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Is RLECWD attorney Ravi Mehta working both sides of the fence?

Nov 5, 2012

Fired former RLECWD GM Joe Sherrill alleges that he received "personal" legal advice from district attorney Ravi Mehta, that their relationship "went beyond the normal employment capacity," and continued after Sherrill was terminated.

Mary Harris: Where “Truth” is subjective.

Oct 25, 2012

On October 18th, RLECWD board candidate Mary Harris sent out an email to “hundreds of undisclosed readers”. Unfortunately  the vast majority of it was false, subjective, and devoid of facts to back up her assertions. Erwin Hayer and Court...

1998 to 2012 RLECWD Billing Comparison

Oct 23, 2012

RLE Net, NonRLENet Group and Others I have come across a 1998 RLECWD bill and the bill for the same meter in 2012 and have made a comparison below. Erwin Hayer ==========      1998, June.  RLECWD 50 Year Anniversary.  A water bill for 2 months, 3...

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