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Trish Hughes Kreis Robert is my youngest brother and I handle his care. I also have a supportive family (husband and three kids) and a "day job" as a legal administrator for a wonderful law firm (no, that is not an oxymoron). I do some freelance writing as well. Aside from advocating for the best care possible for Robert, I enjoy playing cards with him and listening to his silly jokes. (Robert’s greatest joy seems to be beating me at cards which he does most of the time).

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Appreciating the Goodness in People

Oct 26, 2014
Appreciating the Goodness in People

Maybe it’s because there was yet another school shooting.

Maybe it’s because two sheriff’s deputies in our area were senselessly gunned down just a few days ago.
It is the small acts of
kindness that leave a mark
on our heart

Maybe it’s because I am sick of all the negative news about all...

New Day Program: A Warm Welcome

Oct 21, 2014
New Day Program: A Warm Welcome

Once we determined Robert needed more care at his Day Program, including having the option of using his wheelchair when his mobility was questionable, the transfer happened fairly quickly.
Robert's first day of new program (2014)

Fortunately, we had the option of going to another program run by...

Changing Day Programs

Oct 19, 2014
Changing Day Programs

Robert has gone to the same Easter Seals Day Program for the past three years and really enjoyed his time there. Not surprisingly, he made friends with other clients and found his way into the hearts of the staff. 
Robert walking into Easter Seals (2012)

Usually the transport van...

Epilepsy Awareness Month: Preview

Oct 6, 2014

I have something very special planned for Epilepsy Awareness Month this year and I hope you are as excited as I am!

For years I have had the dream of creating a Reality Show about caregiving as well as making a Documentary about caregiving and Robert.  Sure, the Reality Show about caregiving won’t be as...

Connecting all the Pieces

Sep 21, 2014
Connecting all the Pieces

I was recently asked by a friend how Robert’s pulmonary issues are connected to his seizures.

I thought this was a terrific question and one I have been trying to understand ever since his pneumonias started showing up a couple of years ago.

But first, I had to sing “The knee...

Robert’s Birthday Fun

Sep 7, 2014
Robert’s Birthday Fun

Robert turned 49 years old on Saturday, September 6.  Woohoo! Happy Birthday, Robert!

Richard took a birthday cake to program when he dropped off Robert on Friday morning. I had forgotten to tell program that we were doing this but they know me by now and are not going to turn away cake! 

I wondered all...

Robert is Back Home!

Aug 30, 2014
Robert is Back Home!

After nearly two weeks in the hospital and 48 days in a Skilled Nursing facility, Robert is home!

Packing up to leave the SNF
For weeks I wondered if he would be able to come home or even if I could continue to care for him at home.  By...

#mycare Contest Winners!

Aug 20, 2014
#mycare Contest Winners!

What a fun week! 

After my realization that I was self-care deprived, Denise Brown of CareGiving.comand I launched this self-care challenge:

Take care of yourself, take a picture of it, post it on social media using #mycare for a chance to win a prize! The prizes of an “I Care” t-shirt and a...

Self-Care Deprived

Aug 12, 2014
Self-Care Deprived

I realized I was self-care deprived the day after Robert was released from the hospital and temporarily placed in a Skilled Nursing Facility. It was a Saturday and my to-do list looked like this:

Hmmm, I’m seeing a theme in this list.

I didn’t get everything done on that list the...

The Caregiving Creep

Aug 4, 2014
The Caregiving Creep

Six years ago my girls were in their second year of college and had, for the most part, moved out of the house. At least one of them came home on the weekends (or for a day here or there) and Richard and I still had our son living at home but he split...

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