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Negativity: Just Another Demeaning Label?

Apr 13, 2014

Negativity is a drain on our positivity, we are told. Apparently, there's just so much positivity to go around.

On Valentine’s Day: For All Who Are Loved

Feb 12, 2014

It was a privilege – a gift – to be that person, something she gave me even as I lost her. I helped her to die, and in so doing she helped me to live. She was my mother-in-law, and I loved her fiercely.

For My 50th Birthday, I Want…

Nov 22, 2013

I am the one who always makes the plans here. Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, vacations. And when they go wrong, I get the flack. So . . . I told them all (Dad included) that I didn't want to make the plans for my own birthday.

Downsizing: Keeping The Quirk

Oct 31, 2013

“These new houses don’t have many built-in bookcases,” I said to Cliff after we toured a model. “And the open floor plans don’t allow much space to add our own.” “You’ll need to give away a large quantity of your books,” he said calmly.

Middle Age Crazy

Oct 16, 2013

This body may shrivel up and wither away sometime in my 90's, or even my 80's. That really doesn't leave me much time . . .to do what, I'm not quite sure, but now I feel a psychic time crunch.

Finding One’s Form: Writing from Multiple Perspectives

Oct 8, 2013

Writing my first novel in my 40s and 50s was actually my first foray into storytelling, and much of what I did in service to this impulse was driven by a kind of recklessness I didn’t know I possessed.

What To Call Adult Women

Oct 3, 2013

I live in Germany now, and one thing I enjoy about this culture is the polite formality of business transactions here.

Creating Characters That Live

Sep 29, 2013

As a writer, I can’t explain this phenomenon. I know that characters are my imagination, but the moment they come to me, it’s like they’re real and they let me live their lives through words.

Making Lemonade in the MidLife Job Market

Sep 23, 2013

It’s a terrible feeling to know how much you can offer a business or employer, only to be blocked from ever stepping foot into the building to shake anyone’s hand, simply because the electronic job search system has predetermined you to be an old g...

A Jewish New Year’s Fairy Tale

Sep 6, 2013

They maintained this friendship, not taking it “to the next level” for some time. After all, he was a very observant Jewish boy and she was raised as a Catholic. There would be no future in a romantic relationship between them. Or would there?

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