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10 Small Businesses To Support This Holiday Season

Nov 26, 2014

Hybrid Rasta Mama The holidays are here. Yep. Consumerism gone wild. While I myself try so very hard to not go bonkers and get caught up in the frenzy of gift-buying, there are certainly a few people that I do shop for in addition to gifting them with ...

Cranberry Omlette – An Unlikely But Delicious Breakfast

Nov 24, 2014

Hybrid Rasta Mama

Have you heard the news about cranberries? Cranberries contain a powerful cocktail of protective phytonutrients, plant chemicals that contain protective, disease-preventing compounds (flavonoids and phenolic acids) that act as antioxidants in the body. Cranberry extracts have been shown to inhibit the growth of oral, colon, and prostate cancer cells, in...

DIY All Natural Sore Throat and Cough Soothing Syrup

Nov 21, 2014

Hybrid Rasta Mama

Cold and flu season is in full swing and that brings sore throats and coughs of all kinds. I don’t know about you, but I become a big ol’ baby when I have a sore throat. Aside from intestinal illnesses, there is nothing that sidelines me more than a sore...

This Cranberry Gingerbread Is A Must Bake This Holiday Season

Nov 19, 2014

Hybrid Rasta Mama

Show of hands. Who here has tried cranberry and gingerbread rolled into one delicious somewhat sweet, somewhat spicy, somewhat tart treat? Oh, you haven’t? Well then…let’s change that right now! This creation was completely accidental. My daughter was helping me in the kitchen and spices just started flowing into the...

This Is What Happened When I Started Brushing My Hair, Again

Nov 13, 2014

Hybrid Rasta Mama

Guess what? I didn’t brush my hair for, er, about 25 years. Yes, you read that right. 25 years without one single hair brush touching my locks. Heck, I didn’t even own a hairbrush during that time. I have curly hair and from everything I read I concluded that brushing...

Congestion Be Gone Shower Vapor Discs

Nov 11, 2014

Hybrid Rasta Mama Welcome to the November 2014 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Indoor Play This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have shared ...

Find Out How I Made The Best Steak I Have Ever Had

Nov 10, 2014

Hybrid Rasta Mama Welcome to the Epic Kitchen Giveaway where five winners will grab some awesome items to add to their real-food cooking arsenal! This joint giveaway plus delectable recipe collection is brought to you by Jennifer at Hybrid Rasta Mama, ...

Savory Pumpkin Meatloaf

Nov 6, 2014

Hybrid Rasta Mama No fancy intro needed for this recipe! Basically, I took my favorite meatloaf recipe and kicked it up a notch by adding in some pumpkin. The results were AMAZING! This is a favorite recipe in the Hybrid Rasta house. We rarely have lef...

Coconut Oil – The Ultimate Immune Booster

Nov 5, 2014

Hybrid Rasta Mama

That time of year is creeping up on us again. You know what I am talking about. The time when “achoo,” “hack, hack, hack,” and “sniffle, snarf, snort” become background noise in our daily lives. With cooler weather comes the onslaught of germs. Cold, flues, and other viruses are out...

Immune Boosting Salve Lotion – A Must Have This Winter

Nov 3, 2014

Hybrid Rasta Mama

In the hustle and bustle of this upcoming holiday season, you may find yourself struggling to remember to take all your immune boosting teas, tinctures, and tonics. I know I do sometimes. Boosting one’s immune system is practically a full-time job, especially with the increase in nasty viruses year after...

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