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Speaking Up for Unseen Survivors

Aug 27, 2014

Los Angeles LGBT Center Supports LGBT Victims of Abuse By Hannah Guzik Terra Slavin first walked into a domestic violence shelter when she was 16. In some ways, she never left. She was there as a volunteer, but she had no idea at the time that the exp...

Poverty Status in Childhood Can Affect Impulsiveness and Decision Making Later in Life

Aug 27, 2014

By Fran Kritz

Growing up poor can influence a person’s sense of control and result in decision making that is impulsive, as well as tendencies to give up on certain tasks or decisions that require more measured thought, according to researchers at the University of Minnesota.

“We found that adults who grew up poor...

Birth Weight May Be a Culprit in Higher Rates of Diabetes Among African American Women

Aug 27, 2014

 By Heather Tirado Gilligan

African-American women may have higher rates of type two diabetes because they are more likely to have been born at a lower weight, according to a new study from researchers at Boston University’s Slone Epidemiology Center.

African Americans are more likely than whites to be born at a low birth weight, a...

Childhood Poverty Affects Longterm Health

Aug 27, 2014

By Mary Flynn

About twenty young children sat on the brightly colored carpet as a man with long dreadlocks slid a large conga drum in front of him. It was “circle time” at Lotus Bloom’s Room to Bloom program, a drop-in parent-child playgroup in East Oakland.

The drummer called out to the kids to stand up,...

Get Tested Hits the Streets During HIV Awareness Month

Aug 26, 2014

By Suzanne Potter The sun-drenched Palm Springs area is a hotspot for the virus that causes AIDS. The prevalence of HIV in the Coachella Valley is twice the national average. Yet it is estimated that 50-70 percent of residents have never been tested for HIV and don’t know their status.

The post Get Tested Hits...

Medi-Cal Complaint Office Hasn’t Produced Quarterly Report in Nearly a Year, Despite Huge Increase in Cases

Aug 26, 2014

By Hannah Guzik

Despite having a huge increase in cases, the state office that handles complaints about health plans for low-income people hasn’t produced a quarterly report in nearly a year.

The quarterly reports help officials identify large-scale problems affecting people enrolled in the health program, called Medi-Cal.

The Managed Care Ombudsman Office typically produces...

Native Americans Ancestry May Pose Significant Eye Disease Risk for Latinos with Diabetes

Aug 25, 2014

By Fran Kritz

A new study by researchers with the University of Southern California (USC) Eye Institute has found that Latinos with Native American ancestry who have type 2 diabetes have a significant risk of diabetic retinopathy – the leading cause of blindness in U.S. adults. Diabetic retinopathy affects more than more than 4 million Americans...

Straightening Out the Knot: The Cancer Resource Center of the Desert

Aug 22, 2014

By Robert Fulton Adrian Tapia and his wife Ana faced more than fear after Adrian was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013. Between the doctor visits, the scans, surgery and rehabilitation, paperwork had to be filled out. Treatments required a two-hour-p...

Food Allergies May be More Common Among Inner-City Kids

Aug 22, 2014

By Fran Kritz Inner-city kids, who are already known to have higher rates of asthma and certain allergies, may also be more likely than kids in the general population to have at least some food allergies, according to a recent study. The study resear...

New Study Finds Malnutrition Common Among Older ER Patients

Aug 21, 2014

By Fran Kritz A new study by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that many older adults who were seen in the emergency room for health problems also showed signs of malnutrition or the risk of malnutrition, though most ...

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