Carol Cottrill, but with medical tests looming over my head to determine if I had cancer, I...

French Girl Friday La Qualite’

Oct 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!  Week three... chapter Trois ( three) is all about La Qualite' ... adding quality not only to your daily life, but your daily diet, It is something I have been working on in both areas for a while now, even before picking up t...

French Girl Friday Chapter Deux

Oct 24, 2014

On to Chapter Deux I has been a week since my last installment of my latest French Girl Friday, and each day I have been trying to keep in mind what I have read and the theory of the book. It turns out as I continued on through the pages of the second chapter, " Pas de...

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