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Paul Clegg I have played basketball from the streets of New York City to the playgrounds of Berkeley and the athletic clubs of Sacramento. I was a longtime copy editor and writer at The Sacramento Bee.

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How could Phoenix police videotape shock longtime Kevin Johnson watchers?

Oct 27, 2015

Who is more credible: a cynical political adviser or a dumbfounded newspaper columnist? When it comes to assessing whether the airing of a Phoenix police videotape drove Kevin Johnson to abandon a run for a third term as Sacramento mayor, … Continue reading

Wary consumer lets down guard with doctors

Oct 21, 2015

I consider myself a reasonably sophisticated consumer. When I went looking for a plumber recently, I called up Angie’s List, read many reviews, narrowed my selections and then checked with the Contractor State License Board to see that they were … Continue reading

Ban on tipping would improve Sacramento’s quality of life

Oct 19, 2015

Enough whining already! Any restaurant that can’t get its customers to pay the cost of producing a meal plus a little profit shouldn’t be in business. Any restaurant that exploits its workers and forces them to live off the charity … Continue reading

When a Sac High teacher went against the Kevin Johnson team

Oct 15, 2015

Through Kevin Johnson’s long history of sexual scandals, deniers and defenders have been eager to rush to Johnson’s side. One man who didn’t – and paid a price for it – was Erik Jones. Back in 2007, Jones was a … Continue reading

Arena glitter blinds newspaper to plight of the poor

Oct 12, 2015
Arena glitter blinds newspaper to plight of the poor

I know it’s become acceptable to cut the Sacramento Bee some slack these days, given its financial setbacks, staff layoffs and reduction in size. But are we readers supposed to swallow sarcasm passed off as insight, dumb conclusions promoted as … Continue reading

Regional Transit polishes up arena-area stations while poor riders struggle

Oct 7, 2015

Sacramento’s Regional Transit system is the primary provider of bus and light rail to local residents. The majority of riders live below the federal level. An astounding 48 percent of all riders have incomes below $15,000 a year, according to RT’s own … Continue reading

Renting a car? Keep your guard up

Oct 5, 2015
Renting a car? Keep your guard up

Before leaving on a road trip to the South recently, I called my car-insurance company to check whether I should get any added coverage on a rental car. I don’t rent cars often, and I’m wary when I do. Rental … Continue reading

Bringing a lot of baggage on Southern road trip

Oct 2, 2015

I brought a lot of baggage with me on my road trip through the South last week. For one thing, I felt compelled to tell my wife, Carol, to stick to the speed limit because I definitely didn’t want to … Continue reading

First, basketball, then the wedding

Sep 30, 2015
First, basketball, then the wedding

Basketball is a Clegg-family sport spanning three generations. That’s why it wasn’t surprising full-court games were on tap the morning of my great-nephew Brendan’s wedding day in Wilmington, N.C., last weekend. Brendan, a 29-year-old lawyer, had rented an indoor court … Continue reading

Football fan could use some common sense

Sep 24, 2015

Here are a few thought-provoking things from the world of sports recently: The beating of a jersey-wearing Minnesota Vikings fan by S.F. fans after a recent 49ers home game made me wonder about the wisdom of making yourself a potential … Continue reading

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