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Higher Vitamin D Levels Linked to Better Breast Cancer Outcomes

Dec 1, 2016

By Hannah Guzik

 Vitamin D may help women fight breast cancer, new research suggests.

Women who had higher vitamin D levels when they were diagnosed with breast cancer fared significantly better than those with lower levels, according to the study, published online Nov. 10 in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA Oncology.

The post Higher Vitamin...

More Than Half of Californians With Developmental Disabilities Are Excluded From State Services

Dec 1, 2016

By Hannah Guzik 

More than half of Californians with developmental disabilities are excluded from state programs that provide extra services, such as mobility training, day care and vehicle modifications, a new report has found.

There were about 703,800 residents with a developmental disability in 2015, but about 423,800 didn’t qualify for the state’s developmental disability programs,...

Children of Color Face Educational Disparities in California, Report Shows

Nov 17, 2016

By Hannah Guzik

Latino and African American children in California are about twice as a likely to be struggling with reading in third grade than their white counterparts. And by the time these children of color reach high school, they are less likely to graduate on time.

These are just a few of the educational disparities...

Infections, Not Antibiotics, May Cause Childhood Obesity, Study Says

Nov 9, 2016


By Hannah Guzik 

Infections during infancy — not antibiotic use — may lead to childhood obesity, a new study reports.

The study, published Nov. 1 in the peer-reviewed journal The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, examined more than 260,000 infants over 16 years.

Children diagnosed with an infection during their first year of life who did not...

Nearly 97% of California Children Have Insurance

Nov 7, 2016

By Hannah Guzik 

The vast majority of children in California now have health insurance, a result of state reforms that have expanded coverage, according to a new report.

Nearly 97 percent of children statewide were insured in 2015, the report from the Georgetown University Center Health Policy Institute found. That’s up 55 percent from the...

Statistics Show Many Parents Experienced Childhood Trauma

Oct 21, 2016

By Hannah Guzik 

One in five California adults with children living in their homes said they were physically abused as a child, and one in 10 were sexually abused, according to data released last week.

The research, from Kidsdata and the California Department of Public Health, show that adults who are raising children commonly experienced...

Fewer California Doctors Accept Medi-Cal, Despite Surge in Number of Patients

Oct 21, 2016

By Hannah Guzik 

Although enrollment in California’s low-income health plan has surged in the last three years, fewer physicians are accepting these Medi-Cal patients, according to a new report.

That means 40 percent of doctors provide 80 percent of Medi-Cal visits statewide.

The report, released this month by the California Health Care Foundation, found that the...

Gov. Brown Signs Bill Granting Paid Parental Leave to School Employees

Oct 18, 2016


By Hannah Guzik

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill late last month that will give paid parental leave to all California school employees for up to 12 weeks, including those who work in classified departments and community colleges.

The workers will have the option to use any accrued sick leave during that time, and then will...

Going the Distance for Clean Mouths and Oral Health

Oct 16, 2016
Going the Distance for Clean Mouths and Oral Health

By Amy DePaul

Five-year-old Katherine Turcios looked skeptical as a hygienist held up a pen-sized dental instrument for the kindergartener to examine. “No pica,” she told Katherine, assuring her it wouldn’t hurt. Then she placed it in the child’s hand so she could see for herself that it wasn’t sharp.

The post Going the Distance...

Not One Size Fits All, Researchers Find In Project to Reduce Disparities

Oct 9, 2016

By Hannah Guzik

When the California Public Health Department announced last year that more than $3.5 million was available for Native American groups working on mental health issues, officials expected to receive a host of applications.

The money was intended to let organizations expand and serve more patients with mental health needs.

The post Not...

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