Dan Macon

A life-long resident of the Sierra foothills, I've been farming full-time for the last 5 years. We raise sheep, goats and beef cattle, and we also sustainably harvest a wide range of local forest products.

Web Site: http://flyingmule.blogspot.com


Aug 19, 2014

Yesterday, Flying Mule Farm, along with a bunch of our farming and ranching friends, tried a social media experiment.  We wanted to show folks what a day in the life of a farmer or rancher looked like - by posting photos at the top of every hour, ...

Does Small = Sustainable?

Aug 14, 2014
Does Small = Sustainable?

Several weeks ago, a friend and farmers’ market customer brought someone to the ranch who is interested in starting his own sheep operation in Mexico.  As we were talking about production practices and animal husbandry, I asked him about how big his ranch was and about how many animals...

El Nino – or La Nada – Preparing for a Fourth Year of Drought

Aug 7, 2014
El Nino – or La Nada – Preparing for a Fourth Year of Drought

Disclosure: I borrowed the term "La Nada" from a friend who heard a weather forecaster say that we have three winter weather patterns in California - El Nino, La Nina and De Nada.  To me, La Nada (the nothing) makes more sense than De Nada (litera...

Ernie’s Progress – August 3, 2014

Aug 3, 2014
Ernie’s Progress – August 3, 2014

Another installment in the ongoing saga of Ernie the sheep dog!Ernie put in a full day's work today.  We started by hauling lambs back to leased pasture (we'd sheared them yesterday).  Ernie brought them from the trailer to the paddock with n...


Aug 2, 2014

I think it's impossible to work outdoors and not interact with bugs - insects, spiders, etc.  This week has been a reminder!Towards the end of summer, we start seeing praying manti - riding the sheep, climing the fences, perching on the tall grass...

One Man’s Weeds – Another Man’s Forage

Jul 30, 2014
One Man’s Weeds – Another Man’s Forage

Or How I  Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Yellow StarthistleSoldiers in the War on Weeds!Okay, so I don't really love yellow starthistle, but my attitude about weeds is evolving.  Back in 2001, I dragged my young nieces and oldest daughter ...

Farm-to-Fork – Why the Sacramento Bee Just Doesn’t Get It

Jul 18, 2014

The Sacramento Bee seems to have embraced the Sacramento region's growing "farm-to-fork" movement, but recent editorials, guest editorials and news coverage suggest a lack of understanding of what it takes to put food on our forks.  At best, ...

Next Year

Jul 12, 2014

I went fishing today.  Not remarkable, I realize - but what is remarkable was the water situation on the middle fork of the American River, where we fished.  We drove beyond the town of Foresthill to French Meadows Reservoir, part of the Placer County Water Agency's (PCWA) Middle Fork American River project.  We started...

Learning to Work: The Continuing Education of Ernie the Border Collie (and Dan the Shepherd)

Jul 11, 2014

I spent yesterday moving our ewes from a targeted grazing contract just outside of Auburn to our main leased pasture closer to home.  This work involved hauling five trailer loads of ewes from Christian Valley back to Oak Hill Ranch near the corne...

Pasture Envy

Jul 9, 2014
Pasture Envy

I'll admit it - sometimes I have pasture envy!  This condition is probably due, at least in part, to my decision to raise sheep in a Mediterranean climate - one that turns golden brown in the summertime.  And while there is much to like about...

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