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Teri Mena: The Mailbox

Apr 15, 2014

Favoring curry

I have tried in vain to find a recipe that comes close to the delicious LT7 – red curry stir fry with chicken served at Sophia’s Thai Restaurant in Davis. I would appreciate any help in getting the recipe or something that comes very close. I always want to...

Teri Mena: The Mailbox

Apr 8, 2014

A versatile sauce

The basic hamburger served at Bidwell Street Bistro is especially delicious with the sauce it is served with. I would welcome the recipe. The sauce would enhance a number of other entrees as well.

Thank you for your help.


The Mailbox: Reader requests

Mar 31, 2014

Oh, that gumbo

I’m nostalgic for Celestin’s vegetarian gumbo. Did anyone get the recipe from Patrick Celestin before the restaurant closed a few years ago? Thank you.

– Pam Giarrizzo, Sacramento

The Mailbox: Readers, can you help?

Mar 25, 2014


The old Luau Garden Chinese Buffet across from Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento used to serve Chinese style honey BBQ pork ribs as part of their dinner offering. I believe Mason Wong and the Wong family used to operate the restaurant. I’d be grateful for their recipe.


The Mailbox: Reader requests to Teri Mena

Mar 18, 2014

Calamari is a winner

I love the food served at Rudy’s Hideaway on Folsom Boulevard in Rancho Cordova. I take my grandchildren there on their birthdays. We all enjoy the lobster and clam chowder, but we love the calamari appetizer. I asked for the recipe, but they were unable to share...

A simple jam tart for a simple expression of love

Feb 12, 2014
A simple jam tart for a simple expression of love

About a decade ago I traveled to Italy to take a cooking class. Of the many things I brought home from that trip, none is more cherished than my recipe for Italian jam tart.

I learned it from Judy Witts Francini, an American who teaches...

The Mailbox: Looking for char siu, and two chicken recipes

Feb 12, 2014

Seeking char siu

I am a big fan of the Korean Plaza Market in Rancho Cordova. The one thing I can’t find there is char siu, Chinese barbecue pork. I have asked workers there if they have it but no one there seems to know what it is. I’m surprised they...

Teri Watson: The Mailbox

Feb 5, 2014

Oh beautiful soup

La Bou used to make the most wonderful soup which was called, I believe, Thai vegetarian soup. It had lots of mushrooms, ginger and spices, coconut milk and other yummy ingredients. It was such a different soup, that I would go out of my way to get it....

Teri Watson: The Mailbox

Jan 29, 2014

This roast chicken was engaging Your column has been the highlight of the food section for me. I've cut out so many of the recipes through the years. Now I have a request. I am looking for a recipe called engagement roast chicken using lemon and bu...

The Mailbox: French butter wafers and avocado ice cream

Jan 22, 2014

Bread recipe lost in crash

When my computer crashed, I lost my recipe for American wreath bread. I got it from The Bee two to three years ago. Does anyone have this recipe?

– Sheila Beswick, Lincoln

Great chili, no meat


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