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Jennifer Wolfe Jennifer is a mom to two teens, as well as a middle school teacher for 22 years. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in English, she returned to her California hometown to teach, mother and write. Jennifer ijust completed work on a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Education studying global teaching, and writes for mamawolfe, Yahoo! and

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I Got Published! In A Book! It’s The Ride of a Lifetime!

Apr 16, 2015

Have you ever done something that seemed like a good idea at the time? Have you ever jumped into a project, or an adventure just because you felt so strongly in your soul that it was the right thing to do? When my kids and I started volunteering for a Nicaraguan non-profit called Seeds...

An Ordinary 48 Hour Weekend-Is It Just Like Yours?

Apr 4, 2015

Get ready, weekend. My boys are both in their beds. When I check on the little one, he still looks like my three-year-old Bob The Builder. I’ll still make him an Easter basket today. My furry 16 pounds of fury is curled up, quietly snoring by my side. Fresh Sumatra steams within arm’s reach....

What Happens When You Focus On Your Words?

Apr 1, 2015

It was a normal Thursday afternoon. I pulled my red Prius into the garage after a long day at school, ready for the weekend. Our car ride chatter was nothing short of normal – with my teenage son, I’ve learned that some days are talking days, and some are best to be left quiet...

When Your Kids Are Athletes, Life Shifts

Mar 27, 2015

Looking back over the last eight years, I realize I’ve put tens of thousands of miles on my cars. I’ve worn through two sets of snow tires, at least three sets of snow cables, and bottle after bottle of anti-freeze windshield washer liquid. I’ve learned to keep blankets, towels, shovels, lighters, lanterns, water and...

Living In Between Love and Fear

Mar 6, 2015

“…the Outside had taught him that there wasn’t much difference between loving someone and being afraid of them. Loving a person meant needing them to stay: alive, around. But the shadow that love can’t help but cast is fear: fear they won’t stay alive or around–fear they’ll be reckless, or doomed, or just walk...

Kindness Matters

Feb 21, 2015

Six months ago, I wrote an essay about my son’s injury at Mt. Hood. I called it “Broken”, and you can read the original piece here. It was hard for me to write; I was going through some emotional times during the summer, and, as with any time a parent sees their child injured,...

Real Love In Real Life

Feb 16, 2015

I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey or any of the sequels. I don’t plan on seeing the movie, and I’m getting tired of all the media hype. Watching women coo and drool and act like what is depicted on those pages and projected on the screen is real love in real life is making...

A Long-Ago Valentine’s Day

Feb 13, 2015

  View image | My sweet husband and I have been together for just short of 30 years…it’s kind of amazing, isn’t it? We met when we were just out of high school, and have weathered life from punks to parenthood. You don’t manage to stay with the same partner without learning a...

The Right To Die

Jan 24, 2015
The Right To Die

In 2011, two of my friends were diagnosed with brain cancer. One died six months later. One is still living. Both suffered through the debilitation of brain cancer, the rattling of their lives, and the realization that their life was terminal. Both were too young to have the hammer of disease pummel their lives....

Please, Don’t Go Outside

Jan 20, 2015
Please, Don’t Go Outside

“…the border between the Inside and the Outside wasn’t as impermeable as she liked to believe, and he knew that sooner or later, the Outside would want in.” ~from If I Fall, If I Die by Michael Christie Today I planted tulips and pansies Outside, yanking out the weeds and cutting back debris I’d...

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