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California Nursing Homes Split on Quality

May 20, 2015

By Hannah Guzik

Among states with the largest numbers of seniors, California leads the nation in having the most high quality nursing homes, according to a new report.

But the state also has a large number of nursing homes that scored poorly on a Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services quality rating system, the...

His Aim is True

May 18, 2015

By Leah Bartos

An ER Doc Tackles America’s Gun Problem

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Need to Know

May 17, 2015

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know.

By Hannah Guzik 

Walking the beat to safety from gang violence in Cypress Park.

What happens when victims of community violence leave the hospital?

Denti-Cal cuts have resulted in a spike in ER visits.

Hospital networks are smaller in Covered California...

Hospital Networks Smaller in Covered California Plans, But Quality Comparable

May 13, 2015

By Hannah Guzik 

Covered California health plans offer smaller hospital networks than commercial plans, a recent study reports.

The research backs up the claims of many enrollees who say their Covered California plans have narrow networks. However, the researchers add, the state marketplace plans still offer about the same level of geographic access to hospitals...

Need to Know

May 13, 2015

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know.

By Hannah Guzik 

Saying no to teen dating violence, one classroom at a time.

State senators discuss how to end child poverty.

Bill would require prescription translations, preventing dangerous errors.

California debates extending health coverage to undocumented immigrants.

The post

Police and Moms of Cypress Park Walk the Beat To Safety

May 10, 2015

By Jessica Portner

As sunset approaches, a crowd amasses outside King Taco, a popular restaurant in the high-crime, densely populated Cypress Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. About 25 moms from the largely Latino neighborhood are there to greet Captain Jeff Bert of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Northeast Division, maybe grab a bite, and then...

Saying No to Teen Dating Violence One Classroom at a Time

May 3, 2015

By Jessica Portner Jessica Corral, an education coordinator with Peace Over Violence, a Los Angeles-based advocacy group, stands in front of a rowdy class of teenagers at San Gabriel High School and draws a “Cycle of Violence” on a white board, a circle that represents a sort of relationship weather map. It goes from...

California Advocates Seek Information on Children’s Exchange Plans

Apr 30, 2015

By Kellie Schmitt

Pediatric coverage benefits offered through the Affordable Care Act’s exchange plans vary widely across the country – and so far, there is little data to show whether or not these variations are creating gaps in the children’s care here.

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Even When Medically Necessary, Children Face Barriers to Epileptic Surgery, Study Finds

Apr 30, 2015

By Hannah Guzik 

When anti-seizure drugs no longer help, children with epilepsy often need surgery, but a new study has found that they face barriers to treatment and often wait more than a year for the surgery.

The UCLA study found that, on average, children had had seizures for more than five years before they...

Need to Know

Apr 25, 2015

Check in every Monday for health and health care news you need to know. By Hannah Guzik Navigating the barriers to care is a challenge for the newly insured. A state bill removing vaccine exemptions clears a key hurdle. Five counties have no providers ...

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