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University of California Dreaming

Mar 10, 2015

Students, professors, health professionals discuss sleep deprivation in students The lecture hall is a little too warm, and packed with students and backpacks, it starts to become cozier. The lecture, at first a stream of distinct words, fades into a lulling background noise. Your sluggishly scrawled notes swim as your eyes fail to focus,...

Aggie Daily Calendar

Mar 3, 2015

Tues., March 3 Classical Bassoon & Wine Tasting 5 to 7 p.m. Monticello Seasonal Cuisine, Davis Free baroque bassoon performance by Ricardo Rosales with wine tasting host Susan Leonardi. Salsa Night 9:30 p.m. The Graduate, Davis Dance lessons with Cori from ‘Barbara’s Dancing Tonight,’ hosted by DJ Miguel. Tickets are $6. Mixed Open Mic...

A day in the life of a UC Davis ROTC student

Feb 17, 2015
A day in the life of a UC Davis ROTC student

  Scattered in the tall grass, cadets squat around a fallen comrade, assessing his injuries. Others meticulously plan the group’s next mission. For UC Davis’ Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) cadets, this is a typical Wednesday. Dating back to 1923, the UC Davis ROTC prepares cadets to lead other soldiers as future Army officers....

Class expansion possible effect of 2020 Initiative

Apr 25, 2013

When chemistry professor Dr. Carlito Lebrilla took a survey of where his 425 Chemistry students went to high school, he was shocked that 93 percent of the people in his lecture hall answered ‘in California.’ “That is not very international,” Lebrilla said. “If we want our students to know the world better, I think...

Student Housing ready for flood of future residents

Apr 25, 2013

Jake Swift, a first-year genetics major, heads to meet his friends at the Segundo Dining Commons. Although the Dining Commons are typically one of the biggest perks of being a first-year, this is an unusual occasion for Swift. Instead of enjoying prepared meals with the simple swipe of his ID card, he usually consumes...

Trajectories change in aftermath of athletic cuts

Apr 18, 2013

Editor’s note: Three years ago, four sports were discontinued. While most of those 153 athletes are long gone, a handful of seniors remain. We caught up with them — and seniors who transferred schools — before the last directly affected class graduates. Josef Stitts was 8 years old when his older sister brought home...

Sports cuts reexamined in light of increasing athletics debt

Apr 18, 2013

In April of 2010, Chancellor Linda Katehi and former Athletics Director Greg Warzecka announced that UC Davis would be cutting women’s rowing, men’s swimming and diving, men’s wrestling and men’s indoor track and field. The decision came at the cost of athletes’ careers and sporting legacies, but it was expected to save an estimated...

Picnic Day Essentials

Apr 18, 2013

Backpack: You’ll need a lot of things to survive Picnic Day and you’ll need something to carry them in. A backpack can also double as a pillow during your mid-afternoon nap. Water bottle: Do not fill this with alcohol. Bring water to stay hydrated...

Aggie Band-uh! gears up for Picnic Day

Apr 18, 2013

As the clammy frosts recede and winter sits down to slumber, a ray of light shines out over the crisp, golden fields of UC Davis. Songbirds roost and let forth their joyous noises, viscous, green mucus rolls out between the itchy membranes of insufferable allergy-ridden nasal cavities, freshmen stumble drunkenly out into the morning...

Students simultaneously connected, disconnected

Apr 18, 2013

Upon introducing himself, third-year economics major Dao Ho usually gets the same response from every new friend he makes: “Why and how do you not have a Facebook?” He can’t receive event invites online or comment on the funny pictures everyone is talking about. However, Ho says that not having the social media platform...

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