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Paul Clegg I have played basketball from the streets of New York City to the playgrounds of Berkeley and the athletic clubs of Sacramento. I was a longtime copy editor and writer at The Sacramento Bee.

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Forget strong-mayor theory — follow the money

Oct 15, 2014

My fair-minded self suggests that I take the high road on Measure L, the plan to enhance the powers of the mayor of Sacramento. I should focus solely on whether a strong mayor is preferable to one who is first … Continue reading

Why getting the story right is important

Oct 13, 2014

“You guys are about to write a story that says the former attorney general, the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in this country, is a crook! Just be sure you’re right.” That’s the stern warning Ben Bradlee, executive editor of the … Continue reading

Finding Janis Joplin at the post office

Oct 8, 2014
Finding Janis Joplin at the post office

I went to the post office yesterday afternoon to get some Forever stamps. I had been putting off the chore because I get irritable as soon as I approach a post office. This is a conditioned response to years of … Continue reading

Going back to the park isn’t going home

Oct 6, 2014
Going back to the park isn’t going home

  “The Long Way Home” is a song on Rosanne Cash’s new album titled “The River and the Thread,” which explores her Southern musical roots. She referred to the song with wry humor at a concert Friday in Folsom. The … Continue reading

Finding a game plan for retirement

Oct 2, 2014

I was talking to one of the older basketball players at my athletic club yesterday. He asked me if I was retired. When I said yes, he said, “Congratulations. That’s great.” I never quite understand why I get congratulated for … Continue reading

9/11 Memorial provides moving experience

Sep 30, 2014

“Do you want to see the 9/11 Memorial?” my wife asked. “I guess,” I said reluctantly. “I don’t know about the museum.” “That might be too much,” she said. The thought of seeing the memorial had surfaced in my mind … Continue reading

Speed bag conveys memories of long ago

Sep 23, 2014
Speed bag conveys memories of long ago

I decided to retire my old speed bag. It’s been with me for at least 20 years. It’s too worn and cracked and covered in red tape to bother replacing the bladder again. Sometimes, you just have to let go. … Continue reading

Pleasant bike ride turns threatening

Sep 15, 2014
Pleasant bike ride turns threatening

The scene unfolded like a silent movie. I was riding my bike on Third Street near S Street in downtown Sacramento Friday morning, a transitional area near the freeway where state offices give way to modest homes. It saw two … Continue reading

From Atlanta Hawks to Kings, racial differences don’t equal racism

Sep 10, 2014

Let us give thanks to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The NBA’s all-time leading scorer, the  author of several books on achievements by blacks and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s pick in 2012 to be a U.S. global cultural ambassador, may open … Continue reading

Children pay price for parents’ willful ignorance

Sep 8, 2014

In discussing her long history of depression, California’s secretary of state, Debra Bowen, said  in a Los Angeles Times story that she had opted not to have children because she thought it would be irresponsible to put another person “through … Continue reading

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