Lisa Lucke

I am moved by nature's beauty, preferably when viewed over the shoulder of my loving husband, a double Martini, extra dirty, up with two olives sitting on the table in front of me, from the deck of the lakeside saloon somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountains. When I'm not doing that, I'm writing, running, kissing, hugging, waiting, chasing, folding, sorting, peeling, chopping...

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Thank You, Teenagers (This is not a paid advertisement.)

Nov 21, 2014

So far this November, I’m thankful that Facebook (at least on my newsfeed) hasn’t been deluged with that tiresome habit of people posting one new thing every day that they are thankful for. My eyes were sore from rolling them last year. I finally stopped reading when I saw, “I’m thankful for the love...

Ironic Reactions and Ravioli Season

Nov 18, 2014

I’ve noticed lately that when I read certain stories in the news, my first reaction isn’t always…typical. In fact, I guess it could be called ironic. Like, for instance, the other day I read a story about a dad who kidnapped his 9-year old son in Seattle instead of returning him to his ex-wife,...

A Little Self-Awareness Never Hurt Anyone

Oct 31, 2014

It’s not every single day, or maybe it is, when a moment presents itself to us that just stinks of importance. That is, if one is interested in taking their human experience to the next level. It is in these moments that people could benefit greatly from a little reflection, and time to allow...

Nine Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me

Oct 24, 2014

Lately, Facebook has been deluged with a “game” in which participants are tasked with divulging some random number of things about themselves that others might not be aware of. If you click “like” on someone’s list, you get a number assigned and you are supposed to play. I have not participated in the Facebook...

Women to Match My Mountains, Part 2

Oct 10, 2014

When last we met, I had just spent the first night of my weekend alone in my mountain cabin, mostly reading, writing, and trying to keep up with my hound’s extreme neediness, including sleeping in the exact center of the bed and needing to go outside in the pitch blackness to pee.

8:00 a.m.,...

Women to Match My Mountains, Pt. 1

Sep 19, 2014

Within a few hours of arriving at our mountain cabin this past summer for a weekend alone with my thoughts and to do a little writing, I realized something: Without my kids around, I didn’t have much to write about. Or did I? Not more than a couple of hours had gone by when...

The Last Word

Aug 29, 2014

Despite regular threats to throw myself off the porch, which actually means grabbing a beer out of the garage fridge and heading to the front yard for a time out, I’m in no hurry to die, or overly curious about what happens “on the other side.” I’m just reminded of the topic now and...

Freshmen on my Mind

Aug 8, 2014
Freshmen on my Mind

Freshman orientation is today. Since I have two of that variety in my household, the freshman experience is really on my mind lately.

I had just moved to a new town at the end of eighth grade, so I began my freshman year with one friend—my next door neighbor who was kind enough to...

A Room of One’s Own

Jul 26, 2014

It’s almost that time of year again—the time when my kids go away for a summer visit to their dad’s house in Southern California for a couple of weeks. I miss my kids when they’re away, but not right at first. Right at first I do a lot of skipping, and singing, and then...

The Stick Diet

Jul 18, 2014

For me, just thinking about a state or county fair brings to mind fond childhood memories of hurling through the air on the Scrambler, clattering through the fun house, and most vividly, the smell of goat manure in the morning. There really is nothing quite like it, except for possibly the smell of a...

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