Trish Hughes Kreis

Trish Hughes Kreis Robert is my youngest brother and I handle his care. I also have a supportive family (husband and three kids) and a "day job" as a legal administrator for a wonderful law firm (no, that is not an oxymoron). I do some freelance writing as well. Aside from advocating for the best care possible for Robert, I enjoy playing cards with him and listening to his silly jokes. (Robert’s greatest joy seems to be beating me at cards which he does most of the time).

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The Magic of Excellent

Apr 22, 2014
The Magic of Excellent

I might be looking at this all wrong.
It doesn't get more excellent than this

Robert can be lying in the emergency room with, at times, four people trying to find a vein and when asked how he is feeling his reply is always the same: “I feel excellent.”


This Thing Called Hope

Apr 20, 2014
This Thing Called Hope

We are now done with Week 2 of Take 2 of the new medication.  We were this close to not making it through Week 1 but we all pushed through and decided to give this new medication more time.

Getting a nice card in the mail helped... Virtual Care Conference

Mar 30, 2014

I am really excited to share the first Virtual Care Conference! Denise Brown lined up several presenters covering all sorts of situations caregivers face and topics of interest to caregivers.  I am honored to be a part of what I hope is the first annual conference! 

Richard (my husband and creator of...

Purple Day for Epilepsy

Mar 25, 2014
Purple Day for Epilepsy

Wednesday, March 26 is the Global Day of Epilepsy Awareness (also known as “Purple Day” thanks to 15 year-old Cassidy Megan, founder of the Purple Day Organization). 

Purple Day 2012
Along with many other epilepsy education advocates, I will be wearing purple. A purple sweater, purple earrings, and a purple...

Leave Room for a Little Sunshine

Mar 23, 2014
Leave Room for a Little Sunshine

Rock, meet Hard Place but leave some room for a little bit of sunshine.

Robert’s nighttime cough was worse by Friday even though he was on cough medicine. He was not sleeping well. The coughing and congestion was so severe he threw up a few times in the middle of the night. 

A Gratitude Reminder to Myself

Mar 19, 2014
A Gratitude Reminder to Myself

Things seem a little out of control in my caregiving world right now. 
Grateful for caregiving friends

We have mood swings, difficulty walking and cranky behavior.

And that’s just before I’ve had my coffee!  (BaDaBam)

We’ve had medication changes, lots of coughing and changes in seizures.  Robert has hallucinated...

The Not-So-Excellent Side of Robert

Mar 17, 2014
The Not-So-Excellent Side of Robert

Telling stories about Robert and his drive to spread awareness about epilepsy makes me happy.
A recent moment of "excellent"

Sharing Robert’s proclamation of just about everything as “excellent” makes me happy too.

Seeing Robert become angry and irritable, short-tempered and cranky with most everyone he comes in contact with...

Changing Medication: At What Cost?

Mar 7, 2014
Changing Medication: At What Cost?

Every now and then Robert’s neurologist wants to try a new medication.  Robert is on a litany of drugs right now yet his seizures remain uncontrolled.  Over the past few months, Robert’s seizures have been coming in clusters and have been more frequent. 
Robert - happy and doing...

Sometimes Seizures Scare Me

Feb 28, 2014
Sometimes Seizures Scare Me

I don’t like to admit seizures scare me but sometimes they do. 

You would think I would be used to Robert having seizures.  After all, he’s my youngest brother and he’s had them practically his entire life.
Robert's downstairs bathroom

Robert’s seizures have evolved over time from Absence Seizures...

A Day with a Caregiver

Feb 23, 2014
A Day with a Caregiver

Richard and I recently participated in a project created by Denise Brown, founder of the non-profit, Chris MacLellan, founder of, and Rajiv Mehta, founder of Unfrazzle.

One of my favorite moments
It is easy enough to do: keep track of your caregiving day...